Bramptons Santa Claus parade returns Saturday

Brampton\s Santa Claus parade returns Saturday
Santa returns to Guelph on Sunday
The first run of Bus 151 to Napanee District SS and The Prince Charles School PS via transfers LaSalle SS and Napanee District SS is running 10 minutes late.

NEWS RELEASE GUELPH SANTA CLAUS PARADE ************************** The holiday cheer is now before us and with that the anticipation of the Guelph Community Santa Claus Parade.

He received numerous awards for good citizenship; was president of the United Senior Citizens of Ontario zone 15; an executive member at Coronation seniors centre; co-founder of The Hub social group; and kept busy driving other seniors to medical appointments or entertaining at nursing homes around the region.

Start the excitement-filled afternoon with the 4th annual Santa Road Race, organized by the Speed River Track and Field Club. At 1 p.m. runners will once again don a red and white Santa suit and run 3 km on the parade route.

\”Hed come out to every single parade. In the Canada Day parade he would have his banjo, for the Santa Claus parade he would have his glockenspiel because it was better in that weather … he was so known in the community for going to park openings, seniors homes. He was such a familiar face.\”

All proceeds from the run will support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph. Registration stays open until the big race day. So set up early, grab a hot beverage from a downtown business, cheer on the runners and enjoy the show!

Among them: He started the over-40 slo-pitch league in 1976, and the league still exists — in some cases, with fathers and sons playing on the same team. Since 1984, the league has been based at the Don W. Johnson Park, on Emery Street.

Be ready at 1:15 p.m. with those letters to Santa and non-perishable items as Canada Post and the Guelph Food Bank will kick off the show. The holiday fun begins at 1.30 p.m. from Woolwich Street at Powell Street, ending on Wyndham Street at the railway bridge. See the parade route map here.

\”Dad was the kind of person who would say, its easy to talk, its harder to actually do something,\” Theresa said. \”As much as he loved entertaining, he also felt that he had to do his part to make the community better for everybody.

We are honoured to welcome back members of the Indigenous Guelph community members, organized by the Ganawanden organization. Meaning ‘take care’, Ganawenden offers talks on Indigenous cultural and sensitivity training in Waterloo region.  

Johnson, 91, died in September and was one of the citys best-known residents. Not only did he bring his banjo to community events to entertain the crowds, he accumulated a lengthy list of awards in his lifetime for community service.

Indigenous community members from Guelph and KW area will carry flags that represent the Metis, Inuit, Mohawk, two-spirited and the Anishinaabe people. They will be joined by drummer and singers from Spirit Vision, a community youth and men's drum group. 

Spectators can expect to see dogs in ugly Christmas sweaters, a trackless train filled with Guelph Gryphons, our first Nightmare Before Xmas-themed entry, and a whole host of wacky elves leading the ever-popular marching bands.

The Guelph Community Santa Parade is organized by the Downtown Guelph Business Association. Over 100 volunteers help the day run safely and smoothly, and over 1,000 participants make us all happy with their colourful costumes and Christmas wishes. For up to date details, please be sure to follow our event page.

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