Peel police investigating possible kidnapping incident in Brampton – Global News

Peel police investigating possible kidnapping incident in Brampton - Global News
Teen was grabbed and thrown in trunk while walking in Brampton, Ont.: police
Officers said the incident occurred shortly after 6 p.m. on Saturday in the area of Larkspur Public School, near Sandalwood Parkway East and Bramalea Road.

According to investigators, the victim was walking southbound on the catwalk to the east of the school, then continued walking east towards Field Thistle Drive.

Video surveillance captured a silver Honda Civic driving along Larkspur Road that appeared to be following the victim, police said.

Officers said the vehicle then drove past the victim and made a U-turn, causing the car to mount the curb of the intersection.

The victim is described as being in his teens with a medium complexion and dark hair. Police say that he was last seen wearing a light green jacket, blue hoody, black pants and white shoes.

Police said it was at this point that two of four males exited the car and grabbed the victim, throwing him into the trunk of the car.

Peel police have launched an investigation after a video surfaced showing two suspects grabbing and throwing an unidentified male into the trunk of a vehicle in Brampton on Saturday night.

The vehicle then proceeded to drive westbound on Larkspur Road, then southbound on Dandelion Road, police said, with the last visual image of the suspect vehicle showing it travelling south on Dandelion Road at Cordgrass Crescent.

Investigators said they believe two of the four suspects stayed in the vehicle while the other two grabbed the victim. They describe the two suspects as wearing dark clothing with a medium build, around five feet 10 inches tall and approximately 150 to 160 lbs.

Anyone with information about the identity of the victim, or suspects whereabouts is asked to contact police

Police describe the victim as being in his mid to late teens with dark hair. He was seen wearing a light green jacket, a blue hoodie, black pants and white shoes at the time of the incident.

The last confirmed sighting of the suspect vehicle was on Dandelion Road at Cordgrass Crescent in Brampton.

Anyone with information on the identity of the victim or suspects or the whereabouts of the vehicle is asked to call police at 905-453-2121 ext. 2133 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477.

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Police say this teenager was thrown into the trunk of a car in Brampton, Ont. in what is being investigated as a possible kidnapping. (Peel Regional Police)

The vehicle then drove passed the victim, made a U-turn, mounted the curb and stopped. Two males then got out of the vehicle, grabbed the victim and threw him in the trunk of the vehicle, police said.

TORONTO – A teenager was grabbed by two people and thrown into the trunk of a car while walking in Brampton, Ont., police say.

The vehicle then fled westbound on Larkspur Road, then southbound on Dandelion Road. police said. It was last seen driving southbound on Dandelion Road at Cordgrass Crescent.

Peel Regional Police say surveillance footage shows the entire incident, which they are investigating as a possible kidnapping.

They say the teenager was walking near a public school Saturday evening when a car drove past him, made a U-turn and came to a stop after jumping a curb.

Police said they are searching for four suspects, but only had descriptions of the two males that had grabbed the victim off the road.

According to police, two of the four people inside the vehicle then got out, grabbed the teen and took him to the trunk. It is not clear who the teen is or what the others wanted with him.

CCTV footage from the area showed a silver Honda Civic with four males inside following the victim as he walked along the roadway.

The car is described as being a silver Honda Civic that was last seen travelling southbound on Dandelion Road in Brampton.

The two people who left the car are described as being male, approximately 510" and 150 to 160 pounds, with medium builds. Police say their racial background is unknown and both men were wearing dark clothes.