Justice Department questions Vermont, Burlington immigration policies

Justice Department questions Vermont, Burlington immigration policies
Vermont Republican Gov.: State Complying With US Immigration Law
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Lumumba issues statement on sanctuary city policy letter sent by DOJ

Their arguments likely got a boost Wednesday when a federal judge in Pennsylvania issued an injunction blocking the attorney general’s efforts to withhold 2017 federal public safety grants from Philadelphia over its compliance with Section 1373.

DOJ warns Denver that 'sanctuary' policies may break federal law

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Federal officials ask Jackson about voided immigration law

The grant in question is also at the center of a legal battle between the city of Chicago and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Similar letters were sent to two other states and more than two dozen cities as the Trump administration continues to take aim at what it considers “sanctuary” policies across the nation.In the letter obtained by BuzzFeed News to Seattle, the DOJ took issue with a municipal code and executive order prohibiting Seattle city employees from asking about a person’s immigration status.

DOJ threatens to pull funding for police over immigration policy violations

The Department of Justice periodically reviews the laws, policies, or practices of jurisdictions that previously certified compliance with Section 1373 as a condition of their FY2016 Byrne JAG awards. In addition to raising concerns about these jurisdictions’ Section 1373 compliance during FY2016, the Justice Department asked jurisdictions to determine that they will comply with Section 1373 should they receive an FY2017 Byrne JAG award.{ “id”: 0 } On Wednesday, the US Department of Justice put 29 states, counties, and cities on notice, demanding that they show they’re cooperating with federal laws by sharing information with immigration authorities in what appears to be a tactic for the Trump administration to continue its fight to defund so-called sanctuary cities.

Vermont Republican Gov.: State Complying With US Immigration Law
Vermont Republican Gov.: State Complying With US Immigration Law
Continue ReadingThe issue is immigration statuses, and Section 1373 makes it illegal to prevent public employees from sharing that info with federal authorities.ADVERTISEMENT “I urge all jurisdictions found to be potentially out of compliance in this preliminary review to reconsider their policies that undermine the safety of their residents.”The letters went to cities in Colorado, New Mexico, Vermont, Mississippi, Kentucky, Washington, California, Massachusetts, Florida, Oregon, New Jersey and New York, in addition to the states of Illinois, Oregon and Vermont.
San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera said his city’s laws restrict other types of cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, like using law enforcement resources from carrying out immigration raids.

To read the letter sent to Garcia, see the embedded document below:

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Nov 16 2017, 3:49 PM no commentsThe letter asks for the city to comply by December 8 if interested in receiving the FY2017 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) program’s award. This isn’t specific to D.C.: A version of the same letter was sent to approximately 30 other jurisdictions across the nation.googletag.cmd.push(function() { //all 728x90s except in story //728×90 for desktop/tablet, resize to 320×50 for mobile var mapping728 = googletag.sizeMapping().addSize([0, 0], [320, 50]).addSize([700, 0], [728,90]).build(); googletag.defineSlot(‘/43459271/loc-desktop/wcax/web/content/local’, [728,90],’gdm-ad-728×90-A’).setTargeting(“wnsz”,[“01”]).defineSizeMapping(mapping728).addService(googletag.pubads()); googletag.pubads().collapseEmptyDivs(); googletag.pubads().enableAsyncRendering(); googletag.pubads().setSafeFrameConfig({sandbox: true}); googletag.enableServices(); }); !function(a9,a,p,s,t,A,g){if(a[a9])return;function q(c,r){a[a9]._Q.push([c,r])}a[a9]={init:function(){q(“i”,arguments)},fetchBids:function() {q(“f”,arguments)},setDisplayBids:function(){},_Q:[]};A=p.createElement(s);A.async=!0;A.src=t;g=p.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];g.parentNode.insertBefore( A,g)}(“apstag”,window,document,”script”,”//c.amazon-adsystem.com/aax2/apstag.js”); // initialize apstag and have apstag set bids on the googletag slots when they are returned to the page apstag.init({ pubID: ‘3511’, adServer: ‘googletag’, bidTimeout: 2e3 }); // request the bids for the four googletag slots apstag.fetchBids({ slots: [{ slotID: ‘gdm-ad-728×90-A’, sizes: [[728, 90], [320, 50],[300, 250]] }] }, function(bids) { // trigger the first request to DFP googletag.cmd.push(function() { apstag.setDisplayBids(); googletag.display(‘gdm-ad-728×90-A’); }); }); The Governor’s Office sent us a statement saying it’s confident that the state does comply with the federal law.  Scott’s communications director says the letter the Attorney General’s Office sent the state cites law that was revised this year, so that what’s being questioned does not reflect Vermont’s current law.

California law creates 1st ‘sanctuary state’ for illegal immigrants JAG grants are the state, local, and tribal authorities’ largest source of federal funding for criminal justice. Sanctuary jurisdictions received $32.7 million in these grants in 2016, reported the conservative Heritage Foundation, citing DOJ records.

Justice Department: New Illinois immigration law could endanger grant funding

The letter to Vermont Public Safety Commissioner Thomas Anderson says the state’s Fair and Impartial Policing Policy may violate federal law because it appears to restrict the sending of information about immigration status.

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) – The U.S. Justice Department wants Mississippi’s largest city to prove it’s cooperating with federal efforts to deport people in the country illegally.
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“Jurisdictions that adopt so-called ‘sanctuary policies’ also adopt the view that the protection of criminal aliens is more important than the protection of law-abiding citizens and of the rule of law,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement Wednesday afternoon. “I urge all jurisdictions found to be potentially out of compliance in this preliminary review to reconsider their policies that undermine the safety of their residents. We urge jurisdictions to not only comply with Section 1373, but also to establish sensible and effective partnerships to properly process criminal aliens.”

A federal judge in Philadelphia ruled Wednesday that the department can’t withhold funding from Philadelphia because it refuses to cooperate with federal authorities on immigration enforcement.   

Oregon has been in a months-long battle with the Trump Administration over its sanctuary status, which has been baked into the state’s laws since 1987. US Attorney General Jeff Sessions visited Portland in September to denounce the state’s immigration policies in a speech littered with misleading statistics and dubious claims.

US Justice Department Demands That Oregon Explain Its Sanctuary Laws or Risk Federal Grant Money

(Published Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017)Scott says Vermont will respond to the letter.Weekly magazine, delivered Daily Newsletter Website accessCalifornia’s high cost of living forces residents to flee
The state and city of Burlington were two of 29 jurisdictions from across the country that received letters Wednesday asking about compliance with a law requiring information sharing.

“There is no reason to target Lawrence for this selective enforcement and it constitutes an extreme abuse of power,” Espinoza-Madrigal said. “We fully believe Lawrence is in compliance … and we stand ready to continue to prove that in court.”Hanson writes that the letter is not a “final determination regarding Oregon’s compliance with section 1373” and gives the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission until December 5 to offer an interpretation of HB 3464 and ORS 181A.820 that follows the DOJ’s rules.

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RELATED | Denver passes immigration ordinance restricting city cooperation with ICESamra said he’s confident the state and other sanctuary jurisdictions could pull together to fight the federal government. About 13 percent of the city’s $18 million budget comes from federal dollars, Ramirez said.

Jackson was one of 29 jurisdictions nationwide getting letters Wednesday demanding they show compliance with federal law on sharing immigration information.

Subscribe now and get 4 weeks of full access for only 99¢.Attorney General Jeff Sessions during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Capitol Hill on Tuesday in Washington. Alex Brandon AP Attorney General Jeff Sessions during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Capitol Hill on Tuesday in Washington. Alex Brandon AP setLeadImageSize(); $(window).resize(function() { var clientWidth = Math.max(document.documentElement.clientWidth, window.innerWidth || 0); if (clientWidth > 767) { $(‘.lead-item’).find(‘.caption’).hide(); $(‘.lead-item .lead-caption’).show(); } else { $(‘.lead-item .lead-caption’).hide(); } setLeadImageSize(); }); $(‘.lead-item img’).click(function(){ var elemWidth = Math.max(document.documentElement.clientWidth, window.innerWidth || 0); if(elemWidth < 768){ $('.lead-item .caption').slideToggle(250); } }); $(".lead-item .wps-caption-toggle").click(function(){ $('.lead-item .caption').slideToggle(250); }); function setLeadImageSize() { var leadWidth = $('.lead-item').width(); $('.lead-item img').css({'max-width': leadWidth}); } Livingston Sessions targets sanctuary cities. Leaders in this Merced Co. town won’t back down By Kate Irby And Thaddeus Miller

Lumumba issues statement on sanctuary city policy letter sent by DOJ
Lumumba issues statement on sanctuary city policy letter sent by DOJ

Justice Department is warning the cities, counties and states it claims might be following "sanctuary policies."

District’s policy of banning corrections employees from asking inmates about their immigration status or contacting Immigration and Customs Enforcement may violate federal law, and that means federal grant money may be taken away. Related Stories Sessions: Sanctuary cities undermine law’s moral authority Government News Trump’s sanctuary city threat triggers confusion, changes Government News Hyattsville votes to become ‘sanctuary city’ for immigrants Prince George's County, MD News Sessions asks judge to limit sanctuary cities injunction Government NewsThis is the second round of compliance letters the DOJ announced this fall. Five jurisdictions were put on notice in October, including Chicago, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia and Cook County, Illinois.News reporter Katie Shepherd joined Willamette Week in 2017. She covers criminal justice, cops and courts.
You are commenting using your Twitter account. ( Log Out / Change )The cities are threatened with losing law enforcement money.

Justice Department warns Denver its immigration policy might violate federal grant rules

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The letter singles out the city’s policy that prohibits “respond(ing) to any ICE notification request seeking information about an individual’s incarceration status, length of detention, home address, work address, personal information, hearing information, or pending release.”SportsBreakingMost PopularOpinionSuburbsEntertainmentBusinessAdvertising37° trb.run.push(function(){i$(‘nh’);}); trb.userTiming(“trb bottom”); trb.data.fbUserId = ‘chicagotribune’; trb.data.fbShareAppId = ‘2129956873897661’; trb.data.fbFollowAppId = ‘306836229411287’; trb.data.fbRedirectUri = ‘http%3A%2F%2Fwww.chicagotribune.com%2Fcommon%2Fcc%2Ffbsc.1q2w3_d6eb51cc7892d02c11104306796a9f61.html’; trb.run.push(function(){ trb.data.page.sectionPath = ‘/news/local/politics/’; trb.data.page.sectionName = ‘Clout Street’; trb.data.page.pageTitle = ‘Justice Department: New Illinois immigration law could endanger grant funding – Chicago Tribune’; trb.data.page.slug = ‘ct-met-bruce-rauner-jeff-sessions-20171115’; trb.data.page.title = ‘Justice Department: New Illinois immigration law could endanger grant funding’; trb.data.page.author = ‘Monique Garcia’; trb.data.page.background = ‘The U.S. Department of Justice is threatening to pull millions of dollars in funding from Illinois after Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner signed an immigration measure into law this summer.

DOJ sends letters to 29 jurisdictions adopting sanctuary policies, including Oregon

var _informq = _informq || []; _informq.push([’embed’]); lazyLoadingModule(“perfectpixeltop-template”, “perfectpixeltop-target”, “perfectpixel”,500, undefined, undefined, undefined, “undefined”, “true”, undefined , undefined ); “If there is any criminal activity we have to comply with that,” he said. “We’re just not supplying them with additional information.”

Sanctuary Policies Pressed By Justice Department

Jackson in 2010 passed an ordinance preventing police officers from asking about immigration status. Gov. Phil Bryant signed a law in March that immediately voided the ordinance.BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) The state of Vermont and the city of Burlington are under fire for their immigration laws.

Nov 16 2017, 5:12 PM no commentsThe department is asking 29 jurisdictions across the country to reconsider their regulations.

It’s a warning — issued late yesterday to top cops in every city — that one immigration expert said will hurt police budgets. if (typeof googletag != ‘undefined’) { googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘mobile_box1’); }); }

President Barack Obama made compliance with the federal law in question a requirement to receive federal law enforcement grants in 2016. According to the Immigration Legal Resource Center, sanctuary policies do not violate the statute as it “only governs restrictions on communication with DHS about individuals’ citizenship or immigrant status, not other policies limiting the expenditure of state and local resources on immigration enforcement or detention.”

DOJ warns Denver that 'sanctuary' policies may break federal law
DOJ warns Denver that 'sanctuary' policies may break federal law

federal judge blocked the DOJ from punishing Philadelphia.

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