Man, 51, falls 12m while climbing Burlingtons Mount Nemo

A man is lifted off the escarpment at Mount Nemo Conservation Area on Aug. 31, 2018. (Andrew Collins)

A 51-year-old man has broken bones in at least one limb after he fell at least 12m while climbing the escarpment at Burlingtons Mount Nemo Conservation Area on Friday evening.

Halton Regional Police say the man was climbing the rock face with a friend when his safety harness came loose and he fell approximately 40 feet (12 metres).

Burlington Fire crews arrived on scene and set up a rope haul system to lift him out of the area on a gurney.

Police said he sustained broken bones in at least one limb but his injuries are considered non-life-threatening.

Police said the man was from outside of Burlington but had done the climbing route he was on several times before.

Emergency services were called to the Guelph Line conservation park shortly after 3 p.m. today (Friday).

The man reportedly fell 40 feet along the trail south of the lookout tower. The extent of his injuries are not yet known, but are not believed to be life-threatening.