Christmas Music Begins On SiriusXM Radio; Holiday Displays Already Up At Burlington Mall

Christmas Music Begins On SiriusXM Radio; Holiday Displays Already Up At Burlington Mall
12 Christmas Movies on Netflix You Can Stream Right Now
Its the most wonderful time of the year: When you tune out the noise and just watch a bunch of movies that serve as cinematic comfort food. As the year winds down and the holidays approach us, youre likely to feel a little stress about getting everything done—the shopping, the cooking, the family gathering, the small talk, the New Years planning. Why waste your time with cerebral movies or too-complicated TV shows that will only make you have to use your brain even more? Lean into the celebratory nature of the Christmas movie, a genre that can offer some over-the-top sweetness or some cynical yuletide-hating features. Here are the best Christmas movies to stream on Netflix right now.

Universal Pictures This modern classic, written and directed by Richard Curtis, follows a bunch of Londoners—all connected in various ways—as they stumble through the holiday season in search of love and affection.

I Celebrate Christmas Early, And I Make No Apologies

Paramount Pictures Its a holiday musical staple (and not just because of the title song). Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera-Ellen star in this musical comedy about two Broadway performers (and some Broadway hopefuls) who put on a variety show to save a New England inn from closing.

Universal Pictures Dr. Seusss Christmas classic comes to life with this live-action adaptation from Ron Howard. It may be glossy and over-produced and star-studded, but it still has the original tales grit and bite.

Video: Sirius XM Launches Christmas Channel Today

Dimension Films Billy Bob Thornton stars in this pitch-black comedy about a professional thief and his assistant who disguise themselves as a department store Santa and his helpful elf in order to pull of a con job.

Broad Green Pictures Billy Bob Thornton and Tony Cox return for this sequel. Theres more bad Santa-ing happening.

Netflix Sure, its more of a Christmas special than a Christmas movie, but its directed by Sofia Coppola, so itll be gorgeously cinematic. Bill Murray stars as Bill Murray, who spends his Christmas in the famed Carlyle Hotel during a wacky snow storm that brings all kinds of characters (and celebrities) in from the cold.

SP Releasing Theres a bigfoot spotted in a tiny, all-American town—but its really just Michael Shannon in an ape costume. Its a you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it kinda movie.

Netflix If you want to inject your holiday spirit with leftover royal wedding fever, this Netflix-produced rom-com follows an American journalist who shadows the playboy prince of Aldovia (and, naturally, falls in love at Christmastime).

Netflix The heiress to a gift company has to travel to her fathers hometown to deliver a special Christmas card to his former partner. When shes stranded there in a snow storm, she discovers she fits right into the small-town life more than she ever expected.

Dark Sky Films Doesnt everybody have that weird, creepy, and obnoxious uncle who always manages to ruin every family holiday gathering? If youre lucky not to have one, heres a movie about what its like for the rest of us.

Imagicomm Films A woman recruits her ex-boyfriend, a superstar country musician, to put on a Christmas concert on her familys struggling berry farm in the Smoky Mountains in order to save it from being seized just after the holiday.

Reel One Entertainment A Christmas designer and a no-nonsense businessman who hates Christmas encounter each other during the holidays. It sounds crazy but: They totally fall for each other.

Truth time. For most of the year, I’m not really (read: not at all) a fan of Mariah Carey or Justin Bieber. And it would be odd to hear me Pandora-search Boys II Men or Michael Buble. They’re fine, just not really my jam. That is until the Halloween hangover passes and November 1 hits. Then everything changes and I’m like—boom!—rocking to “Under the Mistletoe” by the Biebs in my kitchen.

Because for me, Christmas season starts as soon as the witch costumes are put away. As soon as it gets dark at 5:00. As soon as the first snowflake falls (which, in Wisconsin, could actually be in October if we’re being honest).