Theres a new way to get all the booze you want delivered in Burnaby

It’s not the first alcohol delivery service that’s launched in Vancouver, but Drizly is aiming to be one of the fastest ways for patrons to get booze without putting on their shoes.

The one-hour liquor delivery service launches today, November 8, at 2 pm, which means legal-age Vancouverites in need of wine, beer, and spirits can place an order through the Drizly app and have their goodies in an hour.

The flat fee for this service is $4.99, and users must purchase a minimum of $20 worth of product to place an order.

This service works with Liquor Depots and Liquor Barns across Metro Vancouver and sells everything at the same price you’d find it in-store.

The Liquor Depot and Liquor Barn franchise is built on providing its customers with convenience, innovation and an unparalleled shopping experience, said Fran Coons, Vice President of Operations, Alcanna.

As a leading liquor retailer in North America, we continuously look for innovative ways to improve our service offering and expanding our partnership with Drizly into Metro Vancouver is the next step in our goal to enhance life’s celebrations for all of our customers.

Listen up, party people: Liquor Barn and Liquor Depot are now part of an online liquor delivery service across the lower mainland, which means for one flat fee, you can order as much booze as you need and have it at your door within an hour.

The online service will be run through the on-demand retail liquor delivery platform Drizly, which already is offering their service in over 100 markets across North America.

There are seven stores in the Liquor Depot/Liquor Barn family in Metro Vancouver that will have the service available as of 2 pm Thursday, November 8: Abbotsford, Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, Point Grey (Vancouver), Coquitlam and Cambie (Vancouver).

A few key details: Prices are the same online as in-store. Minimum purchase is $20, but “there’s no limit on how much customers can purchase,” (besides the usual constraint of “how much can fit in the delivery vehicle,”) according to a media release. The flat-rate delivery fee is $4.99.

As a wonderful plus for actual party people, i.e. people throwing a party, you can also schedule your delivery ahead of time, too.

Liquor Depot and Liquor Barn launched delivery in 2016 in Alberta, and have been looking to expand the offering to B.C. for some time now. Drizly launched in 2012 in the U.S.