VIDEO: Burnaby Mounties harassed during Halloween fireworks call

VIDEO: Burnaby Mounties harassed during Halloween fireworks call
Burnaby RCMP say officers showed restraint while under verbal attack
A Facebook video showing a verbal altercation between a group of men and Burnaby RCMP officers is creating a huge amount of backlash on social media.

The video shows Burnaby Mounties responding to a call for fireworks past midnight on Halloween night. The officers are seen standing by as they are subjected to a tirade of profanity and insults. According to the Burnaby RCMP, two members originally responded, but called for backup when the ten men shooting off the fireworks became aggressive.

"Its not rare for our members to deal with this kind of verbal abuse and aggression. The expectation we have, and were proud to be able to say what we generally get from the members, is that they respond in a calm and professional manner," he said Monday.

We are proud of our members. They handled the situation in a very calm, and professional manner despite the abuse they were subjected to.

The four-minute clip was posted on Facebook last week and has been viewed more than 40,000 times. Dozens have commented on the behaviour of the officers involved, praising their ability to show restraint and be patient as the men yell and swear.

Mounties praised for restraint during caught-on-cam tirade

The video has been viewed thousands of times. Most of the comments are overwhelming in support of how the officers handled themselves.

The video shows a vulgar rant by a group of young men, which occurred on Halloween night. Mounties said the men, who were between the ages of 20 and 30, were asked to stop lighting fireworks after midnight.

Former Delta police Chief Jim Cessford says the video shows a textbook response to a situation that was escalating quickly.

People who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs are unpredictable, and it is the extensive training that allows police officers to know what course of action to take,” he said.

Homicide investigators were called to Surreys Newton neighbourhood after shots rang out early Friday morning. 1

This incident is an indication of how policing has changed in the era of social media. Online video has made almost everything police officers do part of the public record.

Video has exposed officers for breaching their duty to the public, but it has also turned the lens on the people who are facing the scrutiny of police. McDonald says he welcomes the added attention.

If our members are behaving as they should, professionally, then the public is only providing evidence that they are doing their jobs.

Recent video has shown officers being verbally assaulted by drivers receiving speeding tickets as well as documenting the aftermath of an alleged assault on VPD officers by men with known gang ties.

Despite several recommendations for officers to wear body cameras, there are few examples of their use in Canada.

Doug King, the Executive Director of Together Against Poverty believes body cameras would be useful in most circumstances.

This is a perfect example of how body cameras can benefit both police officers and citizens when it comes to police related complaints. A significant amount of complaints relating to police use and abuse of power contain contradictory statements about the way that either a police officer or complainant was acting during an encounter, and at the end of the day neither party can hide from body camera footage of an incident.

Mounties who were caught on camera calmly dealing with some young men verbally taunting them are being praised online

A video that captures several Mounties calmly dealing with a group of men who are verbally taunting them has gone viral

Editor’s note: this article contains a link to a video with graphic language that is not suitable for everyone. Discretion is advised.

BURNABY (NEWS 1130) – A video of some young men hurling verbal abuse at officers with the Burnaby RCMP on Halloween night has gone viral, and it looks like the RCMP is getting a lot of support for how its officers handled the situation.

Superintendent Chuck McDonald, who is also the operations officer for the Burnaby detachment, says officers were called out to Imperial Street near Macpherson Avenue just after midnight on Nov. 1.

“Two Burnaby RCMP members on patrol heard fireworks being set off,” he tells NEWS 1130. “The members located a group of 10 males who were setting off fireworks as our members arrived.”

He says one of the men claimed to have a permit for the fireworks, but failed to produce it when officers asked for it, and began “becoming verbally abusive.”

Due to the number of people these officers were dealing with, McDonald says they called for back up. When additional officers arrived, they too were met by aggressive language, as is seen in the video shot by what appears to be one of the men who was among the group of 10.

“It’s unfortunate these individuals felt they could engage with police officers in this manner, and I’m proud of each and every one of our responding Burnaby members. They were calm and professional in ensuring the issue was resolved safely and did not escalate.”

The footage has been shared hundreds of times and has tens of thousands of views, with many leaving comments in support of the officers.

One person writes: “Great job to the men in blue. You do not deserve to be spoken to like that. Its unfortunate that the people behind the camera have zero class.”

McDonald says in addition to support online, members of the public have also been calling the detachment to sing the officer’s praises.

“It’s very heartening to see the response we’ve gotten from the public,” he adds. “The RCMP members in this video resolved this incident and did what they always do every other shift, and that’s respond to the next call for service in an equally calm and professional manner.”

This isn’t the first case in which someone has uploaded video of their interaction with police officers. McDonald says officers always assume that everything is going to be recorded.

“As long as they’re doing their jobs in a professional manner, if anything, it’s evidence that we can use later.”

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Glad it was them and not me. Would have been a headline. So much restraint. Well done RCMP. Anyone else would have ended this verbal assault differently. Well done.

This is the environment activists have created for all of us. People can just break the law and tell the police to f$%@ off when they show up. Nice. Too often when people create messes like this they themselves have neither the power nor the ability to clean it up. People are going to watch this now and the take away will be they will learn they can behave with impunity. How do you reverse this? You can’t, not without force, which results in more “activists” calling to tie the hands of the police even more. Vicious cycle with no winners except for law breakers.

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