Shocking: Calgary police pull over minivan, find $8-million worth of cocaine and meth

\Shocking\: Calgary police pull over minivan, find $8-million worth of cocaine and meth
Calgary police make record breaking drug bust during traffic stop
Two people are facing charges after police seized about $8 million worth of drugs from a vehicle during a traffic stop last week.

Police stopped a Dodge Caravan on October 4 at 3:00 a.m. inside the city limits and found about 66 kilograms of cocaine, 30 kilograms of methamphetamine and $41,000 in cash inside the vehicle.

There was information gathered that led us to that vehicle and subsequently to this seizure, said Inspector Keith Cain, of the CPS Criminal Network Section. There was a series of search warrants conducted following this traffic stop. One at a residence, at a business and another vehicle so, it matters where we find it whether its a vehicle or a house, its concerning regardless. Certainly, I would guess they were transporting it to somewhere, where exactly that was going to be, Im not sure.

Police say a stun gun was also located during a search of the residence but no other weapons were found.

“These two individuals were not known to the police, so certainly we have to believe with these types of drugs and this amount of drugs, they are somehow related to organized crime,” Cain said, adding Singh and Ghotra were not co-operative with police.

Officials say the seizure was the result of a three month investigation and two people are now facing charges.

“To my knowledge, this is one of the largest drug seizures in CPS history and certainly a substantial drug seizure for the province of Alberta,” said Insp. Keith Cain with the criminal network section, formerly called the organized crime unit.

These two individuals were not known to the police so certainly we have to believe with these types of drugs and this amount of drugs its somehow related to organized crime so well be following up on that. The two individuals were not cooperative, said Cain.

“We gather a lot of information and this information was followed up. Three months really isn’t all that long to spend on an investigation, so it was certainly a substantial seizure in a short amount of time,” Cain said.

Cain says Singh and Ghotra were not known to police and that there is another person of interest that they are looking at.

Investigators say the drugs are worth about $8 million on the street and that it is the largest drug seizure in the Calgary Police Services history.

This was surprising, shocking to us to get this amount and to get two different types of drugs in the same vehicle, said Cain. We were surprised with the amount.

When asked about a potential international element to the case, Cain said the service is currently working with the Canada Border Services Agency and “there are leads to follow.”

Given the fact that we seized this amount, unfortunately, there still is a strong demand for it, said Cain. Dealing with the supply and enforcement is one side but certainly dealing with demand is vital.

Derek Jugnauth, Singhs lawyer, says the men appeared in court on Wednesday and were granted bail after posting $10,000 cash and a $25,000 surety.

They also had to surrender their passports, agree to a nightly curfew and have been prohibited from having weapons in their possession.

Police say additional charges are pending and that they are working with the CBSA to determine if there is an international connection.

Anyone with information on drug trafficking is asked to contact the police non-emergency number, 403-266-1234, or Crime Stoppers anonymously using any of the following methods:

Police also executed search warrants at a residence, business and another vehicle. Officers seized a Taser at the residence.

Calgary police seized $8M in cocaine and methamphetamine during a traffic stop in early October, the forces largest drug seizure in its history.

A flight from Dallas to Beijing was detoured to Alberta Thursday afternoon following a medical emergency and a mechanical issue.

Calgary police say they've made one of the largest drug seizures in the history of the service. 

Approximately 66 kilograms of cocaine and 30 kilograms of methamphetamine, with an estimated street value of $8 million, plus approximately $41,000 in cash was seized on Oct. 4, police say. 

Navjot Singh, 23, and Gurjeet Ghotra, 20, each face two charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking. 

According to a news release, officers pulled over a Dodge Caravan following a three-month investigation and found the drugs and cash inside. 

"This is one of the largest drug seizures in CPS history and a substantial drug seizure in the province of Alberta," reads the release. 

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