Italian police take computer of Cambridge tutor in Egypt murder case

Security and intelligence sources told Reuters that Regeni had been arrested in Cairo on 25 January 2016. His disfigured body was found in a ditch more than a week later. Egyptian officials have denied any involvement in his killing.

Abdelrahman finally agreed to talk to the Italian magistrates in Cambridge on Tuesday, prosecutors said. On Wednesday, the team from Rome, backed up by British authorities, visited her home and office, taking a computer, a hard disk, a USB key, a phone and some unspecified documents.

Egypt, traditional Mediterranean allies with strong economic ties.

While there is no suggestion that Regeni’s tutor, Maha Abdelrahman, was involved in his death, investigators have pushed for months to question her about why he had chosen his research subject and whether she had put him in harm’s way.

A senior legal source in Rome said Abdelrahman had told magistrates that Regeni had picked his own research subject. He said she had shed no new light on the case and added that this was “disappointing”.

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