UPDATED: North Sydney man facing multiple charges following morning incident

UPDATED: North Sydney man facing multiple charges following morning incident
North Sydney man facing dangerous driving and impaired driving charges following morning incident
Police in Cape Breton have arrested a North Sydney man accused of dangerous and impaired driving after he allegedly struck a police car this morning.

Cape Breton Regional Police said in a news release they had responded to reports that a Mazda car had been stolen from a home in North Sydney.

Cape Breton man arrested after stolen car crashes into police cruiser

Police said they followed the vehicle, which eventually struck the back of a police car at King and High streets, as well as a parked vehicle.

They told me there were kids further up the road, Rahey said. This guy that was running away, he could have killed somebody. So smart of CBRM what they did. There was nobody in the parking lot, they veered him in, and he hit my truck, and stopped him from doing any more damage.

Police spokesperson Desiree Vassallo said the contact with the police car was made prior to the stolen Mazda pulling into a parking lot where police apprehended the driver, which was captured on surveillance video. 

I just heard an impact, like somebody hit something, and the vibration of the building, Rahey said. They drove my truck into the building. They smashed the back of the truck, its probably wrote off the back.

In the video, it appears the Mazda hits a parked pickup truck and a police vehicle subsequently hits the Mazda as well. 

Police said three vehicles were damaged but no one was hurt. The man is in custody and police said charges are pending.

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NORTH SYDNEY, N.S. — A Bras d’Or woman not only witnessed the takedown of a dangerous driver on Thursday, she also found herself in the middle of the frantic action.

The Cape Breton Regional Police say a 31-year-old North Sydney man is facing dangerous driving and impaired driving charges following an incident on the Northside Thursday.

They drove my truck into the building,” said Brad Rahey. “They smashed the back of the truck, its probably wrote off the back.

Staff Sgt. Bill Turner said it all began with a report of a stolen vehicle in North Sydney at 7 a.m. Officers were able to locate the vehicle — a Mazda — but the driver wouldn’t stop for police.

A video of the chase looks like a scene out of a movie as police pursued a stolen vehicle through the streets of North Sydney.

“The speeds were not excessive at any point,” he said. “It was just that the person driving refused to stop.”

Back at the crash scene, Brad Rahey was working inside at the time and wasnt aware at what was going on outside his business.

Police say they didn’t pursue the suspect vehicle but continued to follow it at a safe speed and distance, eventually arriving at the area of King and High streets. While attempting to elude police, the suspect struck the rear of a police vehicle as well as another parked vehicle. Police apprehended the suspect on the property of The Dive Corner aquatic supply business on High Street at about 9:30 a.m.

A man was arrested after a stolen vehicle crashed into a police cruiser in North Sydney, N.S., on Oct. 11, 2018. (Submitted)

Meanwhile, it was about 9:15 a.m. when Gaskell was preparing to leave the Walmart parking lot on King Street to head toward High Street.

If I was about maybe five seconds later leaving the parking lot, he wouldve hit me head on, said witness Jason Dawe.

The suspect vehicle was traveling up a little road between Tim Hortons and a taxi stand and was headed towards her.

Gaskell said her vehicle was slightly on a diagonal and in the path of the suspect vehicle., when a police SUV cut in front of the Mazda in an effort to stop it.

“Instead of continuing on and hitting me, the suspect vehicle rammed into the back of the police car,” she said.

“I would definitely say if the police hadn’t of cut in front of him there’s no telling what could have happened.”

The suspect then drove around the police vehicle and proceeded to the end of the Walmart parking lot closest to King Street and circled the parking lot; before she knew it, the red Mazda was suddenly behind her.

However, Gaskell then watched as the suspect vehicle suddenly veered onto High Street, travelling head-on towards a black car.

“The police SUV then came up on the suspect’s driver’s side and smashed into the side of the car,” she said.

At that point, she briefly stopped and chatted with a woman with children in the playground in that area. Gaskell said it’s terrifying to think what could have happened.

The terrifying nature of the whole ordeal never really hit Gaskell – a Nova Scotia Community College student taking courses in pursuit of her goal of becoming an LPN — until she got home.

“They did an incredible job in pursuing him and making sure that there was as little collateral damage as possible,” she said.

“They pursed him effectively before there was a head-on collision or before the suspect got to an area where there were children. The police did it all very respectively and I’m very honoured that we have a police force that is so effective.”

Turner said there was damage to a few vehicles, including minor damage to the back end of a police vehicle.

Members of the CBRPS Traffic Safety and Forensic Identification Unit were on the scene investigating Thursday.

Brad Rahey, owner of The Dive Corner on High Street, confirmed there is some damage to a vehicle and to his building as a result of the incident.