Delta Air Lines is eliminating one of the most annoying things about flying – Fast Company

Delta Air Lines is eliminating one of the most annoying things about flying - Fast Company
Delta modifying how far passengers can recline in seats
The Points Guy reports that the airline will limit how far passengers can lean back on some domestic flights. To make the knee-saving change, the airline will retrofit its fleet of 62 Airbus A320 jets starting on Saturday to reduce the coach seat recline from four inches to just two inches.

It’s not just coach passengers that will have to cope with change: First-class seat recline will decrease from 5.5 inches to 3.5 inches.

The airline claims it just wants to make flying more comfortable, but traveling skeptics will be forgiven for thinking this is a precursor to the airline shoving in more seats and further reducing legroom. According to The Points Guy, though, the airline has no plans to do so yet.

We also have outside factors meddling with the airline stocks. This time, it’s about Boeing (NYSE:BA). The grounding of the 737 Max and its production halt has a big impact on airlines. Delta has none of those, so it won’t benefit from a relief pop once that situation is resolved. So DAL stock could lose bids to other airlines who are currently under pressure from BA’s woes.

Instead, it seems to have recognized that travelers on the shorter domestic flights are busy working on laptops or watching TV on their seat-back screens, two activities that are hampered by the person in front of you who suddenly slips into a full recline. It’s annoying when you’re catching up on old episodes of Adventure Time, and can be costly when the person slams their seat into your laptop.

I am not a fan of writing about downside potential, but there is temporary risk to Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) stock up here. Before you label me a hater, today’s write up is not a diss about the company itself or its prospects. This is merely a call for caution that is more technically based than fundamental.

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Recently, Delta stock broke out from $52 per share in a big way. So the fast rise in the stock left big open gaps below that could become magnets for short-term trading. While not every gap on a chart gets filled, most of them do. This one is prominent enough that it will attract attention from short sellers.