Evacuation slide falls off a Delta plane — and into a Milton yard – The Boston Globe

Evacuation slide falls off a Delta plane — and into a Milton yard - The Boston Globe
An evacuation slide fell off a plane and landed in mans yard
The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating after an evacuation slide fell off a plane and landed in a Milton front yard on Sunday, officials said.

The pilot of Delta Air Lines Flight 405 from Paris reported a loud noise as the plane approached Boston Logan International Airport around noon, according to the FAA. Workers discovered that the right rear slide was missing after the plane — a Boeing 767-300 — had landed safely, officials said.

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Milton Police Deputy Chief James ONeil said police responded to 310 Adams St. at 12:11 p.m. after the slide fell from the sky.

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The homeowner had been outside speaking to a neighbor when he heard a loud noise and then found the chute in his front yard, ONeil said.

Sunday’s incident wouldn’t mark the first time the residents of Milton were shocked at what came falling from an aircraft landing at, or leaving from, Logan airport. In 2010, the body of a teenager from North Carolina was discovered in a wooded area of the Boston suburb after falling from a departing plane, having stowed away in a wheel well.

Police notified the Massachusetts State Police at Logan Airport and the FAA, ONeil said. Officials from Delta took the slide from the property. They came and retrieved it yesterday afternoon, he said.

Milton resident Amy Caldwell was driving on Adams Street shortly before noon when she spotted the slide falling through the air. She didnt know what it was at first.

It was way up in the sky, she said. It looked like a trash bag but it was falling. My husband and I said, Oh my God, what is that?

Huang's neighbor, who spoke with the Boston Herald, added that she believed the two of them would be dead if the slide had hit them directly, as they were both standing a short way away from where the 6-foot slide landed.

Caldwell said she couldnt immediately tell where it landed. When she found out later where it ended up, and saw it on the ground, she said her daughter remarked that it looked like a big gray bouncy house.

The slide ended up in the front yard of Milton resident Wenhan Huang, according to WCVB, who said the slide damaged several branches of a Japanese maple tree before it slammed into the ground.

Delta Plane Evacuation Slide Falls Into Front Yard of Massachusetts Man

Delta is investigating an inflatable over-wing slide that was retrieved following an aircrafts landing into Bostons Logan Airport, the statement said. The flight landed without incident and taxied to the gate under its own power.

This isnt the first time that something has fallen from a plane flying over Milton. About a decade ago, a North Carolina teenager was found dead in Milton after evidently falling from the wheel well of a plane, where police believe he hid as a stow away.

Delta, too, has launched an investigation into the incident, confirming that the slide that fell was an “inflatable over-wing slide.”

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An emergency evacuation slide from an airplane fell to the ground outside Boston on Sunday, landing in a homes backyard.

Whether youre a frequent flier or have only flown on a passenger aircraft once in your life, here are five things to know about passenger planes.

The pilot of Delta Air Lines flight 405 from Paris to Boston reported hearing a loud noise as the plane lined up on its final approach to Bostons Logan Airport the Boston Globe reported.

Evacuation slide falls from jet, lands in yard; no one hurt

Stephanie Leguia, a resident of Milton, MA — a Boston suburb — told the Boston Herald that she was standing in a neighbors backyard on Adams Street chatting when the uninflated slide fell from the sky, bringing down several tree branches along the way.

Leguia and her neighbor inspected the item and found a “Boeing” logo. They called the police, suspecting that it fell from a plane. No one was injured by the falling slide.

According to data from FlightRadar24, the flight was operated by a Boeing 767-300 plane. Flight playback data shows that the plane was at an altitude of 2,200 feet and descending when it crossed Adams Street in Milton, four minutes before it landed at Logan Airport.

Delta technicians inspected the plane after it landed and found that a slide was missing. The plane landed without any other incident.

Sunday was expected to be the busiest day of the Thanksgiving travel period, with US airlines carrying a record 3.1 million passengers.

Airplane evacuation slides are designed to automatically inflate if an airplane door is opened without the slide being disarmed. They are used to speed evacuation of a plane during an emergency on the ground, including an emergency landing.

Milton sits directly under the approach path for runway 4L at Logan. In 2010, the body of a 16-year-old suspected stowaway fell from a plane into the neighborhood.

A Delta spokesperson did not immediately return a request for comment to Business Insider, but confirmed to the Boston Globe that the slide fell from the plane. The said it is investigation the incident.