Edmonton family pleading for thief to return wheelchair-accessible van

Edmonton family pleading for thief to return wheelchair-accessible van
Woman pleading for return of wheelchair-accessible van
The Sims family is pleading with the thief who stole their wheelchair-accessible van Saturday to return it — no questions asked.

Video surveillance indicates that the theft happened at 6:55 p.m., and appears to show the thief was a male who worked alone.

The family admits they left the 2014 Honda Odyssey open with the keys inside while they prepared to load their daughter into the vehicle.

“My husband was going to put Carmen in the van,” Mary-Lou Sims said. “He went out, looked up and it wasn’t there.”

The family was attending a Christmas-themed sale where their wheelchair-bound daughter was selling her handmade jewelery.

It’s a craft the 23-year-old with brittle bone disease has been honing for years, with the proceeds of her sales going to the Shriners Hospital.

“My first thought was how are we going to get Carmen home?” Sims said, describing the van as the family’s only mode of transportation.

“During the week she likes to go shopping or to her job at the Humane Society,” Sims said. “We really hope it’s not damaged and that we get it back soon.”

The vehicle is described as a 2014 dark blue Honda Odyssey. Sims said there is a sticker on the back of the van which describes the modifications to it.

Police are investigating but the family hopes the thief will realize the value of what he took and return it.

“I just hope he realizes it’s a wheelchair-accessible van and that we really need it,” Sims said. “Hopefully someone sees it and makes an annoymous phone call.

An Edmonton woman is pleading for the publics help after her wheelchair accessible minivan was stolen over the weekend.

Carmen Simss family minivan was stolen Saturday night outside the Twin Willows Golf Club, while the family was loading up to leave a Christmas craft sale.

So we know he was in the van probably about seven or eight mins, probably just rifling through stuff, found the key fob and then tore out of there, said Mary-Lou, Carmens mother.

The loss of the vehicle has caused Carmen to be stranded at home, due to the vehicle being equipped to her needs.

Its modified for Carmens wheelchair, that is her way of getting around either with her family or when she wants to go out with during the week with one of her caregivers.

The 23-year-old creates custom jewelry which she sells at various craft sales, donating all proceeds to the Shriners Hospital.

Im upset that my car has been stolen but Im mad that some idiot decided to steal it, said Carmen. Im stuck at home, Im bored.

The van is a 2014 Blue Honda Odyessy, with the licence plate number BLJ 3550. It has a side ramp for Carmens wheelchair along with a sticker on the back that says modified.

Her mother says the van is not easily replaceable, originally taking the vehicle down to Arizona to get modified to the tune of $34,000.