Man pleads guilty in connection with death of Edmonton MMA fighter Ryan Jimmo

Man pleads guilty in connection with death of Edmonton MMA fighter Ryan Jimmo
Man accused in hit and run of ex-UFC fighter pleads guilty to manslaughter
ABOVE: Friends remember Canadian MMA fighter Ryan Jimmo, who lost his life in a hit and run (from 2017).

A man has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the 2016 death of Edmonton mixed martial arts fighter Ryan Jimmo.

Anthony Getschel was originally charged with second-degree murder in Jimmo’s death but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge in an Edmonton courtroom on Monday morning.

According to a statement of facts read in an Edmonton courtroom Monday, Getschel and two associates left a bar on the evening of the incident and later encountered Jimmos jeep on the road. Getschel followed Jimmo to the parking lot of another bar, leading to a confrontation between Jimmo and Getschels party. The two had no prior relationship.

According to an agreed statement of facts, Getschel was out drinking at an Edmonton bar the night of June 26, 2016. He was involved in a fight at the bar, which ended with him being knocked to the ground.

At around 2 a.m., the truck was heading west on Whyte Avenue in the area of 101 Street when it came up behind a 2008 Jeep Patriot, driven by Jimmo.

Getschel apparently hid his truck and took a taxi home, telling a family member that it was stolen. He would later retrieve the vehicle and replace the license plate after reporting the plate as being stolen. Two days later, Getschel turned himself in to authorities.

Jimmo, who used to live in Edmonton, was visiting the city from Arizona with his girlfriend. The pair had just been to a movie and was out touring the city.

Feeling the truck behind him was driving aggressively, Jimmo turned into a nearby strip mall parking lot — but the truck followed.

In 24 pro bouts, Jimmo compiled a 19-5 record. The New Brunswick native went 3-4 in the UFC, with wins over Sean OConnell, Igor Pokrajac, and Anthony Perosh.

Jimmo stopped his Jeep and got out of the vehicle. He approached the driver’s side of the truck, slapped the window and challenged Getschel and his male passenger to a fight.

Jimmo, who was with his fiancee at the time of the incident, was taken to a hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries. He was 34 years old.

A verbal exchange followed, but Getschel and his passengers stayed inside the truck. The verbal exchange continued as Jimmo walked back to his vehicle.

Anthony Getschel originally was charged with second-degree murder, along with criminal negligence causing death, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death, and failure to stop at the scene of an accident involving a death. But according to the CBC, Getschel today agreed to a guilty plea of manslaughter and hit-and-run.

As he was standing beside the driver’s door of the Jeep, Jimmo heard shouting coming from the truck. He turned to look back at the truck as it came speeding over two concrete parking curbs. The truck then struck Jimmo “at speed,” according to the agreed statement of facts, “dragging him out in front of the Jeep.”

Getschel and Jordan Wagner, one of the passengers in his truck who originally was charged with accessory to murder after the fact, reportedly did not know Jimmo prior to the incident. Getschel’s girlfriend was in the truck, as well, according to a statement of facts from today’s court proceedings, CBC reported.

Knowing he had struck Jimmo, Getschel continued driving out of the parking lot and onto Whyte Avenue, nearly hitting another vehicle. The truck then drove east in the westbound lanes of Whyte Ave., eventually crossing the median into the correct lanes of traffic.

Getschel allegedly drove the truck that ran Jimmo over. Jimmo later died in a hospital from blunt force trauma. After fleeing the scene, Getschel hid his truck, then returned for it the next day and removed the license plate and ordered a new plate. He was taken into custody after turning himself in June 28, 2016.

Witnesses in the parking lot called 911 and were able to wave down a police vehicle that was driving down Whyte Ave.

Jimmo, a former UFC fighter, was killed June 26, 2016, when a truck driven by Getschel ran him over in a parking lot after an argument. Jimmo was 34.

Jimmo was lying on the ground, conscious but badly injured. Police provided first aid until fire and EMS crews arrived at around 2:20 a.m. Jimmo was taken by ambulance to the University of Alberta Hospital, but on the way to the hospital he went into cardiac arrest.

Meanwhile, Getschel dropped off his passengers and hid the truck in Mill Creek Ravine. He took a taxi home, told a family member his truck had been stolen and went to bed.

The following morning, Getschel woke up and told the same family member what happened the previous night. He went and got his truck and took it to a registry office where he reported that his licence plate had been stolen in order to get a new plate.

The following Monday morning, Getschel left for a job in Fort McMurray. He returned to Edmonton later that night and at 1 a.m. Tuesday, Getschel turned himself in to police.

An autopsy revealed Jimmo, 34, died of multiple blunt force and crush injuries, consistent with being run over by a vehicle.

Jimmo was only in Edmonton for a couple of days before he was killed. During his MMA career, Jimmo made his sensational UFC debut (at UFC 149) in Calgary in July 2012. Fighting as a light heavyweight, he tied the record for the organization’s fastest knockout when he dispatched Anthony Perosh in just seven seconds.

Jimmo was also a champion in the Edmonton-based Maximum Fighting Championship and he appeared in the eighth season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Getschel, who was crying in the prisoner’s box Monday, will be back in court on Dec. 3 for a sentencing hearing.

Global News has put in an inquiry to see where the charge against Wagner stands and will update this story once the information is known. 

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The man accused in the hit-and-run death of former UFC fighter Ryan Jimmo hid his truck and replaced the licence plate before turning himself into police two days later.

Jimmo, 34, was killed on June 26, 2016, when he was run over by a truck in a parking lot outside a Whyte Avenue bar. 

Anthony Getschel was charged with second-degree murder. He pleaded not guilty to that charge, but pleaded guilty to manslaughter. He also pleaded guilty to hit and run.

According to the agreed statement of facts, Getschel was partying and drinking at Cook County Saloon that night with his friend and girlfriend. Getschel and his friend left the bar after fighting with other patrons.

Getschel drove away with his friend and girlfriend in his truck. The truck came up behind Jimmo's Jeep at Whyte Avenue and 101st Street and followed the Jeep into the parking lot of H2O Lounge.

Jimmo and his fiancée, Roxie Reese, were inside the Jeep and felt the truck was driving aggressively. 

Jimmo parked his Jeep and walked up to the driver's door of the truck. He slapped the window and yelled at Getschel and his friend, challenging them to a fight. Jimmo and Getschel did not know each other.

After arguing, Jimmo walked back to the Jeep but turned around when he heard someone shout something from the truck.

Getschel then accelerated the truck and steered it toward the driver's side of the Jeep. It went over two concrete parking curbs before striking Jimmo and dragging him out front of the Jeep.

Knowing he had hit Jimmo, Getschel then quickly drove the truck out of the parking lot and onto Whyte Avenue, almost hitting another vehicle in the process, according to the agreed statement of facts.

It was around 2:10 a.m. at this point. Jimmo was lying on the ground, conscious but seriously injured. Bystanders called 911. Police arrived and provided first aid until paramedics arrived minutes later.

"I was telling him I love him and to fight. And he fought really hard, Ryan did, for his life," Reece told CBC News in an interview after his death.

Getschel dropped off his passengers that morning before hiding his truck in Mill Creek Ravine. He took a taxi home, told a family member his truck was stolen, and went to bed.

Later that morning, he retrieved his truck and backed it into his driveway. He reported his licence plate as stolen and replaced it with a new one.

On June 27, he travelled to Fort McMurray and back for work. Police watched his home until he returned that night.

Through family members, Getschel told police he would be turning himself in. Early in the morning on June 28, he went to Edmonton police headquarters and was placed under arrest.

An autopsy was done that day on Jimmo, and it was found he died of multiple blunt force and injuries consistent with being run over by a vehicle.

Getschel was charged with second-degree murder, criminal negligence causing death, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death, and failing to stop at the scene of an accident involving death​.

During a summary disposition on Monday, he pleaded to the lesser charge of manslaughter and to hit and run.

Getschel's lawyer Peter Royal told the court his client has no criminal record and 19 character references were submitted.