Coyote death investigated by Grande Prairie RCMP after online video surfaces

Coyote death investigated by Grande Prairie RCMP after online video surfaces
Officers investigate video of coyote beaten to death in northern Alberta
RCMP in Grande Prairie, Alta., are investigating after a video surfaced online showing two boys brutally beating a coyote to death.

The video, which appeared on Facebook Sunday, shows a lifeless coyote being piled into the back of a snowmobile. The rest of the 53-second clip shows how the animal died slowly after multiple blows to the head.

Video shows boys beating coyote to death in northern Alta.

In the video, one boy picks up a coyote by its hind legs and smashes its head repeatedly into the back of a snowmobile.

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The animal, still alive, is then pictured sitting in the snow, blinking and stunned. Someone off camera laughs.

Then, a boy curses at the animal and kicks it repeatedly in the head. As the coyote stands and begins to limp away, someone in a snowmobile chases after it and grabs it by the tail. 

Anyone with information is asked to call Grande Prairie RCMP at 780-830-5700 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

A Grande Prairie man who shared the video with CBC News said he reported the incident to RCMP and Alberta Fish and Wildlife. He asked CBC News to keep his name confidential.

Fish and Wildlife believes it has identified the individuals involved, but did not say if they will be charged.

In a news release, RCMP in Grande Prairie said they are investigating an online video "depicting the inhumane death of a wild animal."

He then puts it on the snow and starts kicking its head, but the coyote stayed alive and tried to run away.

RCMP are in the preliminary stages of their investigation, Cpl. Maria Ogden told CBC News on Monday. She declined to provide further details. 

F***er aint dead! said the boy shooting the video. Oh s**t, hes running, so get him!

"We believe we've identified the individuals involved, but it's too early to speculate on specific offences or potential charges," Fish and Wildlife spokesperson Jason Van Rassel said in an interview.

"Very disturbing," he said. "That's some very sociopathic behaviour. It's blatantly criminal."

The man said he doesn't know the boys personally but felt compelled to report them. He said he hopes they are held accountable and "get some help."

"I mean, just look at how disturbing that video is, especially when the coyote is sitting there with fear in its face and they zoom in on it and laugh.

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*GRAPHIC WARNING: This article contains graphic details that may be disturbing to some. Discretion advised.

Mounties and wildlife officials in northern Alberta are investigating a video that apparently shows a coyote being beaten and killed by snowmobilers.

RCMP in Grande Prairie say they received a complaint about the video that was posted on social media.

Cpl. Maria Ogden says the video depicts an “inhumane death of a wild animal,” but she could not offer more details.

Global News has seen the video, which shows a young boy dragging the coyote by its hind legs and bashing it against the back of a snowmobile. The animal appears to be struggling throughout the video. The coyote is also jammed into a basket on the back of the vehicle. It tries to escape and the boy drives after it in the snowmobile. Another young voice is heard on the video.

Alberta government spokesman Jason van Rassel says individuals in the video have been identified but it’s too early to speculate on possible charges.

Grande Prairie RCMP are investigating after a video shared online appears to show the inhumane death of a coyote.

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