Sudbury teen charged with school threats released on bail –

Sudbury teen charged with school threats released on bail -
Sudbury police arrest 18-year-old following school shooting threat investigation
An 18-year-old College Notre Dame student charged with threats against staff and students of the school was released on bail Wednesday afternoon.

Zachary Pilon, 18, appeared in bail court in Sudbury in a courtroom packed with students and his parents.

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Ontario Court Justice of the Peace James Bubba ordered Pilon's release on a $1,000 recognizance into the supervision of his father, who will be acting as surety.

Earlier that day, a staff member from Collège Notre-Dame had contacted police after seeing a threat aimed at the school posted on social media.

Pilon was arrested and charged with uttering threats and criminal harassment on Tuesday after Greater Sudbury Police were notified of a threatening Instagram post made under the account name “sch00lsh00ter767”.

Police say officers will also be at the school over the next couple of days and that additional resources will be available to students.

Greater Sudbury Police confirmed Wednesday morning that through their investigation, they determined the teen acted alone in the threat, and was not in possession of any weapons.

Police say they have determined that no other people are involved and that the image of the firearm was a stock photo from the internet.

Bubba granted Pilon's release Wednesday afternoon with a strict set of conditions, including a curfew that mandates he must remain in his father or mother's home between school hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Pilon was given a few exceptions to the curfew, including medical emergencies, going to and from work, while in the presence of his surety or his mother.

The post showed a firearm and made reference to a school shooting. It was under the account name "sch00lsh00ter."

Pilon was also given a no contact order for all of the people whose names appeared in an Instagram post from the account ‘cnd_is_sus’ titled ‘CND KILL LIST.’

Pilon is not to attend or be within 200 metres of any school, and is not to attend College Notre Dame or be within 250 metres of the school. 

Bubba also handed down an almost a complete technology ban. Pilon will be restricted from using any handheld mobile device, accessing any forms of social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat, and will only be permitted to access the internet for the purpose of school work and assignments, or checking his work schedule online.

Pilon is also obliged to maintain a school hours curfew, refrain from using a cellphone and stay off social media, and only use a computer for school-related work. As well, he is forbidden from possessing weapons or applying for a firearms licence.

Pilon may only access a computer within the home of his surety or his mother and must do so under either person's supervision, and only his father and mother can have the password to the computer that Zachary will be using. 

He will be granted access to social media for the first 24 hours following his release, strictly for the purpose of removing all of his accounts, and must do so under the supervision of his father or mother.  

Close to a dozen students were in court during the bail session and one, a young woman, was seen weeping for a short time. When the hearing ended, Pilon’s mother was in tears and consoled by another adult who had been seated near her.

Greater Sudbury Police investigated an anonymous threat of a school shooting at College Notre-Dame, made on Instagram Tuesday afternoon.

The post, which has now been deleted, said the attack would take place Friday. Another account reportedly posted a 'kill list,' detailing the students and grades allegedly to be targeted. The list includes about 40 names.

Around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, detectives from Greater Sudbury Police's Criminal Investigations Division and Intelligence Unit, with help from members of the Tactical Unit, arrested an 18-year old man from Greater Sudbury in relation to a threatening instagram post.

Greater Sudbury Police say that through an investigation, they've determined that the 18-year-old man acted alone in a threat of violence against Collège Notre-Dame posted on Instagram.

“Through the investigation it has been determined that no other individuals were involved in this matter,” said a press release issued by Greater Sudbury Police Wednesday morning.

Officers will be attending Collège Notre-Dame today (March 20) to speak with students and staff.

There will be an increased police presence at Collège Notre-Dame over the next couple of days and additional resources will be available for students, said police.

The suspect, who was charged yesterday with criminal harassment and uttering threats, is in bail court today.