Powerful images of a powerful storm: Hurricane Dorian cleanup begins – CBC.ca

Powerful images of a powerful storm: Hurricane Dorian cleanup begins - CBC.ca
Tens of thousands in Atlantic Canada still in the dark after Hurricane Dorian
PreviousNextHide captionToggle Fullscreen1 of 0 commentsCrews are continuing Monday to chainsaw through trees and repair downed power lines across Nova Scotia in the aftermath of powerful storm Dorian, amid widespread outages and closures, including all public schools.

More than 108,000 homes and businesses were still without electricity across the Atlantic region Monday evening, and officials in Nova Scotia have warned it could be up to a week for power to be restored in some areas of the province.

The weather is about to get a major shake up with government warnings for flooding, power cuts and building damage in place as thunderstorms ravage parts of the country today. As these die down the remains of killer Hurricane Dorian will then bear down on the UK tomorrow night before ex-Tropical Storm Gabrielle barrels in on Thursday. Horrifying weather charts reveal relentless winds whipped up by the weather systems pummelling the nation until the weekend.

Likely Next Week Before Power is Fully Restored Across Nova Scotia, says NS Power CEO

"There are certain parts of Halifax that I can say, having seen it first-hand, that there are some very complex restorations that need to occur," Nova Scotia Power president Karen Hutt told CBC's Information Morning on Monday. 

Eleanor Bell, an IBM meteorologist for The Weather Company added: “A series of fronts moving will bring mixed periods of wind and rain across from the west, these associated with remnants of ex-hurricane Dorian Wednesday and remnants of Tropical Storm Gabrielle Thursday.”

Dorian approached the region as a Category 2 hurricane and made landfall near Halifax on Saturday evening as a post-tropical storm with hurricane-strength winds.

Dorian recovery efforts ongoing in Atlantic Canada, thousands remain in the dark

Nova Scotia Power, a privately-owned utility, is managing its restoration plan according to the path Dorian struck, Hutt said, leaving Cape Breton Island as one of the last places in the province that will addressed. The utility's website said some Cape Breton communities may not have power restored until late Thursday night. 

Spokeswoman Jessica OReilly said: “Septembers had a fairly sodden start, and with more deluges of rain on the way its not out of the realms of possibility the month notches up a new and negative weather record.”

On Monday at 10:59 p.m. AT, there were 108,260 Nova Scotia Power customers without electricity. In other provinces, the number of customers without power at that time were:

She said: “Warm air will be brought in by ex-Hurricane Dorian on Tuesday and then later in the week the remains of Gabrielle will see temperatures reach 23C (73F) or 24C (75F) in the southeast.

The Nova Scotia government will focus its efforts on restoring power and cellphone services on Monday, said Premier Stephen McNeil.

He said: “Ex-Hurricane ‘Dorian’ will be leaving the east coast of Canada as an energetic, but weakening, low pressure system heading eastwards across the Atlantic.

Video: Cleanup and recovery after Hurricane Dorian hits Atlantic Canada

Hundreds of Canadian Armed Forces staff deployed Sunday continued to help crews clearing roads and removing downed trees Monday.

“On Thursday the remains of Tropical Storm Gabrielle arrive to the UK and this and this will bring further outbreaks of rain across western parts of the country.”

Video: Hurricane Dorian causes damage in Canada

Very dangerous storm Dorian causing widespread power outages, damage

Quebec's Magdalen Islands were also hit by the storm, prompting worries about coastal erosion and road damage. On Sunday, almost all of the islands' residents were without power but Hydro-Québec had restored power to most customers by Sunday evening.

Emergency management officials urged drivers to stay off the roads after snaking drive-thru lines at some of the few open fast-food restaurants impeded the path of emergency vehicles on Sunday.

With many traffic lights out at major intersections, police were also warning those who did have to drive to treat those lights as a four-way stop.

Weather charts show winds picking up on Tuesday night with swathes of western Britain battening down the hatches for gusts of up to 100km/h (60mph).

Video: Hurricane Dorian: Nova Scotia officials provide update on clean-up, relief efforts

UK to bake in 27C Indian Summer heatwave as jet stream fires tropical weather at Britain

In Halifax, a parking ban is in effect on Tuesday along Beech Street. The ban will begin at 8 a.m. and will continue until the work is done — likely by Wednesday.

“The centre of the low is to the north of Iceland and there is a very long, trailing weather front associated with this across the UK.

Video: Hurricane Dorian: Nova Scotia officials provide update on clean-up, relief efforts

The municipality said the parking restriction is needed to facilitate tree removal. The ban along Beech will be from Chebucto Road to Oak Street and Quinpool Road to Geldert Street.

Chief meteorologist Paul Gundersen said: “Slow-moving heavy showers and thunderstorms could cause travel disruption in a few places.

Video: Hurricane Dorian: Nova Scotia officials provide update on clean-up, relief efforts

After weekend ferry closures, Marine Atlantic is keeping an eye on the weather forecast in hopes of getting its crossings between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia back on track.

“It will be cooler in the wind and the rain though, and here we expect only to see highs of between 14C (57F) and 15C (59F).”

Dorian's storm system is tracking more than 280 kilometres off Newfoundland's Northern Peninsula into the North Atlantic.

The storms will bring a nationwide split in temperatures with warm, tropical conditions in the south allowing highs into the mid 20Cs.

Crews in Atlantic Canada work to restore power to hundreds of thousands as Dorian cleanup continues

The hurricane left 70,000 people in need of food and shelter and at least 44 dead when it struck the Bahamas last week. There are fears a "staggering" untold number of people died as thousands remain missing after the Category 5 hurricane pummelled the islands for two days. 

“The remains of Hurricane Dorian will arrive on Tuesday night bringing a band of rain and strong winds as it moves eastwards.

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Foul weather holds out until the weekend when there are signs of high pressure rebuilding to bring another dry and settled spell.

It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges.

Well, one kid in Halifax took that message to heart in the aftermath of a powerful storm that battered Atlantic Canada on the weekend.

“We know this is frustrating and customers want their power back as soon as possible. That’s what we want, too, and it’s what we’re working toward in a planned and organized fashion,” Hutt said. “We will continue to refine our ETRs as we gather more information, and we continue to add crews. We know that getting the most accurate information is important to our customers and we want to be transparent and timely with what we know at this point.”

He set up a “hurricane lemonade” stand in front of his home at Kline and Oak streets on Sunday, with a plan to donate any money he made to the Canadian Red Cross.

Many of the single-customer outages are instances involving broken meter masts. The meter mast is the tube that runs straight up from the customer’s electricity meter. Nova Scotia Power’s customer care team is proactively coordinating with electrical contractors and inspectors to streamline the repair process for customers who may have incurred damage to their meter mast as a result of the storm.

Atlantic Canadians have come together to help clean up and support those who were hard hit by Hurricane Dorian over the weekend. (Brett Ruskin/CBC)

“All the teams responding to the destruction Dorian has caused – our crews, our contractors, the Emergency Management Office, the Canadian Armed Forces, the three levels of government and first responders – we’re all united in working to return our province to state of normalcy as soon as we can.” Hutt said.

Classes were cancelled at schools across the region and many people still don’t have power in their homes, which means they have to get a bit creative when it comes to cooking meals.

Damage assessors have identified approximately 4,500 outages across Nova Scotia that are single-customer outages, meaning one repair will restore electricity to one customer. In most regions of Nova Scotia, ETRs for those customers will move to Thursday. Again, Nova Scotia Power will work with those customers throughout that process.

They also have to be careful about using food from their fridges and freezers that might have gone bad.

Meanwhile, additional power line crews continue to arrive in Nova Scotia to assist in the recovery from Hurricane Dorian. Already, Nova Scotia Power has restored service to more than half of the 400,000 customers who lost power due to Dorian.

In some cases, officials are saying it’ll take up to a week to get the electricity flowing again.

“Our field work is enabling us to prioritize and advance work in many communities,” Hutt said. “However, this means that smaller, and in some cases complex, outages must be pushed back in a number of cases.”

A big tree leans against the power lines along Grand Lake Road, which is the main highway between Glace Bay and Sydney in Cape Breton, N.S. (Tom Ayers/CBC)

Near CBC Kids News contributor Isabelle MacNeil’s house in Dartmouth, N.S., neighbours Woody and Cathy Menear used a generator to help people in the area charge their devices while they waited for their power to come back on.

Work is prioritized to safely restore service to critical customers and infrastructure, then the greatest number of customers as quickly as possible.

CBC Kids News contributor Isabelle MacNeil’s neighbours, Woody and Cathy Menear, used their generator to help neighbours charge their devices while the power was out. (Submitted by Isabelle MacNeil)

Customers can check on updated ETRs via Nova Scotia Power’s outage map at nspower.ca or call by calling 1-877-428-6004.

In some cases, it didn’t matter if your cellphone still had any juice left in the battery because many cellphone networks weren’t working properly following the storm.

Nova Scotia Power issued a release on Monday, Sept. 9 saying that teams continue to assess damage.

The back of this pickup truck was crushed by a falling tree during the height of the storm in Halifax. (Submitted by Stephen Brown)

In some cases, the wind pushed the trees right over, exposing their roots and pulling up the surrounding sidewalks.

These big trees ripped up the sidewalks on Kenny Street in Halifax as they tipped over in the wind. (Sabrina Fabian/CBC Kids News)

In Herring Cove, N.S., waves washed these boulders up onto a barrier called a breakwater, which was built to protect the land from high water. (David Burke/CBC)

These boats were taking on water as Hurricane Dorian hit Covehead Harbour, P.E.I. (Paul Legere/Radio-Canada)

Displaced by Dorian — Whats next for those left homeless by the devastating hurricane

High winds caused this construction crane to crumple on South Park Street in Halifax. (Craig Paisley/CBC)

UK weather forecast – the tail end of Hurricane Dorian brings strong winds and heavy rain for the rest of the

Thanks to high-tech forecasting technology, Atlantic Canadians knew Dorian was coming and had lots of time to prepare.

Post-Dorian power struggle in the CBRM

People stocked up on food that wouldn’t go bad, flashlights and candles, as well as fuel for barbecues and vehicles.

Parts of P.E.I. National Park were looking a bit swampy after Dorian passed through. (P.E.I. National Park)

Dorian was classified as a Category 2 hurricane as it approached Canada, but lost a bit of steam before reaching Nova Scotia.

By the time it reached Halifax, it had been downgraded to a post-tropical storm with hurricane-strength winds.