Brazilian GP: Lewis Hamilton wants win to wrap up title for Mercedes

Brazilian GP: Lewis Hamilton wants win to wrap up title for Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton unimpressed by plans to add more races to F1 calendar
Read more On Wednesday Formula One confirmed a new grand prix in Hanoi, which will be a street race. This season is the second time the F1 calendar has been at its longest, with a total of 21 races. The sports owner Liberty Media has expressed a desire to expand it further and the Dutch media have reported that a race at Zandvoort is increasingly likely.

However Hamilton does not find the prospect attractive. I am not going to be here if it gets to 25 races, thats for sure, he said. It already feels like we are on race 25 this year, so I dont think thats a good thing. I think 18 was probably the best back in the day.

Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes hasn’t got to the bottom of why it has struggled in recent races and may not do so before the end of the season.

Im someone who really loves racing but the season is long. Its a lot of commitment for all of us and a lot of time away from families, and the seasons are getting longer and the off time is getting shorter.

All I can do is speak is for myself. The turnaround is so short, you start preparing for your next season often as soon as the season is done. Getting your mind turned. Thats very difficult. Then you have to find a way of switching off and recovering at the same time.

Sadly for them, deleting the upgrade had a marked improvement on the SF71Hs performance, with Kimi Raikkonen managing to beat Lewis Hamilton in a straight fight to victory at the United States Grand Prix that came after Japan, while Ferrari again looked to have the superior package of the two teams in Mexico. And as they attempt to overhaul Mercedes 55-point advantage in the constructors standings with two races to go, that could prove key.

Vettel: Ferrari have got the car back in the comfort zone | Formula 1®

Read more With the drivers title secured, Mercedes have yet to clinch the constructors championship and Ferrari must outscore them by 13 points in Brazil to take the fight to the final race. The team will be focused on maximising their points but Hamilton dismissed suggestions he would gift Bottas a victory at Interlagos.

“So clearly we missed something and not because something was on purpose by default set wrong. So its up to us to find a fix for it and make sure it doesnt happen again, but its not so simple to find and fix it as it sounds.”

Sebastian Vettel: 2009 loss was harder to swallow

The Finn, who has yet to win this year, gave up almost certain victory to Hamilton at the Russian Grand Prix under team orders but Hamilton was insistent that Mercedes would not use them in Bottass favour in Brazil. The team are not going to make that call, he said.

“Certainly there is a lot of stuff that happened this year and we will be able to, as a team and as an individual, be able to learn from it and take it forward and raise the bar next year.

Its not something Ive asked Valtteri if he wants but I dont think hes going to want that. Hes going to want to win it in his own way. So I dont know if Ill be doing him any favours in the sense of giving him a win, I dont think he needs that. I think he thinks he can do it himself.

Vettel appeared to be the title favourite earlier in the season before he and Ferrari suffered a torrid run, and an in-form Lewis Hamilton wrapped up the championship at the last race in Mexico.

Lewis Hamilton has insisted he is still under pressure in the remaining two races of the F1 2018 season, despite already winning the Drivers Championship.

Watching his rival celebrate was gutting for Vettel, but he insists the experience has just made him even more determined to end Ferraris decade-long wait for a drivers title.

Alain Prost: Lewis Hamilton will need new motivation

After surging clear of title rival Sebastian Vettel to secure his fifth world championship at round 19 of the 21-race campaign, Hamilton could be excused for easing off the throttle at this weekends Brazilian Grand Prix.

Emotions fire but Brazil still tough to crack for Hamilton, Mercedes

But mindful of Mercedes determination to finish the season as constructors champions, and aware that Ferrari closed the gap to the Silver Arrows in both USA and Mexico, Hamilton is adamant his commitment will be absolute.