Two blazes in Kamloops on Friday night – Kamloops This Week

Two blazes in Kamloops on Friday night - Kamloops This Week
B.C. logging company equipment leveled by fire
At about 8 p.m., multiple explosions were heard and thick black smoke was seen billowing into the sky at or near the Superior Propane yard on Shuswap Road, near the Lafarge plant, east of the city limits.

About 20 minutes later, firefighters were called to a fully engulfed mobile home fire in Foothills Estates in Brocklehurst, near Singh Street and Ord Road.

Multiple people on social media are sharing photos of billowing smoke coming from the direction of Valleyview.

Fire on Shuswap Road rips through trucking yard

There have been reports the elderly resident and her pets managed to escape the blaze, although ambulances have been called to the scene.

Right in front along Shuswap rd those are all propane tanks , hopefully empty !!

Several semis and logging trailers went up in smoke on Friday night at the LeBeau Bros Logging compound east of Kamloops.

Explosions were heard and black smoke could be seen rising skyward north of Highway 1 on Shuswap Rd. at the compound near the Lafarge plant around 8 p.m.

On the LeBeau Bros Logging Facebook page, Tracy LeBeau posted several photos and video of the devastating blaze.

“Thanks to everyone who came out to help tonight,” LeBeau said. “Words cant express our appreciation. Well let you guys know, when we do, what caused it. As of now, three trucks gone. Good news, nobody injured.”