Wildfire east of Kamloops being held: BC Wildfire Service – Global News

Wildfire east of Kamloops being held: BC Wildfire Service - Global News
Buse Creek wildfire 19 Ha. – Kamloops News
A 19-hectare wildfire burning east of Kamloops is considered “being held,” which means it is not expected to spread beyond its boundaries.

B.C. Wildfire Service said 18 ground personnel will battle the fire on Monday, which is south of Hook Road and east of the Barnhartvale area of Kamloops.

The BC Wildfire Service said the six-hectare fire near Hook Road, at the exit to Vernon off Highway 1 and south of the South Thompson River, across from Rivershore Estates, was attacked Sunday afternoon with a number of air tankers.

Helicopters worked on the fire Sunday evening and three ground crew members stayed onsite overnight to tackle flare-ups.

The fire broke out at about 1 p.m. and grew fast, with BC Wildfire Service crews arriving with aircraft, which dropped water and spread fire retardant in the area.

Out-of-control wildfire burning near Kamloops

By Sunday evening, the fire, originally estimated to be four hectares early Sunday afternoon, was believed to be more than four times that size.

The BC Wildfire Service said no structures have been threatened, while the public should expect road closure in the area as work to snuff the flames continues.

Around 3:30 p.m., fire officials described the blaze as a fast-moving surface fire with candling trees but said it was not threatening nearby structures.

Despite the fire growth, by early Sunday evening, the wildfire service said there continued to be no threat to nearby buildings.

It is not know yet how the fire started, although the blaze appears to have begun south of the CP Railway tracks adjacent to Highway 1.

A CFJC reporter on the scene said the blaze is centred on a wooded rural property just outside of the boundary of Kamloops city limits and that local residents attempted to fight the blaze after it sparked, however the fire took off quickly.

The regional district area director said the Pritchard Volunteer Fire Department has also responded to do structural protection, despite the blaze being outside of its typical coverage area.

Just before 3 p.m., area director Ken Gillis said the wildfire was not threatening homes and there had not been any evacuations.

Crews have been deployed to an area near Kamloops, the B.C. Wildfire Service announced on social media.

Fire Information Officer Jody Lucius said air tankers are on-site, placing fire retardant around the perimeter of the flames.

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BC Wildfire Service says a fire burning out of control east of Kamloops has grown to 19 hectares in size on Sunday evening. 

The Buse Creek wildfire is still burning out of control, 25 kilometres east of Kamloops, and is estimated at six hectares in size.

A wildfire broke out south of Hook Road near the Barnhartvale neighbourhood. Courtesy: Vanessa Roeland

Air tankers have finished their operation and two belly tank helicopters have taken over dropping water on the fire. 

“We will have three personnel staying overnight,” said Hannah Swift, fire information officer.   Residents first started noticing the smoke from the wildfire just east of the Barnhartvale neighbourhood at about noon on Sunday. 

BC Wildfire Service says no structures are threatened at this time and travellers should expect road closures.

A wildfire burning east of Kamloops is an estimated four hectares in size and is burning out of control. 

BC Wildfire Service has been battling the fire, just south of Hook Road, by air tankers and also by ground crews. 

“There are structures nearby, but the last update was none of them were threatened,” said Lucius.

Pritchard Volunteer Fire Department is also responding and as of now, there are no road closures. 

Residents living nearby tell Castanet there is still lots of smoke, but crews are hitting the fire hard.

BC Wildfire Service crews and aircraft are rushing to the scene of a wildfire in Kamloops on Sunday afternoon.

Smoke from the wildfire can be seen from Highway 1 and Highway 97 and the fire is burning south of Hook Road, east of Barnhartvale neighbourhood.

Videos and photographs from the scene show air tankers battling the fire and smoke filing the sky. 

“Fourth drop just happened, not looking much better. One house very close but wind going away from the house,” said resident Rick Niles.