Kelowna, West Kelowna RCMP help restock food bank shelves

Kelowna, West Kelowna RCMP help restock food bank shelves
West Kelowna sets illegal pot-smoking fine at $500
Staff are replacing biofilter material at the the Westside Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, which may produce periods with more odour than usual in the Gellatly Road area.

The system biologically treats odourous gases collected through the wastewater treatment process, helping to reduce foul smells. However, it takes a few days to get the new biofilter up to 100 per cent performance.

On Tuesday morning, city council held a special meeting, and out of that meeting arose a new bylaw amendment regarding non-medical cannabis consumption. That amendment states that cannabis consumption will be restricted to private places only, and if you blaze a joint or vape cannabis on public property, you risk getting fined $500.

The bylaw amendment stems from councils direction on September 25th that asked city staff to have a prohibition in place from smoking cannabis in public spaces. So the parks and public spaces bylaw was amended to meet councils wishes, except on private parcels. A fine of $500 was also added to smoking cannabis in public spaces.

Mayor Doug Findlater said I do think that, over time, there will be changes, perhaps due to greater social acceptance of cannabis. We may not see the restrictions that we have now on retail, but its probably headed to the same place that liquor is, and we have more restrictions on cannabis than we do on liquor.

But this is the absolute best that could and should be done as we start down the road to whats a fairly big shift in our society. Thank you to the federal government of whether we needed it or wanted it or not, its here.

Councillor Rosalind Neis declared a conflict of interest before the meeting began, stating she owns stock in several publicly traded cannabis companies.

Councillor Carol Zanon said she expects to see changes, but I think this is exactly the right place for us to be starting on this new venture, adding this is similar to the end of alcohol prohibition and it was a super change in the direction of society.