West Kelowna fentanyl dealer arrested in Langley after allegedly skipping sentencing hearing – Global News

West Kelowna fentanyl dealer arrested in Langley after allegedly skipping sentencing hearing - Global News
Cops nab wanted man – Kelowna News
Leslie McCulloch and his girlfriend were charged for allegedly running a fentanyl pill press operation to produce fake pills in West Kelowna three years ago.

A West Kelowna drug dealer who allegedly spent several months on the lam after taking off before a drug-related sentencing hearing has been arrested in the Lower Mainland.

The RCMP officers, from the drug section of the Kelowna RCMP’s Street Enforcement Unit, tracked down and arrested McCulloch inside a restaurant in Langley.

Forty-year-old Leslie McCulloch, also known as Alexander Lester Kreed, was wanted on a Canada-wide warrant issued on March 27.

The former Hells Angels associate also earned himself a spot on the Crime Stoppers most wanted list after failing to attend a court appearance for producing drugs for the purpose of trafficking.

McCulloch, who’s also known as Alexander Lester Kreed, had been wanted Canada-wide on a number of arrest warrants since March 27.

Leslie McCulloch and his girlfriend, Rebekka Rae White, were arrested in March of 2016 after a police raid at a West Kelowna automobile restoration shop.

Mounties executed a search warrant at West Kelownas Kandy and Krome Kustoms, which is owned by McCulloch. They also executed a search warrant at McCullochs home.

Lesley McCulloch, 40, was arrested in Langley early in the afternoon of April 28, 2019 by a team of Kelowna RCMP officers.

RCMP said at the time that they seized about eight kg of suspected fentanyl, hundreds of fake Oxycontin and Percocet pills, two industrial pill presses and $40,000 in the two locations.

KELOWNA – Kelowna RCMP officers headed to the Lower Mainland this weekend and arrested a man wanted on drug charges. The undercover officers arrested Leslie John McCulloch in a Langley area restaurant yesterday, April 28, according to an RCMP media release. McCulloch pled guilty to charges of production and possession of a controlled substance in early 2017, and was was scheduled to be sentenced in January of this year, but never showed up in court. A Canada wide warrant was issued for his arrest. Also known as Alexander Lester Kreed, the 40-year-old was arrested by a team of plain clothes officers and was turned over to Langley RCMP, police say.

Police estimate that this operation has potentially produced hundreds of thousands of pills, likely distributed locally and possibly beyond, said Kelowna RCMP Sgt. Alex Lynch in a previous news release.

According to parole board documents it was suggested that (McCulloch) had been importing fentanyl from China and making Percocet and Oxycontin pills.

McCulloch pleaded guilty to possession for the purpose of trafficking and production of a controlled substance in February of 2017, and later tried unsuccessfully to take back that plea.

Earlier this year, McCulloch was scheduled for a court appearance ahead of his January 28 sentencing date.

On Sunday, a contingent of covert surveillance RCMP officers from the drug section of the Kelowna RCMPs Street Enforcement Unit (SEU) arrested McCulloch inside a restaurant located in the 6000-block of 200 Street in the Langley area.

Leslie McCulloch was arrested without any incident, by our team of plain clothes officers, said Cpl. Jesse ODonaghey in a statement.

McCulloch was turned over to the Langley RCMP and remains in custody. He is expected to appear in court on Monday.

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