Kitchener woman wins $600000 on lottery game

A Kitchener woman has won $600,000 via a scratch ticket purchased at a store on Doon Village Road in Kitchener.

The game consists of three parts: a scratch and watch option where players can win additional prizes between $10 and $150,000 or a Bigger Spin.

Knols spin landed on the Bigger Spin, which has a guaranteed prize between $500,000 and $1 million.

Those wins came on the heels of the lotto fever that saw a record $113 million up for grabs in the Lotto Max draw on Oct. 19.

Kitchener's Bogdanka Knol is the latest to collect winnings at the OLG prize centre in Toronto, taking home $600,000 thanks to a spin of the wheel.

In a release, OLG says Knol had family and friends at her side at the Circle K on Doon Village Road and claimed the top prize on "The Bigger Spin" wheel.

Initially, the married, mother of three and grandmother of five won $20 on an "Instant The Big Spin" ticket, which she then used on a "Bigger Spin" ticket.

"I scratched my ticket in the store and I thought I'd win $20 again but the virtual wheel stopped on 'BIGGER SPIN!,' she stated in the release, "I was so shocked, I started shaking!"

Knol has won with the lottery before, taking a $16,500 prize from a "Poker Lotto" ticket a couple years ago.

Knol says now that her husband Remy can retire, the couple plans to pay off some bills and their mortgage, and then do some traveling and help out the kids.