$1.5 million in damage, 250 goats killed in barn fire

Wellington County OPP and North Wellington Fire responded to the fire on Side Road 2 near Mount Forest.

A fire official said that 250 goats, 20 rabbits and two horses were lost, as well as milking equipment.

Charles Hamilton, a training officer with the Wellington County Fire said the extreme wind conditions made for a tough fight.

"At first we thought there was a person inside the building, trapped, fortunately that wasnt the case," said Fire Chief David Guilbault.

Out this afternoon with North Wellington Fire at a challanging barn fire due to extreme wind conditions. Minto, Mapleton, Grand Valley are assisting with tanker support and manpower. Tought job today…. pic.twitter.com/WRYmJU2QbF

Police and fire services responded to a large barn fire on Tuesday afternoon. (@CharlesWCTO / Twitter)

MOUNT FOREST – High winds hampered firefighting efforts at a large barn fire south east of Mount Forest Tuesday.

Wellington County OPP report the fire happened on a farm situated on Sideroad 2 east of Concession 6. Emergency services were called at approximately 1:45 p.m.

Fire crews from North Wellington, Minto, Mapleton and Grand Valley all assisted in fighting the fire, including ferrying in of water.

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