Metrolinx investigating videos showing people taking photos on Kitchener GO station tracks –

Metrolinx investigating videos showing people taking photos on Kitchener GO station tracks -
Person charged after school photo taken on tracks as train pulls in
A person has been charged after video appeared on social media Thursday of multiple people standing on the train tracks at the Kitchener GO Station taking group shots of students.

Carly Mohr told Global News she takes the GO train once a month and on Thursday morning saw something she had never seen before.

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Shortly after 7 a.m., Mohr posted two videos on social media of two incidents involving passengers standing on the tracks taking pictures.

One video appears to show a man standing on the tracks taking a photo with a train in close proximity.

“In the second one, I think everyone there was on a field trip for school to go see a Jays game. He wanted to have a group photo of the students…he just kept going further and further back,” Mohr said.

The videos, posted to Twitter by Carly Mohr, who lives in Tavistock, show a man appearing to stand in the middle of the tracks taking photos of a group of people gathered on the tracks and the platforms yellow line.

A photo was posted on social media shortly after on the St. Johns Catholic Elementary School Twitter feed which appeared to be taken from the tracks with the caption, off on our great adventure to Toronto … The photo was subsequently deleted hours later.

\”It seems really counter-intuitive but its true. You stand on the track and you get a few metres out and it can actually be really hard to hear these trains unless they sound their horn.\”

Global News learned one person has been charged with unlawfully being on the tracks. Other charges may be laid against others.

The video was brought to the attention of Metrolinxs senior media manager Anne Marie Aikins, who subsequently alerted GO Transit Safety to initiate an investigation.

Metrolinx media spokesperson Anne Marie Aikins tweeted earlier Thursday about the incident saying, “Think about the risks you took for selfies.”

Metrolinx is investigating after footage surfaced of people standing on train tracks and taking cellphone photos outside the Kitchener GO station Thursday morning.

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Mohr said a train rolled into the station 30 seconds after she stopped filming, forcing the man to run across the tracks to get back to the platform.

“You cannot beat a train. Imagine the hell your family would go through after receiving the news,” Aikins said.

Another spokesperson for Metrolinx, Matt Llewellyn told Global News they were alerted by a customer just after 7 a.m. of a video that appeared to show multiple people on the tracks.

He said it’s incredibly important that incidents like this one be reported to transit safety officers.

“Getting this type of information quickly is critical, especially when you’re talking about live rail tracks,” said Llewellyn. “We encourage customers, if you see something, say something.”

Global News reached out to the Waterloo Catholic District School Board for comment but had not yet heard back by time of publication.

One person has been charged after videos surfaced online of multiple people standing on Kitchener GO train tracks to take photos of a student group on Thursday. 

The person who tweeted the videos, @CarlyAlmighty, wrote, "I seriously thought they were going to get plowed down by a train."

A photo that appears to be taken from the tracks later appeared on the St. Johns Catholic Elementary School Twitter feed, with a caption indicating students were taking the train to Toronto to visit the aquarium and go to a Blue Jays game after completing good deeds.

Anne Marie Aikins, senior manager of media for Metrolinx, tweeted at the group and warned they were taking an unnecessary risk.

One person has been charged with crossing rail tracks. That carries a maximum fine of up to $5,000. 

A formal investigation has been launched and transit safety officers are working to identify the people involved, according to Matt Llewellyn, a spokesperson for Metrolinx.

He said a customer notified them just after 7 a.m. that someone appeared to be taking pictures while standing on the tracks.

He said there are two possible charges: crossing rail tracks, which carries a maximum fine of $5,000, as well as trespassing, which has a maximum fine of $2,000.

"Track beds are extremely dangerous and what we saw there today and what we saw this morning was not only incredible disturbing, but it was incredibly dangerous and stupid," Llewellyn said. "We take this type of incident very seriously."

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