VIDEO: Highway One to be widened east to 264th Street in Langley – Aldergrove Star

VIDEO: Highway One to be widened east to 264th Street in Langley - Aldergrove Star
Province to expand Hwy 1 to 264th, but not as far as Abbotsford
Three levels of government are kicking in a total of $235.5 million to pay for widening 10 kilometres of Highway 1 in Langley.

The money will go toward adding a new high-occupancy vehicle lane in each direction between 216th and 264th streets, officials announced Thursday.

It will also fund a reconfiguration of the 232nd Street interchange, the addition of a new underpass at Glover Road and the CP Rail crossing, and the construction of a new truck parking lot near Highways 1 and 17.

Work involves widening a total of 10 kilometres between 216th Street and 264th Street by adding a new high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane in each direction, reconfiguring the 232nd Street interchange and adding a new underpass at Glover Road and the CP Rail crossing.

The federal government will contribute nearly $109 million to the project, while B.C. is committing more than $99 million and the Township of Langley is adding another $27 million.

These improvements to Highway 1 in Langley will make it easier for businesses to get their products to customers, reduce pollution, and allow residents to spend less time in traffic and more time with their families, said Champagne.

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Widening Highway 1 east of 216 Street and adding HOV lanes will help ease congestion, support our transportation network, and make it safer and easier for people and goods to move throughout our busy, growing region, said Froese.

LANGLEY (NEWS 1130) – The long-awaited widening of Highway 1 through Langley is going ahead, but that expansion is not going as far as Abbotsford.

During a press conference in Langley, the B.C. government reaffirmed an old commitment to widening Highway 1 from 216th to 264th Streets.

The project was first announced in 2017 by the former B.C. Liberal government and put on hold by the NDP until now. Back then, the government had promised to eventually have six lanes all the way to Whatcom Road in Abbotsford.

A section of Highway 1 in Metro Vancouver that handles almost 9,000 commercial vehicles on a daily basis alone is set to undergo some major upgrades, the BC government has announced.

[email protected] clarifies widening of Highway 1 east of #Langley extends from 216th to 264th. This project first announced in 2017 by former #BCLiberal government and put on hold by #NDP until now. #bcpoli #cdnpoli @NEWS1130

The twinning of the Trans Canada highway is estimated to cost $235 million with support from the federal government, but construction is not expected to start until 2021.

Several politicians in the area have been calling for the Trans-Canada to be widened to six lanes through the valley for years, including Abbotsford Mayor Henry Braun, who has been calling for an expansion for years.

A new truck parking lot will also be added near Highways 1 and 17 for up to 150 commercial trucks and up to 45 passenger vehicles.

Following Thursday’s announcement Braun says he’s pleased the province has been listening and notes he’s still hopeful the widening will eventually include Abbotsford.

“It’s much closer with this announcement than where it currently is so I’m pleased with that,” he adds. “In a perfect world, I would have liked to have seen it come to Whatcom Road.”

“There’s nowhere on Highway 1 that sees more congestion the this section of roadway that we’re going to be adding high-occupancy vehicle lanes to today,” he said.

He says he had a good meeting with the Horgan and Transportation Minister Claire Trevena following the announcement, noting both left with a better understanding of some of the challenges the city is facing.

Between the federal government, provincial government and Township of Langley, $235 million is being put forward towards the project.

“I’m very optimistic that once they get to 264th they’ll carry on at the very least along Lehman Road,” Braun says.

A new parking lot will also be added near Highways 1 and 17 for up to 150 commercial trucks and 45 passenger vehicles.

Abbotsford Police Chief Mike Serr agrees with Braun, noting first responders would love to see Highway 1 through Abbotsford widened to six lanes.

“People have been spending a lot of time stuck in traffic, we want to do something about that.”

“It is challenging for emergency vehicles in certain times of the day to get through there,” Serr adds. “Abbotsford is becoming, you know it’s growing rapidly as are the other communities in the Fraser Valley and we certainly need that access.”

Transportation Minister Claire Trevena said engineering work on the HOV lanes is starting immediately.

When asked why the expansion went only as far as Langley, Horgan said funding for that section has not been approved.

As for why this 10-kilometer project doesnt extend into Abbotsford, Horgan says it will take time to improve the provinces infrastructure.

We have a deficit in transportation infrastructure in the Valley. That didnt happen yesterday, its happened over a long period of time and we wont be able to fix it tomorrow. Were going to have to fix it in successive pieces, he says. Well, were taking it bits at a time — the engineering work is underway.

The need is apparent — theres no more requirement to highlight that — its evident every day.

He adds that his government is consulting with municipal leaders about how best to keep traffic moving through that bottleneck.

To talk about getting to Abbotsford, getting to Chilliwack and addressing those challenges that have been, I would say, left idle –no pun intended– for too long, he says.

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