Trump supporters barricaded in London pub by police after being surrounded by protesters – Fox News

Trump supporters barricaded in London pub by police after being surrounded by protesters - Fox News
Trump supporters barricaded in Wetherspoons by police as protesters chant Nazi scum off our streets
Speaking before a mass demonstration in London on Tuesday, which will be addressed by the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, Thornberry said: A state visit is an honour and we dont think this president deserves an honour.

The truth is he has tried to close borders with Muslim-majority countries, he is caging small Mexican children, he has grabbed women and boasted about it. He is a sexual predator, he is a racist and its right to say that – we need to think about when is it our country got so scared? she told BBC Radio 4s Today programme.

Thornberry said Corbyns attendance at a state banquet for the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, was a different situation.

Jeremy Corbyn greets thousands on streets as Donald Trump calls protests fake news

When you have a close friend and theyre going wrong, you are more likely to be adamant with them and clearer with them than someone who has not been as close a friend and someone you are trying to build a relationship up with, she said.

Large scale protests are being organised with many groups working in collaboration to have maximum impact. It is anticipated that crowd numbers at the main event could see up to 250,000 attendees.

Thornberry, speaking earlier on ITVs Good Morning Britain, said Labour would not refuse to engage with Trump, but would do so without pomp and ceremony.

Trafalgar Square has been split into segments to allow people angry at a certain part of the President's tenure to group together.

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When I become foreign secretary, I hope that what he will respect and understand is a certain amount of strength and an ability to be able to say what it is that you think, and not be bullied and kowtowed and shouted over. And say Britain is a friend of a America, you are going wrong, she said.

The 'Carnival Of Resistance' will take place today as Donald Trump holds talks with Theresa May at St James' Palace.

The shadow foreign secretary called the governments attitude pusillanimous, its too weak, it doesnt stand up to him, and said the president undermines the world order in a hugely risky way.

On the east side are climate crisis activists, while on the opposite side are students and those protesting a corporate greed.

Thornberry said she had written to Buckingham Palace to pre-emptively decline an invitation to the state dinner hosted by the Queen at the palace on Monday night, which Corbyn also declined to attend.

Corbyns megaphone diplomacy | News

I didnt want to embarrass the palace by them sending an invitation and me saying no. So I wrote and pre-empted it, she said.

Trumps entourage will also include two identical seven-seat black armoured limousines nicknamed The Beast, and a number of presidential helicopters. The president has at his side at all times one of five rotating military aides who carry the nuclear football which can trigger a missile strike – equipped with communication tools and a book with prepared war plans.  

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Corbyn to Trump: I will defend health service from US companies

The Queen invited the president over on the advice of the prime minister. That advice was wrong. Im not saying that he should not come and have business meetings, Im not saying we shouldnt talk to him, but the things I want to say to President Trump I probably shouldnt say in front of Her Majesty. We would end up having an argument.

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A huge police and security operation was under way on Tuesday morning, with protesters barred from demonstrating directly outside Downing Street and road closures in place.

Organisers of the Together Against Trump protest have billed the day as a carnival of resistance, with demonstrators gathering at Trafalgar Square from 11am to declare a Trump-free zone.

Trump says Brexit can and should happen as he dismisses Corbyn and protesters

Demonstrators will not be permitted to march past Downing Street, as part of Whitehall will be closed off, the Metropolitan police confirmed on Monday afternoon. Organisers had initially planned to demonstrate outside the entrance to Downing Street as Trump held talks at No 10.

May quickly suggested that might not be acceptable to the UK but did not rule it out. The point about making trade deals is that both sides negotiate and come to an agreement about what should or should not be in that trade deal for the future, she said.

Trump state visit: US president turns down meeting with negative Corbyn

Theresa May, who is hosting the US president as one of the final acts of her premiership, will not hold a one-on-one bilateral meeting with him, but will host Trump in Downing Street on Tuesday for a series of events, including a press conference later in the afternoon.

She will insist the relationship between the US and the UK is a great partnership, but one I believe we can make greater still.

The Labour leader boycotted last nights state banquet but will instead join a protest in central London hoping that his megaphone politics can be heard over the walls of Downing Street.

The two leaders will jointly host a business breakfast with US and UK companies, highlighting the claimed benefits of a post-Brexit bilateral free-trade deal. Trump has tweeted that a big trade deal is possible once UK gets rid of the shackles [of the EU].

About 250,000 anti-Trump activists gathered when he flew into the UK in July last year for his first visit as US president.

It perhaps shouldnt come as a surprise that Jeremy Corbyn is more comfortable outside on a protest than inside the pomp of Donald Trumps state visit.

Protests are also planned in Birmingham, Stoke, Sheffield, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Chester, Leicester, Oxford and Exeter.

Donald Trump should be treated “like a bully” and the UK should “stand up to him” the shadow foreign secretary has said.

Trump tests US-UK special relationship, upsetting British figures before state visit

Emily Thornberry told the Today programme that the American president “admires strength” so the UK should not “bow down” to him.

Protests of Trumps state visit are planned in several UK cities, including a demonstration in Trafalgar Square.