Climate-change protesters disrupt London rush hour, angering commuters – National Post

Climate-change protesters disrupt London rush hour, angering commuters - National Post
Nursing moms stage climate protest against Google in London
The mothers said they were acting in response to a report in Britains Guardian newspaper last week that said Google has made substantial contributions to climate deniers in Washington despite saying it supports climate action.

LONDON — About 150 mothers with babies and young children defied a police ban on climate protests to stage a “nurse-in” outside the London offices of Google on Wednesday, while activists launched a parallel protest at the premises of its subsidiary YouTube.

Extinction Rebellion — the group behind the disruptions — forced the closure of Vancouver’s Burrard Bridge last Monday, ultimately leading to ten arrests. Further traffic disruptions are set to take place again on Friday afternoon, when activists conduct a “snake march” through downtown, following no set route.

The mothers said they were acting in response to a report in Britain’s Guardian newspaper last week that said Google has made “substantial” contributions to climate deniers in Washington despite saying it supports climate action.

“I think that this is not a movement from a few — from scientists only or youth leaders only — but it’s also a very cornerstone-type movement, so I’m hopeful of that,” says Dr. Estefania Milla-Moreno, a graduate student with the UBC’s Faculty of Forestry, another declaration signatory.

“It’s just a terrible betrayal to all the parents, families and children that are suffering as a result of the climate and ecological crisis,” said Lorna Greenwood, one of the organizers of the mass nurse-in.

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Under Priti Patels rule, the suffragettes would probably have been deported

Google said in the Guardian report: “We’re hardly alone among companies that contribute to organizations while strongly disagreeing with them on climate policy.”

Police ask people for ID to cross London bridge

George Monbiot, an award-winning author and high-profile Guardian columnist, was arrested for defying a citywide police ban on all protests by the decentralized group of climate activists.

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“A few hours after this column is published, I hope to be in a police cell,” Monbiot wrote in advance of joining the demonstration. “I dont yet know what the charge will be, where I will be arrested or when, but I know that if I go home this evening without feeling the hand of the law on my sleeve, I will have failed.

B.C. scientists declare support for Extinction Rebellion protests

In his column, he pointed out that mass arrests in peaceful civil disobedience campaigns have proven effective in the past. To support this point, he cited the history of the suffragette movement, the Indian salt marchers, the civil rights movement, and the democracy movements in Poland and Germany.

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The Guardian has reported that as of 8 a.m. London time today, there have been 1,642 arrests at Extinction Rebellion protests.

In June, Extinction Rebellion protesters shut down traffic in New York City in front of the New York Times building to protest the way the newspaper has been covering climate change.

One of those demonstrations took place outside Googles office. Activists demanded that the U.S. tech giant stop hosting misleading and dangerous climate-denial videos on YouTube.

Monbiots book Heat: How to Stop the Planet From Burning, which was published in 2006, showed how to achieve a 90 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.

His recommendations were largely ignored by governments around the world, which is one reason why so many climate activists are engaging in peaceful civil disobedience in 2019.

1. Governments must tell the truth by declaring a climate and ecological emergency, working with other institutions to communicate the urgency for change.

Extinction Rebellion breastfeeding protest sees more than 100 mums stage mass feed-in outside Googles Londo

Last week, Monbiot delivered a speech at another Extinction Rebellion event praising the “weird” for launching a climate rebellion.

“Those of us—who because we have a different view of the world and see things differently have been marginalized for years—have found each other. And have found a way of projecting those views that were marginal into the mainstream,” he said. “It is no coincidence that the person who has done more than anyone else to change the entire global conversation on climate breakdown has Aspergers. Humanity cannot survive if everyone is looking at the world in the same way.”

Extinction Rebellion activist dragged from roof of London Underground train

“From our earliest origins, groups who could see the world in different ways had higher chances of survival than those who only saw it in one way,” Monbiot continued. “And one of the extraordinary things that Greta Thunberg has done is to get us to talk about this existential crisis in ways we werent talking about it before.”