London Bridge survivor: I saw things I will never unsee – BBC News

London Bridge survivor: \I saw things I will never unsee\ - BBC News
General election: politicians from seven parties grilled in ITV debate – as it happened
5:11 General election: seven-way ITV debate sees tempers flare over Trump – video highlights Frances Perraudin (now) and Ben Quinn (earlier)

Rowena Mason has this assessment of who did well out of this evenings seven-way election debate on ITV.

Video: London Bridge Attack Victims Honoured In Remembrance Service

Read more Thats all from me. You can read a summary of the days political events here and our news story from the debate here. Andrew Sparrow will be back tomorrow to guide you through developments on the campaign trail. Good night.

More from Nazia Parveen backstage in Salford, where she has been talking to politicians sent out to bat for their teams –

Lisa Smart, Hazel Grove candidate for the Liberal Democrats said: viewers would have been appalled by Farage defending Trumps deeply misogynistic comments.

The British public deserve better than what they saw from Farage, who lets not forget is Boris Johnsons cheerleader. The only way to stand up for liberal values, stop Boris and stop Brexit at this election is to vote Liberal Democrat, she added.

Bryonn Bain, an associate professor with the University of California in Los Angeles who spoke at the conference, said that the brave Cambridge Graduate was the first line of defence, he was the first person to confront him.

Green party co-leader, Jonathan Bartley, speaking backstage said that it was frustrating to see the main parties failing to discuss climate change as part of the debate.

Khan had been given special permission by the authorities to travel to London unsupervised and had in the morning given a convincing talk about his rehabilitation during a workshop at Learning Togethers fifth anniversary event.

It should have been a central component but nobody seemed to take the lead on it. Sian (Berry) had to keep raising it and she did really well with that but it was very disappointing to see something so important being pushed aside.

In news that will surprise very few people, Farmer was a member of the Bullingdon Club at Oxford University (a society for super rich posh boys, including Boris Johnson and David Cameron, once upon a time). Farmer and his father also bankrolled the Oxford Conservative Association, after it was kicked out of the university for a race row.

Who was James Ford? London Bridge hero and convicted murderer who tackled terrorist

Business minister Kwasi Kwarteng defended the prime ministers decision not to attend the debate saying that he was busy dealing with the terror incident. I am not his campaign manager but he has been dealing with the terror incident since Friday and he is busy doing that at the moment, he added.

The Brexit Party popped up from nowhere mere months ago and is now contesting over 300 seats at the general election. This is impossible to do without a hefty bank account, but man of the people Nigel Farage has kept the party’s funding largely secret, causing controversy.

Here is our story from tonights seven-way televised debate. Opposition leaders attacked Boris Johnson for his closeness to Donald Trump on the eve of the US presidents visit to the UK for a Nato summit, reports deputy political editor Rowena Mason.

This was consequently confirmed by the Electoral Commission, which found that the party had no adequate way of checking whether a donor had made multiple donations through different bank accounts. It said there was a “high risk” of illegal, foreign donations.

Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the SNP, Greens and Plaid Cymru all expressed concern about the prime ministers relationship with Trump, with Nicola Sturgeon saying he should sup with a very long spoon in dealing with him.

As a result, the party earned at least £300,000 from would-be MPs. Only a fraction of these people were selected as candidates, and over half of those selected were dropped by Farage, when he decided to get into bed with Boris Johnson.

Jo Swinson, the Lib Dem leader, was applauded for a speech condemning Trump for his comments on women and religious minorities, while Richard Burgon, Labours shadow justice secretary, accused Trump and Johnson of conspiring together. You can read the full story here:

Maugham said that foreign, impermissible donors could have been putting money into the Brexit Party, by breaking up their donations in chunks of £500. Donations under £500 do not have to be registered with the electoral register.

Following the debate Dr David Bull MEP from the Brexit Party said he did not agree with Nigel Farage when, during one of the most memorable moments of the debate, he said men say dreadful things sometimes in reference to sexist comments by Donald Trump.

Bull said: He is allowed to have his own opinion. However, I dont condone it or agree with it because I believe that everyone should be treated with respect. It was an ill-advised comment.Meanwhile Delyth Jewell from Plaid Cymru said Farages comments had illustrated that he was unfit for public office. She said: Farages mask well and truly slipped. Shame on him. That moment made clear how lacking in morals he is and how unfit for public life he is.

Video: Britains PM Johnson Attends Vigil For the Two Victims of the London Bridge Attack

Heres a reminder of one of the moments in the debate that is likely to be best remembered, in which Nigel Farage said men say bad things sometimes in reference to sexist comments by Donald Trump.

An urgent review of the cases of 70 terrorists released early under licence has been in progress since Friday when Usman Khan, 28, murdered two people at London Bridge before being shot dead by police.

Farage says that he hopes that the audience has enjoyed the talent show. Hes failed at being the most politically correct candidate, which hasnt impressed people in the studio, but might have impressed people at home, he says.

Some terrorist prisoners might never be rehabilitated, the prime minister said today as another former inmate was sent back to jail in the aftermath of the London Bridge murders.

Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage Excuses Trumps P**sy Remark In Wild Brit Debate

Sunak says the choice is between Boris Johnson getting Brexit done by the end of January or Corbyn staying neutral and having more referenda.

Burgon says that a Labour government would support you and invest in your community. We are on your side, he says. We are for the many, not the few.

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Video: Boris Johnson: Anyone involved in London Bridge attack will be hunted down and brought to justice

Price says that education was his route out of poverty. There are children in Wales that are going to school hungry. Putting faith in Westminster parties allows the cycle of poverty to continue.

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Berry says that Greens dont fear the future, they are the future. You can trust us to tell the truth and hold government to account, she says. Vote Green. If not now, when?

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Swinson says that get Brexit done is just Johnsons latest lie. The Lib Dems are the only party that can stop Boris Johnson, she says.

But Jack was also angry, frustrated, selfless, stubborn. He was angry because he saw our society failing those most in need. He was frustrated because the political elite have forgotten why it is important to be fair. He was selfless in his dedication to make things right in every second of his life. Jack devoted his energy to the purpose of Learning Together: a pioneering programme to bring students from university and prisons together to share their unique perspectives on justice. Unlike many of us, Jack did not just go to work. He lived and breathed fire in his pursuit of a better world for all humanity, particularly those most in need.

Sturgeon says that Johnsons Tories are unfit for office, but unless we vote them out they will be in government for years. She adds that the SNP is the challenger in every Tory-held seat in Scotland.

That door opens up a world where we do not lock up and throw away the key. Where we do not give indeterminate sentences, or convict people on joint enterprise. Where we do not slash prison budgets, and where we focus on rehabilitation not revenge. Where we do not consistently undermine our public services, the lifeline of our nation. Jack believed in the inherent goodness of humanity, and felt a deep social responsibility to protect that. Through us all, Jack marches on.

On social care, Swinson says this is exactly the issue that requires cross-party working, but that the Conservative government has delayed it for years. Sunak says: Next year should we spend time talking about these kinds of issues, or Brexit?

He would be seething at his death, and his life, being used to perpetuate an agenda of hate that he gave his everything fighting against. We should never forget that. What Jack would want from this is for all of us to walk through the door he has booted down, in his black Doc Martens.

Sturgeon says that free personal care has existed in Scotland for a decade. These parties need to get on with it, she says.

If Jack could comment on his death – and the tragic incident on Friday 29 November – he would be livid. We would see him ticking it over in his mind before a word was uttered between us. Jack would understand the political timing with visceral clarity.

Vigil for London stabbing victims as politicians trade blame

Rishi Sunaks domestic recycling anecdote….gets recycled. I think that was word for word from Friday #ITVLeadersDebate

The father of Jack Merritt, who died on Friday at London Bridge, writes that the attack has been used to reinforce the worldview his son fought against

Farage and Sturgeon strong so far: the most experienced at TV debates, more comfortable with sparring with others.Sunak and Burgon naturally having toughest time. Sunak using almost identical lines to Fridays BBC debate.Is it me or is Swinson not really cutting through?

Rishi Sunaks answer your everything is strong economy. Which comes from getting Brexit done. Impressive message discipline if rather tedious for the viewer.

The politicians are asked a question on why politicians cant work together on the big questions like climate change and social care. Adam Price says that no party has a monopoly on the truth and that we need to look at the use of citizens assemblies, as they have done in Ireland.

Burgon says they cant work with the Tories on anything at all because they brought in austerity, among other things. Sturgeon says that Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage are the roadblocks on climate change and social care, so its important to keep them out of government.

Boris Johnson accused of lying and misleading about London Bridge terror attack

Berry says that this is how the Greens work because they are rarely in government. They often work with other parties to push them to act on the big issues, she says.

Sunak says that he has two small daughters who care deeply about environmental issues. He says that although parties have a different approach on how to get there, they all want to get to the same point.

Farage says that the approach to climate change by the main parties will put a lot of people out of work, so would be making the poor pay instead of the rich. Berry says that her partys policies would create three million jobs.

Swinson says that she has worked with politicians across the spectrum on a variety of issues. Sturgeon says she doesnt think it was the right thing to do for the Lib Dems to work with the Conservatives to bring in austerity and policies like the bedroom tax.

Boris Johnsons tweets about London Bridge copied and pasted from blog

On the idea that Trump wants to buy the NHS, Sunak tells Burgon: You really must stop making these reckless allegations.

Farage says Trump isnt going to buy it, Richard. Burgon brings up the recording of Farage saying that the UK should look at an insurance model for healthcare. The Brexit party leader says he never said that. Dear oh dear. Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, says Farage.

Burgon says theres a real risk that Johnson is going to do a sweetheart deal with Donald Trump on the NHS. Price says that the biggest threat to the NHS in Wales is the Labour government, not Trump. Burgon accuses the Plaid leader of playing Tory games by attacking Labour and not them.

Siân Berry says that the credit rating agencies downgraded the UKs credit scores, so it is not true to say that the Conservatives had managed the economy well. Sunak said hes read the report and that they had said this was because of the uncertainty caused by Brexit. Berry says that uncertainty was caused by his partys mishandling of Brexit.

Burgon is asked about the IFSs assessment that Tory and Labour plans were unfeasible. Burgon says that the IFS is entitled to its opinion, but that other thinktanks have taken a different view.

Sunak says that debt will be down with a Conservative government. Farage tells him to stop lying. You cut the deficit and not the debt, he said. Debt is massively up.

Boris Johnson accused of copying and pasting legal thread about London Bridge from a blog

Sturgeon says it is rich for Farage to accuse someone else of lying after the line that the UK would be able to spend an extra £350m on the NHS after Brexit. Farage says he never campaigned under that slogan.

Man Who Helped Stop London Terrorist Also a Murderer

Disbelief and a fair amount of shock across the political spectrum backstage in ITVs spin room when Farage defended Donald Trump saying men say bad things sometimes.