Man who used narwhal tusk against London Bridge attacker will be honoured – CTV News

Man who used narwhal tusk against London Bridge attacker will be honoured - CTV News
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In this grab taken from video made available by @HLOBlog, a man is surrounded by members of the public before armed police arrived during an incident on London Bridge, in London, Friday, Nov. 29, 2019. (@HLOBlog via AP)

TORONTO — The brave bystander who used a narwhal tusk to help detain the suspect in the London Bridge attack before police arrived will receive a medal of courage from the president of Poland.

British media reports have identified the man as Lukasz, a Polish chef at the Fishmongers Hall. The suspect, Usman Khan, began his attack inside the hall during a Cambridge University conference. Two young people, Jack Merritt, 25, and Saskia Jones, 23, died in the attack.

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Toby Williamson, chief executive of the hall, spoke to The Guardian on Monday about how quickly Lukasz jumped into action, grabbing the narwhal tusk off the wall after hearing a scream. 

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Lukasz used the 1.5 metre-long narwhal tusk to charge towards the bad guy, according to Williamson. He hit Khan in the chest with the stick before telling members of the public to get away.

Two former offenders, Marc Conway and James Ford, have been named as acting as heroes during Khans attack at London Bridge. Both had undergone intensive psychotherapy at HMP Grendon, one of the last remaining prisons run on the therapeutic community model for the rehabilitation of serious offenders. Ford had murdered a young woman in circumstances that seemed to indicate there could be no redemption. In the London Bridge attack he risked his life to save others. This is the power of rehabilitation to heal damaged psyches when it involves in-depth psychotherapy.

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A spokesperson for Polands minister of justice, Zbigniew Ziobro, posted on Twitter that he would ask Polish President Andrzej Duda to award Lukasz with the Medal for Sacrifice and Courage for risking his own life to help overpower the attacker. The medal is awarded to someone who puts themselves at risk to save other peoples lives.

Unfortunately, IPPs were passed in numerous cases where they were inappropriate and were likely to do more harm than good. In particular, they were handed out to damaged young men who were not only in need of therapy and rehabilitation, but were ill-equipped to deal with the open-ended nature of the sentence. This was compounded by the fact that the prison system was unable to offer the structured path available to lifers so those on IPPs were often stuck in busy jails or bounced around the system due to their problematic behaviour.

London Bridge attack – Polish porter hero who fought terrorist Usman Khan in bloody battle revealed as Lukasz

Against terrorism, any weapon is allowed, he posted. Mr. Luke, your attitude deserves a special thank you and respect.

This is everyday HEROES look like: A guy with a fire extinguisher, another with bare hands & of course Łukasz, the Polish chef with a 5ft narwhal tusk! His suicide vest could had been real & his knife had already killed 2 people. THESE MEN DESERVE A MEDAL!��️#LondonBridgeAttack

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In video footage of the London Bridge attack, several witnesses are seen attempting to disarm Khan. One man sprays the knife-wielding suspect with a fire extinguisher while Lukasz runs towards him with the narwhal tusk.

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Three members of the public armed with a fire extinguisher and a Narwhal tusk take the attacker down. Heroes, wrote Darren Plymouth. While Grace Beverley remarked that shes still getting over the fact that someone grabbed a 5 ft NARWHAL TUSK to fight the London Bridge attacker. Hero.

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Khan, 28, was wearing a fake explosive vest and armed with knives when he began his attack inside Fishmongers Hall. He was killed by police after bystanders helped tackle him to the ground.

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