Motorcyclist, 24, killed in Mississauga crash – CityNews

Motorcyclist, 24, killed in Mississauga crash - CityNews
Motorcyclist, 24, dies in Mississauga collision: police
Peel police were called to the collision between a vehicle and a motorcycle at Winston Churchill Boulevard and Credit Valley Road around midnight on Saturday.

An initial investigation indicates the motorcycle slammed into the rear of the other vehicle, whose driver remained on scene and was not injured.

When emergency crews arrived on scene, the motorcyclist, a 24-year-old man from Milton, was taken to hospital, where he later died.

Anyone with information or dash-cam footage of the crash is asked to contact police. With files from the Canadian Press

Investigators are appealing to anyone with information or dashcam video to contact Peel police’s major collision bureau.

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Police said they were called to Winston Churchill Boulevard and Credit Valley Road around 11:50 p.m. for reports of a crash.

Let me guess, a vehicle turned left in front of the motorcycle in an intersection. This must be the most often scenario in 2 vehicle crashes.

@Jerry Dobson: assuming anything is just silly, could be many different scenarios and either way, the driver of the bike doesn’t really care does he/she? Most common or not, every time you get on a bike, you assume the risk that other drivers don’t see you or are distracted, etc., That’s just the unfortunate reality.

On the flip side, there’s been several 2 vehicle accidents involving a bike where the bike driver was clearly at fault and lost control because of inexperience and/or speed.

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A 24-year-old male motorcyclist from Milton is dead after he collided with a vehicle in Mississauga late on Friday night.

The motorcyclist was riding in the area of Winston Churchill Boulevard and Credit Valley Road in Mississauga just before midnight Friday when he collided with a vehicle.

Investigators are asking anyone with information or dashboard camera footage of the incident to contact them.