Innocent bystanders: At least 7 suspects sought in Mississauga shooting that left boy, 17, dead –

\Innocent bystanders\: At least 7 suspects sought in Mississauga shooting that left boy, 17, dead -
Teen killed, 5 others wounded in Mississauga shooting
Peel Regional Police say a “targeted,” brazen shooting at a Mississauga apartment complex that left a 17-year-old dead and five others injured is linked to music videos filmed at the property.

This was an ambush-type attack. The intended targets appeared to be a group preparing to film a rap video. The rap video that was shot at this location on an earlier date … has motivated this attack,” Chief Chris McCord told reporters Sunday afternoon.

"We would like to extend our condolences to the family," he said. "Our officers attended the scene and provide life-saving measures to try and help the young person.

17-year-old boy dead, five others injured after shooting in Mississauga

There is information within that rap video that is challenging other people within the community and thats whats upset them.

Emergency crews were called outside an apartment building on Darcel Avenue, in the area Morning Star and Goreway Drives, just before 6:30 p.m. for reports of shots fired.

Emergency crews were called to an apartment complex on Darcel Avenue, near Goreway and Morning Star Drive, at 6:22 p.m. on Saturday with reports of a shooting near a parkette at one of the buildings.

Police seeking at least 7 suspects in shooting that killed innocent teen boy

McCord said at least seven suspects armed with mostly semi-automatic handguns came to the scene on foot, wearing dark-coloured clothing and some wearing balaclavas.

Video: Peel police chief appealing to public for information after Darcel Avenue shooting

The attackers had complete disregard for public safety within our community … this was a targeted attack, he said, noting at least 100 bullets were fired by the suspects.

McCord said the victims were located in different areas of the complex. Some of the victims made their way to trauma centres.

McCord said many families were out enjoying the evening, adding that several people were lined up to buy treats from an ice cream truck.

McCord said the “ambush-type” attack was targeted at a group filming a rap video in the area and some of the victims were innocent bystanders. He added that the victims are not directly related but it is possible that they know each other. It’s unclear if they are all from Mississauga or live in the complex.

Those parents and children fled in the hail of bullets as they were fired into the complex,” he said.

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“This is very brazen … [the suspects] had no regard for any of the innocent people that were gathered in here last night.”

Investigators are looking to speak with the driver of an ice cream truck that was parked in the complex, where families with children were gathered at the time of the attack. As the events unfolded, the truck left the scene and police are asking the driver to identify themselves to aid in the investigation.

Police seeking multiple suspects in shooting that left 1 dead and 5 wounded

The 17-year-old who died at the scene lived in the complex. McCord said the teen, who friends have identified as Jonathan Davis, doesn’t appear to be an intended target in the shooting.

Police looking for seven shooters in ambush-type attack that killed bystander in Mississauga

Our investigation leads us to believe that the young man who died last night was actually an innocent victim caught up in this indiscriminate attack,” he said.

"This was an ambush-type attack. The intended targets appeared to be a group preparing to film a rap video. The rap video that was shot at this location on an earlier date — and we're still trying to establish when that video was shot here — has motivated this attack. Another video was to be filmed last night when this attack occurred."

Five people were taken to hospital Saturday evening with various injuries. All but one of the victims were still in hospital as of Sunday afternoon. Four of the injured victims are between 13 and 17 years old. A 50-year-old woman also sustained serious injuries.

Peel Police Chief Chris McCord told reporters on Sunday that investigators believe there were at least seven shooters involved in gunfire that also injured four other teens and a woman in a parkette behind an apartment complex. He called the shooting "very brazen."

Multiple people injured after shooting in Mississauga: police

He said officers haven’t identified those involved in making the video as of yet, noting many people took off from the scene.

McCord said all of shooters were dressed in dark clothing and some were wearing balaclavas to conceal their identities. They covertly approached the parkette on foot by the side of the building, and once they were in position, opened fire, he said. They fled on foot.

Meanwhile, he said police will remain at the scene for some time as officers gather evidence and to provide additional security.

Crombie, on the verge of tears when she spoke, said Mississauga needs its share of provincial funding to combat guns and gangs. The city of Toronto has been given money to deal with its gun violence problem and Mississauga needs financial support too, she added.

We have never witnessed anything like this in Mississauga or in this neighbourhood. This is not common within the city of Mississauga,” McCord said.

“This still remains one of the safest cities in Canada and will continue to remain so because we will make sure it is.

I am a mother and I was just crushed to hear that there are individuals marring a beautiful evening by executing senseless violent crimes with semi-automatic weapons, she said. My heart goes out to the family of this innocent victim, now deceased, who by all accounts was outstanding young man who lived here in the complex. It is just a senseless event.

Mayor Bonnie Crombie attended the scene with McCord and said she was “shocked” and “saddened” by Saturday’s incident.

Im a mother, as you know. Im the mayor. I was crushed to hear that there were individuals in our community, in our neighbourhoods, marring a beautiful evening with senseless—executing senseless violent crimes with semi-automatic weapons,” she said.

He said that it appears as though the suspects covertly approached the side of the apartment building and then made their way along the side of the building before getting into position and indiscriminately opening fire on those shooting the video in the park behind the building.

One dead, multiple people injured after shooting in Mississauga: police

Crombie said she hasn’t spoken with the family of the teen who died yet, but added that “by all accounts, he was an outstanding young man.”

We believe their (the suspects) motive for coming here was to target those individuals shooting the rap video. There just happened to be a lot of people outside – it was a nice night last night – and they became victims caught up in this attack, he said.

She called for increased guns and gangs funding from the provincial government — similar to money given to the City of Toronto.

At a press conference on Sunday afternoon, Peel Police Chief Chris McCord said that investigators believe the suspects were motivated, at least in part, by another rap video that had been shot in the same parkette by the same group and released earlier this week.

We know that this type of activity has no boundaries. They dont respect city boundaries,” she said.

Crombie also called for the restoration of the community policing station at Westwood Mall in Malton, located a short distance away from the scene. She said the funding for the station, and others like it, was cut by the former police chief and police board members.

Meanwhile, McCord appealed for the driver of the ice cream truck and others present who haven’t spoken with police yet to contact investigators. He also appealed for people in the area at the time of the attack with home surveillance or dashcam video to contact police.

Emergency crews were called outside an apartment building on Darcel Avenue, in the area Morning Star and Goreway Drives, just before 6:30 p.m. for reports of shots fired.

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A 17-year-old boy is dead and five others were wounded after gunfire erupted in Mississauga on Saturday evening, Peel Regional Police say.

When asked if the shooting was targeted or gang-related, McCord said it is too early in the investigation to determine the motive.

Speaking to reporters from the scene Saturday night, Chief Chris McCord said among those injured are a 13-year-old, a 16-year-old, two 17-year-olds and a woman in her 50s. One of those victims is in life-threatening condition, while the others are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries, McCord said. 

Police are now searching for what they believe are "multiple individuals armed with semi-automatic weapons," who fled from the area after the shooting.

One person dead, several hurt in Mississauga shooting

"There is a concern for public safety," McCord said, though he added police have combed the area and don't have reason to believe the suspects will return. 

The province has said it will use the cash to expand a dedicated team of firearms bail prosecutors in Peel Region and to establish a guns and gangs fund for policing projects in the Greater Toronto Area and the Greater Golden Horseshoe region, which stretches from the Niagara Region to the Durham Region.

Peel Regional Police were called to an apartment building on Darcel Avenue near Morning Star Drive and Goreway Drive at 6:22 p.m. ET. Multiple vehicles with bullet holes could be seen in the area.

The federal government has earmarked $54 million for Ontario over three years to combat illegal gun and gang activity, with the funds earmarked for specialized prosecutors, policing projects and intelligence-gathering efforts in jails.

Investigators believe the shooting took place at a parkette behind the building. McCord told reporters that investigators have information that a music video was being filmed behind the building, but it's unknown if the shooting was related to that filming in any way.

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — Police are searching for at least seven suspects who they say descended on an apartment complex west of Toronto on Saturday evening, firing indiscriminately and killing a teen described as an innocent bystander.

UPDATE: One Dead, Several Injured in Mississauga Shooting

There was a heavy police presence in the area for much of the evening as officers combed through the building to rule out any other victims or possible suspects.

"It is a large scene and a very dynamic investigation," police spokesperson Iryna Yashnyk told reporters earlier in the evening.

Police had several units in the area Saturday night, including tactical and K9 teams. Investigators spoke with several witnesses and are canvassing for video.

Emergency crews were called outside an apartment building on Darcel Avenue, in the area Morning Star and Goreway Drives, just before 6:30 p.m. for reports of shots fired.

One person dead, several others hurt in Mississauga shooting

Police are working on notifying the victim's next of kin and say the homicide bureau has been notified. 

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When asked if the shooting was targeted or gang-related, McCord said it is too early in the investigation to determine the motive.