Rap video at centre of brazen Mississauga shooting spree – TheSpec.com

Rap video at centre of \brazen\ Mississauga shooting spree - TheSpec.com
13-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Among The Youngest Victims In Mississauga Mass Shooting
It was a sunny Saturday evening when 17-year-old Jonathan Davis decided to walk from a parkette to his nearby apartment and change his shoes. 

Selma Alincy, a family friend of Davis's mother, said the bullets came so fast that "everyone who heard it thought it was fireworks." 

Peel Regional Police Chief Chris McCord described families running from a "hail of bullets," with more than 100 shell casings recovered at the scene. 

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Five others were injured, and Davis, who police say was an innocent bystander, was killed steps away from his home. 

"He went inside to change his shoes, and he did not even make it back to his apartment," Alincy said.

He said investigators had obtained “copious amounts” of video footage but asked any witnesses with videos to contact police. He added that so many vehicles had been struck by bullets that police had to make special arrangements to store the cars until forensic technicians could examine them.

Police have so far not made any arrests or recovered any weapons. No suspect descriptions have been released. 

Alincy spoke with CBC's Metro Morning on Monday about what she saw and heard on Saturday evening, beginning with a panicked phone call from Davis's mother. 

Chief McCord said police recovered more than 100 shell casings at the scene, some on the lawn, others embedded in the cars parked at the back of the building. “Over a hundred rounds is a lot of firepower being used in this complex.”

"She was just hysterical on the phone," said Alincy. "She kept on saying his name."

Unsure what was happening, Alincy raced to the scene from her home a few minutes away, arriving to see police tape and officers.

The gunmens target was a group of people who planned to shoot a rap video in the buildings parkette. Investigators believe that the shooting was a retaliation for a video shot at the same spot and released earlier last week.

"So I ran through the front toward the back of the building, and when I got there, I saw Jonathan laying on the ground… a few doors from where he lives," she said. 

"I said. 'No, he's not, they're working on him,"' she said. "When I saw them take the cloth and put it over his body, that's when I knew that he had passed." 

Alincy was holding Davis's father. When his mother arrived, she collapsed in her arms as well. 

There were at least seven shooters, dressed in dark clothes, some with balaclavas hiding their faces, and they carried semi-automatic weapons, Peel Regional Police Chief Chris McCord said Sunday.

Alincy described Davis as quiet and intelligent — an honour roll student who loved video games and helped his father navigate the world as he lost his vision. 

McCord said Sunday that the intended targets of the shooting were preparing to film a rap video at the time of the shooting, but Alincy said Davis was not involved at all. 

\”When people dont have hope they can fall on the wrong path,\” Singh said after an event in Sherbrooke. \”And we want to make sure we have all the programs in place — affordable housing, good health care, opportunities for work so that young people can find a positive way forward and not end up in a vicious cycle of violence.\”

In the neighbourhood where Davis lived, grief over his death is coupled with fear of more violence. 

"I have a young son, and I'm telling him, after school come straight home," said Alincy. "I'm afraid."

In the building's lobby, a makeshift memorial has sprung up, with flowers, cards and food and water. 

None of the other victims — including the 13-year-old girl, a 50-year-old woman and three young men, one aged 16 and two 17-year-olds — were in life-threatening condition as of Sunday afternoon, and one of the victims had even been released from hospital, police said.

Marjorie Judham, an elderly woman who lives in the same complex, said Sunday that she didn't feel up to going to church. 

Students at the school Davis attended are being offered additional supports as they grapple with the death of one of their own.

Crombie pleaded for the reopening of a nearby community policing unit, shuttered a few years ago by Peels former chief and police services board due to funding considerations, and called for youth programming that provides an alternative to a life of crime.

Members of the Peel District School Board's Critical Incident Response Team will be at Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School today to support staff and students.

Pastor Delroy Sherman, a local community leader, told Metro Morning he hasn't been sleeping since. 

Investigators believe the intended targets were a group of people preparing to film a rap video outside the building in Mississauga, Ont., but the "ambush−type" attack claimed the life of a 17−year−old boy who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, said Peel Regional Police Chief Chris McCord.

"Over the last number of years, I've been burying youths in this age bracket, and it's very sad," he told Metro Morning.

"We are victims ourselves today of senseless tragedy and senseless violence and I think we need additional funding to combat that as well as dealing with the issue of illegal guns and getting them off the streets and including semi−automatic weapons and getting them out of the hands of the wrong people," Crombie said.

"There are solutions to this gun violence… if the government would listen to us," Sherman said, citing a summer basketball competition that was started in the community to keep young people busy.

The province has said it will use the cash to expand a dedicated team of firearms bail prosecutors in Peel Region and to establish a guns and gangs fund for policing projects in the Greater Toronto Area and the Greater Golden Horseshoe region, which stretches from the Niagara Region to the Durham Region.

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie said the incident was "a call for us to let us know that we can and should do more."

Five others were wounded in the incident — a 13−year−old girl, a 16−year−old boy, two 17−year boys and a woman in her 50s. One has been released from hospital and the woman’s once−dire condition has improved, McCord said.

Federal party leaders, on the campaign trail in Ontario over the weekend, all commented as well, each suggesting different root causes for what's become an increasingly severe problem in the GTA. 

The federal government has earmarked $54 million for Ontario over three years to combat illegal gun and gang activity, with the funds earmarked for specialized prosecutors, policing projects and intelligence−gathering efforts in jails.

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Police are searching for at least seven suspects who they say descended on an apartment complex west of Toronto on Saturday evening, firing indiscriminately and killing a teen described as an innocent bystander.

A 13-year-old Syrian refugee was among those shot outside an apartment building in Mississauga on Saturday evening. She was the youngest victim, who recently moved to Canada from Turkey with her family, a family friend told CityNews. The young girl was on the first floor of the building when she heard gunshots and ran to the window, where she was hit by a bullet in the Mississauga shooting that left one dead and five injured. 

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie said the incident was "a senseless act of gun violence," that’s prompting her to request more funding from the province to fight back against guns and gangs.

Police say that gunshots erupted on the set of a rap video that was being filmed in the neighbourhood.17-year-old Jonathan Davis was the innocent bystander who was killed in the attack. He was a Grade 12 student at Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School. Jonathan was pronounced dead at the scene.

The 17 year old victim shot and killed in Mississauga last night has been identified as Jonathan Davis, by neighbours. Peel Police say he was an innocent bystander. pic.twitter.com/CY7j7kXJk4

Upwards of five people shot outside a building on Darcel Avenue in Mississauga. One patient has self transported to a Toronto hospital. One patient was without vitals on arrival of police. Additional patients transported to area hospitals be @Peel_Paramedics pic.twitter.com/PvFspDsvHI

The shooting happened at Darcel Avenue near Morning Star Drive just before 6:30 p.m. Peel Regional Police Chief Chris McCord says it was an “ambush-type” attack, reports Durham Radio News. The suspects were dressed in dark clothing and ski masks. McCord says they discreetly approached on foot from the side of a building. Once in position, they indiscriminately fired into the parkette area with semi-automatic handguns and then fled on foot.

Peel Region Shooting:7 suspects involved, dressed in dark clothing, trying to conceal their identity. They open fire in a Parkette, & a number of innocent victims are hit: 17 yr-old male shot dead.13 yr-old girl 16 yr old2 17 year old males (1 was released)Women in her 50s pic.twitter.com/xBZI8KyVtQ

Police say that over 100 shell casings were found on the scene of the crime. The Peel District School Board has put supports in place today for students who need it. A 16-year-old boy, two 17-year-old boys and a 50-year-old were also shot, along with Jonathan Davis and the 13-year-old girl. They were taken to hospital and all are in stable condition.

Police say that there are still unidentified witnesses who were standing at an ice cream truck at the time, and they need to come forward. Police have spoken to a few of the witnesses, but not all, and one of those who should come forward is the driver of the ice cream truck. 

This brazen act of violence will not be tolerated, said Peel police Chief Chris McCord to 680 News. This incident appears to be a targeted attack and Id like to reassure the community that their safety is the number one concern for me and for the men and women of Peel Regional Police.

Officers say at least seven suspects were involved in the shooting and some fired more than 100 rounds during the incident.