While you were sleeping: Earthquakes and exploding body cameras

While you were sleeping: Earthquakes and exploding body cameras
New York police remove almost 3,000 body cameras after one explodes
The New York Police Department is removing nearly 3,000 body cameras from use after one of the devices worn by a Staten Island officer exploded into flames, police officials said on Sunday.

The recall of the Vievu-brand LE-5 cameras could delay the departments plan to outfit all 23,000 patrol officers with body cameras by December, and adds another twist to the complicated history surrounding the mechanisms that have already led to at least one lawsuit over how video from police encounters can be used.

Though body cams have often been touted as a way for police departments to de-escalate situations (the theory going that people generally behave better when theyre being recorded), a landmark study by Washington, DCs The Lab released in October 2017 found no evidence that body cams resulted in less civilian complaints or use of force against officers equipped with them. Other studies have found much more mixed results, such as one in the UK and California that found a 93 percent decrease in complaints and another that actually found a small increase in violence against body cam-equipped officers. The discrepancy may boil down to the culture of various police departments and what policies are in place regulating body cam use.

NYPD pulls 2,990 body cameras after one catches fire

The citys $6.4 million contract for the Vievu cameras set off a contentious debate in 2016 after it surfaced that other police departments had raised concerns about the cameras quality, and the city comptroller briefly blocked the deal. But the mayor and police officials defended their choice and moved forward with the plan. Vievu introduced the LE-5 in October 2017, listing among its features a lithium-ion battery that boasts more than 12 hours of recording time.

The Police Department on Sunday said it would pull 2,990 of its LE-5 cameras after the explosion revealed a potential for the battery inside the camera to ignite.

“We are working closely with the NYPD to investigate this issue,” Axon said in an emailed statement. “The officer was not injured, however officer safety is of the utmost importance to Axon. We will do whatever is necessary to quickly and safely resolve this situation.”

The cause and the scope of the defect are currently being investigated, police officials said in a statement.

Vievu beat then-rival Taser to win the $6.4 million NYPD contract back in 2016, before Taser rebranded as Axon the following year. Axon bought Vievu in May, essentially giving it dominance over the body camera market, Bloomberg noted at the time.

The officer was wearing the body camera during a midnight shift in the 121st Precinct on the northwestern shore of Staten Island when he noticed smoke coming from the bottom of the device late Saturday night, according to the Police Department. He was not injured when the body camera exploded, police said.

NYPD pulls nearly 3000 body cameras after one explodes

Officers who had been assigned the LE-5 cameras were told to immediately remove the devices and hand them in. The police commissioner, James P. ONeill, suspended further use and distribution of the camera model out of an abundance of caution.

Body camera footage has been crucial in implicating or exonerating officers in certain cases, however. In the police shooting of a mentally ill man in the Bronx last September, activists argued that body camera footage showed that officers failed to do enough to de-escalate their confrontation with the man, who they mowed down with gunfire after he waved a replica gun at them.

The NYPD is pulling thousands of body cameras after one burst into flames

The police said other camera models, including the LE-4, are not affected by the order. Officers who were issued the LE-5 cameras would continue working without body cameras, officials said.

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So far, the Police Department has deployed more than 15,500 Vievu body cameras to officers. The LE-5 model had been used in 16 commands across the city.

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Share Share The NYPD is pulling thousands of body cameras after one burst into flames share tweet Linkedin Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email The New York City Police Department has been working for years to test and outfit its entire force with body cameras, with a goal of having one for every officer by next year. That plan appears to have hit a snag: a camera worn by an officer in Staten Island last night began smoking and burst into flames, prompting the NYPD to pull them from use while it investigates.

NYPD body cams recalled after one of them “explodes”

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According to The Daily Beast, the incident occurred around midnight in Staten Island, and involved a Vievu model LE-5 camera. An official told the publication that It unexpectedly began to smoke and fell from his shirt to the ground, where it then caught fire and was damaged. In a statement, the NYPD says that its been made aware of a possible product defect, and that nobody was injured when the battery exploded.

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The New York City Police Department has reportedly pulled thousands of body cameras (pictured, center) from officers after one of them exploded while an officer was wearing it Sunday morning

Hope they got video of that: The New York City Police Department has suspended use of a model of body camera after one exploded. The NYPD says an officer noticed smoke coming from the Vievu LE-5 body camera — he removed it and the device exploded. No one was injured. The NYPD says that the explosion revealed a potential for the battery to ignite, and that the cameras are being removed out of an abundance of caution. The 2,990 LE-5 cameras are being removed and Axon, Vievu’s parent company, says it will do whatever is necessary to quickly and safely resolve the situation. The NYPD says more than 15,000 body cameras are deployed throughout the department. Officers using other models will continue to wear them.

Earlier this year, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that more than 20,000 cameras will be in use in the 34,000-member NYPD by the end of 2018, a year earlier than anticipated.