After bitcoin rebounds to record high, reinvigorated investors bet on even bigger gains

After bitcoin rebounds to record high, reinvigorated investors bet on even bigger gains
Overcoming roadblocks, bitcoin takes flight again
With the world’s eyes on cryptocurrencies, India cannot be left far behind. India is currently ranked way below in the global ranking as far as crypto investments are concerned. With massive consumer base, Indian investors definitely stand to benefit in the long run, taking into consideration the uncertainty in the Chinese markets about cryptocurrencies. These are exciting times if you are an Indian investor who is looking at different investment avenues which can help you grow your investment portfolio significantly.It has soared 456 percent in 2017, making it one of the best-performing assets in the world. By comparison, the S&P 500 Index’s 14.1 percent rise this year looks downright paltry.

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On Wednesday Russian President Vladimir Putin warned of the “serious risks” surrounding the nascent market, while Russia’s central bank said it would ban cryptocurrency trading websites.

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Oct 13, 2017 at 00:30 UTC by Wolfie Zhao

A widely circulated commentary piece from China’s state-backed news agency Xinhua last week also raised the possibility of China allowing bitcoin exchanges to operate under licenses.Bitcoin reached as high as $5,391, according to global financial website

Though there have been many warnings about a bitcoin “bubble”, including from European Central Bank Deputy Governor Vitor Constancio, some say it has much further to climb. But determining its value is difficult.

Bitcoin has smashed $5000 mark. Should you invest?

Zach Abrams, Coinbase’s new Head of Product, explained that “Coinbase uses proprietary fraud prevention systems it has developed over the last 5 years, to determine how this instant purchase feature is rolled out to groups of customers and that the customers with access to this feature have sufficient balance in their bank account with good purchase history.”

Instant buys aren’t totally new for Coinbase — users using a credit card to buy cryptocurrency were able to do instant purchases, but this came with a 4 percent fee, more than double the 1.5 percent fee charged for bank account purchases. Plus, credit card buys have much lower limits — sometimes only a few hundred dollars a week. Bank account purchases on Coinbase have much higher limits — ranging as high as $25,000 a week for the most verified and trusted customers.

Bitcoin Price Goes Meteoric Bitcoin’s October rally continued today, enabling the flagship cryptocurrency to finally burst through the $5,000 checkpoint for the first time since briefly touching that mark on September 2. The last time bitcoin hit that mark, traders initiated a minor sell-off that evolved into a major downturn when China began prohibiting initial coin offerings (ICOs) and cryptocurrency trading just days later.

Yicai, Yao also framed a state-issued digital currency as a way to stabilize domestic fiat currency, while better securing country’s financial status.
The Biggest Bitcoin Exchange Opens the Door to Day Trading
The Biggest Bitcoin Exchange Opens the Door to Day Trading
Soon after that, its price declined amid news of a crackdown in China  and regulatory uncertainty around initial coin offerings, a cryptocurrency-based fundraising method. After bottoming out near $2,900 per coin on September 15, it has since rallied.

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Bitcoin hits new high on rumors China will allow crypto trading

In many ways, Thursday’s gains neatly encapsulated the bitcoin market in general. As bitcoin jumped more than 20 percent this month alone and quintupled so far in 2017,  it has attracted more and more speculators placing bets based on hunches and rumors.Just in case you had any doubt, Thursday’s trading underscored that bitcoin needs China more than the other way about.
Some converts say bitcoin’s value could go to dizzy heights like US$100,000 or even US$500,000, although experts from Mirabaud Securities in Geneva said the commodity may now in a “bubble zone” which could burst.
This is significant because Coinbase is the biggest U.S. bitcoin exchange and, until now, customers have had to wait for several days to receive their digital currency. Here’s the official announcement:< Previous ArticleNext Article >The warning mirrors that of neighboring emirate Dubai, which recently issued a statement clarifying its position.

Debating the odds of a stock market correction

SegWit2x futures have exhibited dismal performance since Bitfinex listed them last week. At present, BT2 tokens (representing SegWit2x coins) are trading at just 0.185 BTC, while BT1 tokens (representing the incumbent blockchain) are valued at 0.823 BTC. Critics such as Olivier Janssens argue that the futures market is biased in favor of the original coin and is not a reliable indicator of support for SegWit2x, but others believe it demonstrates that the market is bullish on the incumbent blockchain.

home > economy, science-technology, todays headlines 13.10.2017Coindesk showing the price in the last week:

Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Tears Past $5400

The leading cryptocurrency denomination leapt more than 9 percent Thursday and easily crossed the $5,000 threshold for the first time, trading near $5,300 by mid-afternoon in New York.

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The upshot is that those who buy bitcoin from Coinbase will able to spend it right away. More importantly, the new policy makes it easier for ordinary investors to engage in day trading in the highly volatile digital currency market.

Overcoming roadblocks, bitcoin takes flight again
Overcoming roadblocks, bitcoin takes flight again

JPMorgan Chase Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon also said during a conference call with media Thursday he is “not going to talk about bitcoin anymore,” after calling it a “fraud” in September. The bank’s chief financial officer, Marianne Lake, added that JPMorgan is “open-minded” about digital currencies that are properly regulated.Russia issuing a ban on ICO raises.Hourly RSI – The RSI is currently well below the 50 level and gaining downside momentum.Bitcoin has surged 450 percent this year to above $5,300 despite a split into bitcoin and bitcoin cash in August, heavy-handed Chinese regulation on digital currencies in early September and critical remarks from major Wall Street leaders.

Even at the start of this year it was worth ‘only’ US$966.I would like to receive the following emails: CoinDesk Weekly – Insights for the week ahead CoinDesk Daily – Our snapshot of the day’s news

allows users to instantly buy and trade up to $500 per day in cryptocurrency purchased via ACH transfer, but won’t let you withdraw it from the exchange until the withdraw clears.

The macro momentum indicators are showing signs of bullish continuation which may push further new all time highs.

Bitcoin Breaks $5300 for a New All-time High

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Dutch Man Gambles on Bitcoin by Selling Everything His Family Owns

makeArticleAd(); On a micro level, there are slight signs of bullish exhaustion that may indicate the need to either consolidate sideways or pull back slightly before continuing upward:

Bitcoin smashes $5000 ceiling to hit another all-time high

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Even a modest shift of 1% to 2% of these investment to cryptocurrencies can rally the cryptocurrency market cap to over $2 trillion. With massive consumer base, Indian investors definitely stand to benefit in the long run, taking into consideration the uncertainty in China about cryptocurrencies The writer is chairman and CEO, Belfrics Global

The Top Cryptocurrency Trading Tools You Must Try

engage in day trading, and bullish notes from big banks like Goldman Sachs and even JP Morgan, a longtime bitcoin bull.

Bitcoin Prices Rise Above $5000, Without China

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Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bitcoin Rally Shows Strength for Continued Growth
Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bitcoin Rally Shows Strength for Continued Growth

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Value of Bitcoin since Oct 2016 after it shot to a fresh high. (Graphic: AFP/Laurence Chu)Bitcoin’s sudden rise in value came after the website said Wednesday that China would resume trading of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with more regulation, citing a report from Xinhua. It said this may include new licensing and anti-money laundering regulations to be implemented by exchanges.

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