WWE News: Young Bucks’ hilarious message to Daniel Bryan

“We staged a now infamous invasion. I want to say how much I love Ring of Honor, and I’m not just saying that. I love this place for a certain reason. I can do whatever the hell I want and not going to get a damn cease and desist letter. I have the benefit of taking a damn selfie with whoever the hell I want… But most importantly, I love this company more than any other company in the world because of all you fans. I mean that,” Matt said.

WWE News: Young Bucks' hilarious message to Daniel Bryan

The heart of the matter:Nevertheless, a certain section of professional wrestling pundits is of the view that although the WWE’s doctors may be wary of clearing Bryan for in-ring competition, the Leader of the Yes! Movement may acquire medical clearance outside the promotion and compete on the indie circuit.The Young Bucks are the hottest tag team in professional wrestling today, and arguably the hottest professional wrestlers on the indie circuit overall. Matt and Nick Jackson (real-life brothers) began their professional wrestling training back in 2001 and would land their first gig with a promotion in 2004 for High Risk Wrestling (HRW).

Stay tuned to Sportskeeda Wrestling for more updates about this situation. As for us, we know who we’re going to play WWE 2K19 as.

WON, the very next day after they got their cease and desist letter regard “Too Sweet,” the folks behind the WWE 2K video games asked the Young Bucks to help them out by doing motion capture work for next year’s game, because so many fans have been creating and playing as the Young Bucks thanks to the games’ Create-a-Superstar feature that the 2K creators have decided they ought to include all their signature moves next time around.Also Read: 10 character comparisons between WWE 2K18 vs 2K17GFW News Current WWE and Impact stars backstage at last week’s MLW: One-Shot, ticket info for their next show By Angel RodriguezOctober 10, 2017 Rich Swann, Kalisto, and a few of the women of Impact Wrestling were backstage at the…

He instantly became one of the biggest stars the WWE had ever seen when he started his “YES!” movement and forced his way into the main event of WrestleMania 30 in which he won a Triple Threat match against Randy Orton and Batista to capture the World Heavyweight Title after a year of dealing with nonsense from The Authority.2K would like Matt and Nick to do motion capture work for the game so they can have all their signature moves in it next year. 

Author’s take:Well, love them or hate ‘em, the Bucks sure do know how to keep their name in the headlines.

Bryan worked the independent circuit for a year before being brought back to WWE, marking the beginning of a flourishing career for the high-flyer on the main roster.

WWE is reportedly firing people over even taking pictures with Nick and Matt Jackson (let alone the rest of the Bullet Club) therefore it might be out of the question that The Young Bucks would get an offer of any kind from WWE.

WWE News: Hottest independent tag team contacted for WWE 2K19

However, with the NXT system acknowledging the popularity and the influence of independent wrestling in today’s marketplace, it would not be an impossibility to see The Young Bucks in WWE some day.

Profile By: (Large) Jim 10.13.2017 @ 1:15 AM The ROH banners aren’t in the game. You can create any logo you choose in the game’s creation suite. They’ve also been putting in moves and taunts used by unsigned wrestlers since the PS2 days. In other words, there is a 0% chance that WWE has secretly purchased ROH.What are your thoughts on The Young Bucks suggesting that Bryan get himself fired form WWE so that he gets to return to the independent circuit and wrestle? Do you think this is something that Bryan would take into consideration? Or is he content with his role as the General Manager over on SmackDown Live? Have YOUR say in the comments section below, and the fourth episode of GiveMeSport’s WWE podcast is here!

Part 2 #ROHBuffalo #GlobalWars pic.twitter.com/QhodkIEC1d10/4 Winter Park, FL (WWE NXT – 400 sellout) 10/5 Dade City, FL (WWE NXT – 150) 10/6 Arlington, TX (WWE Raw – 3,400) 10/6 Coral Gables, FL (WWE NXT – 350) 10/7 Tulsa, OK (WWE Raw – 4,500) 10/7 Canton, OH (WWE Smackdown – 2.800) 10/7 Fort Pierce, FL (WWE NXT – 400) 10/8 Rockford, IL (WWE Raw – 3,000) 10/9 Indianapolis (WWE Raw/Main Event TV tapings – 8,000) 10/9 East Lansing, MI (WWE Smackdown – 2,000) 10/10 Grand Rapids, MI (WWE Smackdown/205 Live – 4,200)Today The Bucks do most of their work for ROH and New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) where they are members of the famed Bullet Club, which features former big-name members such as AJ Styles, Gallows & Anderson, and Finn Balor. 

— Here are the recent WWE attendance figures, courtesy of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

Bryan has had a wild run in his professional wrestling career to get to his current role with the WWE. He started wrestling back in 1999 and worked the independent circuit for only a year before being scooped up by WWE.

live episode of RAW on December 25.WWE News Santino Marella to issue a statement today By Corey JacobsOctober 10, 2017 Santino Marella will be issuing a statement today on Jim Cornette. For those of you that…

Hey Bryan Danielson you should take a photo with us too.
Ring of Honor will continue to run its Global Wars tour across the country in the following days, where The Young Bucks are scheduled to wrestle. Fightful.com will have full live coverage and discussion of the shows.Young Bucks continues. First, AJ Styles wanted them to join when he did in 2016, but they decided to stick with Ring of Honor and New Japan. Then they invaded RAW with the Bullet Club, which led to WWE threatening legal action over their use of the “Too Sweet” hand gesture (and apparently also led to WWE firing one of their writers). And then Roman Reigns offhandedly put them down during a conference call.
At least we’re guaranteed to have taunts of crotch chops and “Too sweet” finger gestures.

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In case you didn’t know…Matt and Nick Jackson have time and again taken shots at the WWE’s style of presentation; to the extent that the company had to send them a Cease & Desist order in the recent past.

Unfortunately, from the looks of it, it does not have to do with a run with the company, but instead because many gamers play as The Young Bucks, even though they’re not a part of the roster. It is to be noted that Sting, Goldberg and The Ultimate Warrior all joined/rejoined the company, after being characters in 2K game.

— The Young Bucks were contacted to do WWE 2K19 work just one day after they received their cease & desist letter from WWE following the recent “invasion” outside of a Raw TV event in California.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the company in charge of the WWE 2K franchise contacted brothers to ask them about doing motion capture work for next year’s video game. The game creators felt like they needed all of the signature YB moves in the game due to the fact that so many people playing last year’s edition were using the Create-A-Wrestler mode to play as the brothers.

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