Italy stunned as Sweden beat Azzurri on aggregate to reach World Cup

Italy stunned as Sweden beat Azzurri on aggregate to reach World Cup
Italy defeat no surprise: Sweden is jinx opponent
The Italy players, who along with their 69-year-old coach Gian Piero Ventura, are likely to face long inquests, collapsed onto the pitch in despair at the final whistle and even veterans such as Giorgio Chiellini were inconsolable.

The Italian league was once where the likes of Diego Maradona, Marco van Basten and Ruud Gullit came to play in the primes of their careers. It’s where Kaka won the Ballon d’Or award with AC Milan in 2007 — the last time anyone besides Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo claimed the honour.

Italy defeat no surprise: Sweden is jinx opponent

A nation mourns: The saddest reactions to Italy's World Cup flop

World Cup NIT? U.S. Soccer is exploring the possibility of a tournament of World Cup non-qualifiers.But no one would actually do this… right? We’re all joking? Right? RIGHT?
Questa è l'Apocalisse
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Mutiny in Italy camp symbolic of demise under Gian Piero Ventura
Mutiny in Italy camp symbolic of demise under Gian Piero Ventura

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US Soccer looking into tourney for non-World Cup teams

Why a World Cup NIT needs to happen this summer

Powerhouse Italy Copes With The 'Indelible Stain' Of Missing The World Cup

It’s also been suggested Italy could have used friendlies to build their world ranking and avoid Spain in qualifying. They’d won only five out of 21 non-qualifiers, losing to the USA and Haiti.

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“I just said we were near the end and had to win, so send the strikers to warm up,” said De Rossi. “I pointed to Insigne, too. I just thought perhaps it was better that Insigne come on instead.”International EPL La-Liga Bundesliga Champions League Europa League ISL India Fifa-U17 Transfers Football Videos Fantasy Tennis Tennis Home ATP WTA India Tennis Videos More Sports More Sports Home

Ventura confirms intention to resign after Italy's World Cup failure

It marks the first time Italy will not be at a World Cup since 1958 when, coincidentally, Sweden were the host nation. 

Sources: US Soccer, SUM and FOX in preliminary talks about tournament with World Cup outcasts

There was disbelief among the 75,000 fans in Milan’s San Siro stadium with 14.8 million stunned Italians watching their national team fall from grace on television.
Italy defeat no surprise: Sweden is jinx opponent
Italy defeat no surprise: Sweden is jinx opponent

The lingering problems affecting Italy’s domestic league might just be the reason for the country’s failure to qualify for next year’s World Cup.This Tool Will Help You To Not Overpay For Your Next Used ..Orange Book Value

US Soccer, SUM Look Into Hosting Other Notable Nations Who Missed World Cup

Carlo Tavecchio’s presidency has been turbulent from the get-go: with many Italians outraged that he could win an election in the first place despite remarks about “banana eaters” flooding the league. There is a valid discussion to be had about whether a growing foreign presence – 53.3 per cent of Serie A players hail from abroad, according to – has harmed the national team, but never on such grim racist terms.

Oh no, US Soccer is really starting a World Cup NIT, isn't it?

It’s a shock to the system. No team apart from Germany had qualified more World Cups consecutively, and only one, Brazil, has won the tournament more times. Italy is a giant of world soccer in a way that only a handful of other countries are.

England to face Netherlands and Italy in World Cup warm-ups

For many the defeat reflected a profound malaise in Italian football with the 2006 World Cup triumph having been followed by group-stage exits from the last two World Cups.

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A nation mourns: The saddest reactions to Italy's World Cup flop
A nation mourns: The saddest reactions to Italy's World Cup flop

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Buffon, De Rossi, Chiellini, Barzagli All to Retire from Italy After World Cup Failure

Such talks have begun, and the result could be another event for soccer fans to look forward to in 2018. Preliminary discussions have already taken place between U.S. Soccer, Soccer United Marketing and FOX about trying to put together a summer tournament featuring top teams that won’t take part in the World Cup, sources with knowledge of the conversations confirmed to Goal.

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U.S. Soccer and Soccer United Marketing are, indeed, looking into “possibility” of bringing non-World Cup sides such as Italy, Netherlands, Ghana, Chile to U.S. next summer for tournament or series of matches. Probably a longshot but worth a try.

Sweden fans respond to booing Italy supporters by singing 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life'

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Aside from the U.S., Italy and the Netherlands, Chile, Ireland, Ghana and Wales are some of the high-profile teams set to miss out on the 2018 World Cup, with the U.S. and Italy having seen lengthy World Cup streaks snapped in dramatic fashion.

But the sequence of England’s last 11 friendly opposition reads: Brazil, Germany, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Turkey, Holland, Germany, France. In fairness, the FA have not sought to hide. That’s barely been acknowledged within these shores, where the lack of euphoria over England qualification is now taken as a fact of life.Close Local Teams NFL NCAAF NBA NCAAB MLB NHL No team results found. Show League List Edit Favorite Reporters close Remove or add reporters to and from your list of favorites
“It is an intolerable football shame, an indelible stain.In a tournament of many firsts, it was befitting that the two best technically sound teams met at the finale — first ever all European final.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Three reasons behind Italy's qualification 'apocalypse'

“I'm not sorry for myself but all of Italian football, because we failed at something which also means something on a social level.” After the game, the dedicated Swedish contingent in the stands, fans who were rooting for the Swedes even deep in Italian territory, tried to offer their counterparts a little bit of solace. Huddled in the upper decks, clad in gold, they appeared to belt out a rendition of “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”:Teach your child Numbers, Spellings, Pronunciations and

United stars make the World Cup finals

The great Gianluigi Buffon, playing a competitive game for Italy for the last time, wept as he left the field. When you’re Italy, no matter how poorly you’ve played, you cannot possibly be prepared to miss the World Cup.

Fox Sports first reported the discussions at halftime of the U.S. national team’s friendly against Portugal on Tuesday.

FIFA is reportedly also likely to shoot down any proposal which may distract from its showpiece in Russia.

{* #signInForm *} {* signInEmailAddress *} {* currentPassword *} {* backButton *} Sign In {* /signInForm *} is a division of Postmedia Inc. Privacy FAQ Resend Verification Email Sorry, we could not verify your email address. Please enter your email below, and we’ll resend the instructions for email verification.        Apocalypse, how? The Italian Football Federation’s president, Carlo Tavecchio, had defined the prospect of missing out on the 2018 World Cup as a disaster of biblical proportions. Now the worst has come to pass, the Azzurri failing to qualify for the first time in 60 years, after losing their play-off with Sweden. All that remains for a proud football nation is to analyse where it went wrong.But in a strictly footballing sense, you could have this failure coming a mile away.Italy’s state of introspection bore all the hallmarks of a full-blown English inquisition.November 15th 20176 hours ago/display/ news and galleries/Football/ America is still picking up the pieces from its qualification trainwreck.Source:AFPBut if anyone can round up some venues, a TV deal, and a cash guarantee for participating teams, it’s SUM. If they’re genuinely looking into the possibility of getting these teams together for some games in the United States, they shouldn’t be laughed off.

De Rossi, Barzagli and Buffon were all part of Italy’s World Cup winning squad in 2006, while Chiellini made his major tournament debut two years later at Euro 2008.

England has lost its last two meetings with the Dutch, who failed to even reach the World Cup qualifying play-offs after finishing third in Group A, including a 2-1 loss on home soil in March 2016.

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England to face Netherlands and Italy in World Cup warm-ups

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England to face Holland and Italy in friendlies ahead of 2018 World Cup

post read: “Thank you Gigi Buffon for a legacy of class and memories.”

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'A national shame': Local papers react harshly to Italy's World Cup failure

Mediaset and asked whether he intends to quit, the 69-year-old simply replied by saying “yes”.

Grazie Gigi: Buffon bows out the same way as he played – by uniting a nation

That he was not up to this task, with hindsight, is clear. Italy’s talent pool has dwindled since their 2006 World Cup win and, despite the recent success of Atalanta with a squad founded on homegrown talent, investment in academy systems remains patchy. “In Spain the big clubs spend at least 10 per cent of their enormous turnover on their youth teams,” noted one editorial in Tuesday’s Gazzetta dello Sport. “In Italy the most virtuous get to €10m.”Somehow it’s gotten worse since America’s famous loss to Trinidad and Tobago.Source:AFPIt was a huge ask of the Brazil-born player who had not previously played a competitive game for Italy.

Italy top high-profile World Cup absentees Four-time champions Italy have missed out on 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification, a day before Australia's hopes go on the line against Honduras.

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