It’s rare to launch big TV shows during the holidays. Syfy and History are doing just that.

It's rare to launch big TV shows during the holidays. Syfy and History are doing just that.
Happy Trails!: Join Us for Bleeding Cool's Happy! Live-Blog!
(window._jsqueue=window._jsqueue||[]).push(“3cd8f2fe-b69c-40b6-be5f-f343f3bfba78”); I would have to agree with that, since 2017 had quite possibly the biggest assortment of weird TV series of any year in the medium’s history. And Happy! makes a fine contribution to the list, regardless of how obsessively close it actually stays to the source material.

This is, to put it mildly, not the kind of performance that wins awards, though if there were any justice it would. When you consider all the challenges that Meloni is presented with here, it’s astonishing that he’s able to seem so comfortable and unaffected in every frame he inhabits. From the instant Meloni’s face appears onscreen, you believe in this fundamentally ridiculous character, a disgraced, puffy-eyed, constantly drunk or drug-addled ex-cop who can kill any number of people effortlessly with guns, knives, his bare hands, and whatever household objects happen to be available. Meloni plays this character as a man who knows how preposterous he is and how far he’s fallen, but has decided to just enjoy the ride, no matter how bizarre or horrific it becomes. There’s zero vanity in this performance. He spends a good portion of the first episode running around in a flapping hospital gown. His hair has been slicked back in a way that doesn’t merely acknowledge his receding hairline, but perversely celebrates it. I have no idea what he did to make his voice sound the way it does; maybe he gargles with fish-tank gravel.And then Robertson sketched a series of Happy emoting, which you can see exclusively here (there’s some more sketches in the gallery below).Speechless (ABC, 8:30 p.m.) – JJ and Ray win tickets to an early screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi but JJ is tempted to the dark side when a pretty classmate tries to convince him to give her his friend’s pass.
long way from Adam West’s Batman or even the more recent Dean Cain in Lois & Clark. And for a certain type of fan, that’s a very welcome development.Underground and honed his comedic chops on quite a few shows — he was one of the best parts of Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer shows — Meloni is strengthened all the more by his past as Eliot Stabler, which serves as a fantastic way to almost unwittingly infer a backstory from Nick Sax himself. Even if the SVU vet wasn’t playing another detective, I think audiences would still perceive Nick as a rough-edged hero rather than the permanently intoxicated assassin we’re introduced to.Nick gets beat up quite a bit. Suffer any injuries? I got a volleyball-sized bruise on my right hamstring and I stretched out tendons in my left hand. But that’s all. Nothing Advil and a little bit of ice can’t take care of.

The Boys, his and Garth Ennis’ 72-issue 2006-2012 Dynamite (mostly) series about a supercharged Black Ops team that keeps the world safe from all the out-of-control superheroes flying around, treating the globe like a frat house.

‘Mudbound’ Director Dee Rees Breaks the Rules of Narrative and Finds Truth in the Cracks — Filmmaker Toolkit Podcast “I always lean toward brokenness,” said Rees. “I’m interested in the cracks: If you understand the cracks, then you can maybe better understand the thing.”
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But Brian Taylor, who co-wrote the pilot and serves as an executive producer, said he couldn’t help Meloni out. The actor would just have to trust him.

“Look, there’s a thousand TV shows out there,” says the show’s co-creator, Brian Taylor, surveying the graveyard scene a few yards away from his star. “There’s never been more media, so if you’re gonna do something, you’ve gotta try to make it special. We just want to make it be like, ‘Wow, I’ve never seen that show before.’”

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Syfy's HAPPY! Much Closer to INVISIBLES Than You Might Think, Says MORRISON

Will viewers find them? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe American viewing patterns are changing and people are looking for new TV to watch during the holidays. Or maybe Syfy and History don’t care and hope viewers find the shows via streaming or on demand someday.

'Happy!' Review: Ho-Ho-Holy Smokes, Patton Oswalt's Odd Couple Christmas Story Is Divine Lunacy

Law & Order SVU, but my second favorite role of his is the unhinged camp cook within the Wet Hot American Summer universe. Happy allows Meloni to flex both muscles. His character, disgraced cop-turned-hitman Nick Sax, constantly teeters on the edge of explosion (albeit physical or emotional). He can offer a quick and crude quip before dismantling a quartet of other hitmen and walk away a little dazed but no worse for the wear after a bus accident. He has the invincibility of The Tick but the sensibilities of Deadpool when viewers first meet him—basically, he’s the perfect centerpiece for a story this wild.Further ReadingHow Wet Hot American Summer redeemed Netflix’s comedic reputationHappy, SyFy’s new series drawing upon the Grant Morrison comic of the same name, is the kind of comic-inspired adaptation that may not have existed a few years back. The violence can be extreme, the concept itself (a twisted buddy-cop caper involving a disgraced hitman and an imaginary unicorn) is absurd, and the humor and situations definitely exist in the high-end of the TV-MA range. But as the array of content-hungry providers has diversified and comics as varied as The Walking Dead, Legion, and Preacher paved the way, a show like Happy can finally exist on television, too.

TV tonight: 'Happy' and 'Knightfall' premiere
TV tonight: 'Happy' and 'Knightfall' premiere
Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn’t yet watched Happy!’s premiere episode, titled “St. Nick.”

Christopher Meloni). Nick’s got some issues, like so many swaggering protagonists of bloody comic books do: he drinks, he gambles, he murders, he doesn’t call home. But that’s about to change, sort of. Happy (voiced by Patton Oswalt) — a furry, upbeat, anthropomorphized fantasy equine — is his new imaginary friend, and he has a Christmas mission for ol’ Nick. A creepy old man dressed as Santa Claus has been kidnapping children and imprisoning them in crates. Only Happy, and Nick, can get them out.the trailer for Happy!, it’s definitely going to be a dark, adult comedy that includes plenty of violence and action to live up to the graphic novel it’s based on, so Oswalt’s chipper voice in the middle of everything is sure to help lighten the mood.

Netflix stand-up special Annihilation, which premiered this fall and brought him back on-stage to give commentary on almost everything, from President Trump to white privilege. As Happy on Syfy’s Happy!, Oswalt probably isn’t going to be as vulgar as some of his stand-up content, but it’s just another platform for the very recognizable voice of the comedian to shine.

The Profane, Insane Plan to Make SyFy's Happy! the Weirdest Show on TV

Is it safe to say this is a no-kids zone, despite the animation? There’s an M for “mature audiences” in the opening crawl!

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'Happy!' Review: Christopher Meloni Brings Charm to Syfy's Dark Action-Comedy Series

‘Happy!’ Review: Christopher Meloni Brings Charm to Syfy’s Dark Action-Comedy Series

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Who Voices Happy On Syfy's 'Happy!'? The Famous Actor Has Lent His Voice To A Lot Of Shows Over The Years

(window._jsqueue=window._jsqueue||[]).push(“0109f75a-b560-462f-bda5-80bf52d993a1”); (window._jsqueue=window._jsqueue||[]).push(“1d653077-6200-4809-8169-f0ff827fc5b1”); (window._jsqueue=window._jsqueue||[]).push(“4342f2a8-3a4d-4bd4-9b2c-2359f0793d53”); While many actors bounce from role to role without ever necessarily landing a signature character, Christopher Meloni will likely always be remembered for his years on Law & Order: SVU. Not only because it’s a show that’s been watched by a bazillion people, but also because of the authoritative gravitas the actor brought on a weekly basis, much in the way his former co-star Mariska Hargitay is still delivering it. Having him go full-on wackadoo for Happy! likely would have come across as a misguided plan in the months after Meloni exited SVU.

Happy!: Off-the-wall series pairs private eye with winged horse

Demi Lovato Rips ‘Time’ Magazine For Hypocritical Choice Of…

By creating a account, you agree with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.if(adsNinjaWinnerAds[‘below main pic’]){document.write(adsNinjaWinnerAds[‘below main pic’].content);} 96 Shares ShareOn Facebook Tweet Pin It Email Comment if(adsNinjaWinnerAds[‘ic header’]){document.write(adsNinjaWinnerAds[‘ic header’].content);} Law & Order: SVU alum Christopher Meloni is swapping his old partner in for Patton Oswalt in Happy!. Premiering tonight on Syfy, the TV series (based on the graphic novel by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson) finds disgruntled cop turned hit man Nick Sax (Meloni), shot while out on a job. The near-death experience – or perhaps his overindulgence in drugs and alcohol – causes him to see Happy (voiced by Oswalt), a disgustingly cheerful, blue-winged horse. It turns out he’s the imaginary friend of Hailey, a young girl who has kidnapped by the deranged Very Bad Santa. Only Happy can lead Nick to her whereabouts — that is, if he can get his act together, overcome his addictions and avoid the goons hot on his trail.

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Syfy's 'Happy!' Season 1 Premiere Spoilers: Episode 1 Synopsis, Trailer And Cast

Happy!, then, becomes a gross, flawed holiday treat. You might be stuck on that car ride with all those film bros, but you’re at least going home for Christmas. And isn’t that nice?

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Is Taylor Swift a “Silence Breaker”? The case for and against her place on Time’s cover. Swift’s place in the #MeToo movement is the source of much debate. “Unfit to be President”: 58 House Democrats want to start debating the impeachment of Donald Trump The Democratic split over impeaching President Trump just burst into the open. Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, explained “Today we finally acknowledge the obvious: that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.” Steve Bannon lashes out at Mitt Romney in Alabama. This is probably just the beginning. The next round might be over a Utah Senate seat. How the alt-right duped MSNBC into firing one of its contributors An online community weaponized the political commentator Sam Seder’s satirical 2009 tweet. ChorusAds.cmd.push(function() {ChorusAds.addVariable(“trending_sidebar”, [“true”])}); Vox Sentences The news, but shorter, delivered straight to your inbox.For those familiar with Brian Taylor‘s output thus far, from the notorious Crank to the easily forgettable Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, the cocaine-rush camerawork and general spazzed-out tone of Syfy’s Happy!, his latest TV project, will not come as a surprise. As with those films, the energy that Taylor and his creative colleagues bring to Happy! in the way of its blitzkrieg editing, effects-heavy imagery, and the aforementioned antic camerawork animates what is otherwise an extremely lazy yet agreeably quirky story. Taylor, who created and adapted the series with Grant Morrison, who penned the source material of the same name, is still a technical virtuoso — he’s a far more audacious student of the Michael Bay playbook than Zack Snyder — but his choice in narrative here puts his very real talents toward material that could only please the most insufferable, self-important, and cynical type of audience.

This show would be violent style-over-substance to a needless degree were it not for the endless pleasure of watching Meloni turn himself into a cartoon character. The eponymous imaginary friend is the actual animated figure in Happy!, and he interacts decently with the live-action environments and is given vivid life thanks to Oswalt’s childlike enthusiasm, but Happy feels positively grounded compared to Nick.

Nrama: So, what are some of the biggest challenges of expanding the story to that length? When we spoke with you last year, you talked about how much you enjoyed working with a writers’ room, and having others help you realize this.New ‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 Trailer Reveals the Trek-Inspired “U.S.S. Callister”

“Roger Rabbit meets Quentin ­Tarantino.” That’s how Christopher Meloni sums up his bonkers new series, Happy!, based on a graphic novel by legendary comic book writer Grant Morrison.

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Daniel Fienberg of The Hollywood Reporter gives us an idea of what to expect:

It's rare to launch big TV shows during the holidays. Syfy and History are doing just that.
It's rare to launch big TV shows during the holidays. Syfy and History are doing just that.

Happy!’s most captivating attribute in these early days.Christopher Meloni has had quite a few TV roles since vacating the role of Detective Eliot Stabler on Law & Order: SVU, Syfy’s darkly comedic thriller Happy! provides him his first chance to show off the full spectrum of his acting skills back in a leading role. Disgraced detective Nick Sax is nothing like Eliot Stabler, but that doesn’t mean Meloni’s star-making role doesn’t factor into Happy!. Comic and show creator Grant Morrison spoke with CinemaBlend about his bonkers and faithful adaptation, and he agreed with me that Meloni’s dignified work on SVU added another level to his performance.This content is available customized for our international audience. Switch to US edition?Share This Article Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Email Print Talk Syfy

The Late Late Show With James Corden: Kristen Wiig, Morgan Freeman, Seth MacFarlane

Based on the graphic novel by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson, Happy! brings Law & Order: SVU star Christopher Meloni back to television with a whole new look. Meloni plays Nick Sax, a corrupt and drunk ex-cop turned hit man. After a hit gone wrong, he starts envisioning an imaginary and relentlessly peppy blue winged horse named “Happy” (voiced by Patton Oswalt) who changes his life. The dark comedy is a big swerve for Meloni, but the absurdist humor is just up Oswalt’s alley, and the two make a good pair.

Chris Meloni as Nick Sax on ‘Happy!'(Photo: Syfy)

A clothing-based investigation.FuboTV: SyFy is included in the “Fubo Premier” channel package, which costs $19.99 per month for the first two months and $39.99 per month after that. It comes with a free 7-day trial, and you can watch on your computer via your browser, or on your phone, tablet or streaming device via the FuboTV appHappy!. I always felt like – though we’d done just four issues of the series, because that was all Darrick had time to draw – that the characters had more legs, had room to expand. I came up with a much deeper mythology behind the series, and when the opportunity came about to expand it, I was ready to go. There are many more characters, many ways in which the story will go.
Movies The Predator will examine why the creatures come to Earth Movies Report: Netflix eyeing unconventional deal for Natalie Portman sci-fi thriller Annihilation Videos WATCH: Erica Henderson draw Marvel’s Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Videos WATCH: Robert Kirkman on starting in comics, working for Image, The Walking Dead, and more Exclusive look at original Happy! character sketches Contributed by Adam Pockross @AdPoc Share This Post Shared 0 Comments With everything that Eisner-nominated artist Darick Robertson has accomplished in his 20-plus years in the comics biz — creating Space Beaver as a 17-year-old, penciling for both Marvel and D.C., co-creating beloved works with the likes of Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, and Grant Morrison – it’s a wonder that Robertson’s creations hadn’t already been adapted for TV or movies. But it’s better late than never, and that unlikely streak changes with Happy!, the 2012 Image Comics miniseries he created with Morrison, debuting in live action on SYFY Wednesday night.Knightfall (HIST, 10:00 p.m.) – History’s newest drama chronicles the rise, but mostly the fall of the Knights Templar who were persecuted, tortured, and burned at the stake in 1307. In the opening episode, a Knight named Landry has doubts about the Order’s destiny as the brothers take up arms to defend one of their own.
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