Paul Ryan says Farenthold made “right decision” to retire after sexual harassment allegations

Paul Ryan says Farenthold made
Fourth lawmaker forced from Congress amid sexual misconduct allegations
Politico reported the congressman from Texas was accused of using taxpayer money to settle a lawsuit with his former communications director. She alleged Farenthold sexually harassed her and created a hostile work environment.

Blake Farenthold is the latest member of Congress to announce he wont run for re-election after charges of sexual misconduct.Farenthold, who turned 56 this week, has been under intense fire since it was disclosed that he settled a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former aide with $84,000 in taxpayers’ money. He has said the settlement was a strategic decision to put the matter to rest even though he insists the charges are untrue.

Fourth lawmaker forced from Congress amid sexual misconduct allegations

Farenthold won't seek reelection

Congress is reviewing its workplace policies on sexual harassment after a number of lawmakers have been accused of sexual misconduct in recent weeks amid a wave of such allegations against powerful men in entertainment, politics and the media.

Republicans who won't be coming back to Congress after 2018 midterm elections

“Congress must work harder to hold ourselves to a higher standard, which is why the House took action to ensure this body is a safe and constructive workplace for all,” Stivers said in a statement. “However, there is still more work to be done.”

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Farenthold retiring from House amid harassment accusations

Why it matters: The survey — which was conducted over the summer, prior to the #MeToo movement — reveals that the scales are still vastly tipped in men’s favor.

Pozzi also thought of the six Republican candidates vying for the 27th District of Texas seat, Bech Bruun, the former chair of the Texas Water Development Board, and Michael Cloud, the former Victoria County Republican Party Chair, have the best chance of success.

Speaking at a press conference on Capitol Hill, Ryan told reporters Farenthold was “making the right decision to retire”.

“Quite simply my constituents deserve better,” he said. “They deserve a primary campaign that’s focused on the serious issues facing our country and our state and fixing a broken system. Therefore I’m announcing my decision not to run for re-election.”opened an investigation into the allegations.

Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold announces he's not running for re-election

In addition, Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., stepped down last week after charges he had asked former staffers to serve as surrogate mothers, and Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, said he won’t seek re-election after a nude photo of him appeared online.
The Virginia lawmaker, who has been in Congress since 1993, said he has discussed whether to run for re-election with his wife, Maryellen, every two years. This year’s conversation, Goodlatte said, was different.The accusations surfaced as the House Ethics Committee continues its investigation into Farenthold, following a Politico report that Lauren Greene, his former communications director, received an $84,000 taxpayer-funded settlement after suing the congressman in 2014 for sexual harassment, gender discrimination and a hostile work environment.First elected to Congress in 2010, Farenthold was part of the massive wave that landed the GOP in control of the U.S. House. His race was a late-developing upset in what most political operatives believed was a safely Democratic seat. 

US Rep. Blake Farenthold won't seek re-election, will complete his term

An error has occurred while trying to update your details. Please contact us.Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Texas, announced Thursday that he won’t seek re-election next year in a video statement published on his Facebook page. He has been under pressure from sexual misconduct allegations that surfaced three years ago but have come under renewed focus.

GOP Rep. Farenthold Quits Race After Misconduct Scandal

CNN reported that a former senior aide to Farenthold told the House Ethics Committee that the lawmaker was “verbally abusive and sexually demeaning” to his staff.Farenthold represents a south Texas seat, and had already attracted primary challengers before his decision to not seek re-election.

Rep. Farenthold Not Seeking Re-election After Sexual Misconduct Claims

Dave Reichert Rep. Dave Reichert, R-Wash., has served seven terms in Congress.  (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

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Report: U.S. Rep. Blake Farenthold Settled Sexual Harassment Claim With Taxpayer Funds By Abby Livingston, Texas Tribune • Dec 1, 2017 Bob Daemmrich / The Texas Tribune WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Blake Farenthold settled a sexual harassment claim brought by a former staffer with $84,000 in taxpayer funds, according to a Politico report published Friday.

US Rep. Farenthold Of Texas To Retire Amid Sexual Harassment Scandal

congressman used $84,000 of taxpayer dollars to settle a harassment claim by a former communications director, who said Farenthold told her had had “sexual fantasies” and “wet dreams” about her.

Born in Havana, Cuba, Ros-Lehtinen is considered a moderate Republican who was not a strong supporter of Trump.

Greene alleged she was fired after complaining about Farenthold’s behavior. She dropped the case after reaching a private settlement with the congressman.

last week in order to challenge Farenthold for the nomination. 

Texas GOP Rep. Blake Farenthold won’t seek re-election next year.
Do you feel the pressure at Christmas?Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Tex.), who settled a complaint with his former communications director but denied wrongdoing in the case, plans to serve out the rest of his term but will not seek reelection in 2018, he announced Thursday in a video posted to Facebook. His decision makes him the sixth lawmaker to fall over allegations of misconduct as Congress grapples with how to address what some aides have described as a culture of inappropriate behavior on Capitol Hill.

Report: Farenthold Won't Seek Reelection in Wake of Harassment Claims

Farenthold won't seek reelection
Farenthold won't seek reelection

House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan called the allegations disconcerting, including reports outlining “unacceptable behaviors.”CNN also reported Wednesday that another former aide, Michael Rekola, approached the Ethics Committee with allegations that Farenthold was verbally abusive and sexually demeaning to aides.In a written statement, Cloud’s campaign communications director, Brian Cruickshanks, said the circumstances that led Farenthold to withdraw from the race were unfortunate.Farenthold’s office and the Republican congressional campaign committee’s press offices did not respond to multiple requests for comments. Aides from both offices told TPM that the communications staff was in meetings.

House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan reportedly spoke with Mr Farenthold twice on Wednesday.

Canadians owe $1.71 for every dollar of disposable income they have — a new record highAsked by reporters if he denies the allegations against him, Farenthold said on Thursday, “There’ve been so many, I don’t know what all is going on.”One aide complained that Farenthold’s chief of staff treated women differently than men and another alleged that a female staffer made “inappropriate sexualized commentary in the workplace.” Farenthold’s spokeswoman told the Times that an attorney reviewed those complaints and did not find evidence of the inappropriate behavior.

told CNN that Farenthold often told sexually explicit jokes and would berate aides. Rekola said he had to seek psychological counseling and medical treatment because of Farenthold's behavior.

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Asked whether lawmakers should be able to continue sleeping in their Capitol Hill offices, Ryan said, “We sleep in our offices because we work until about midnight and we get up early, early in the morning.” Ryan called it a “convenience factor” and dismissed the idea that lawmakers see their staffers in their offices at night.
Republicans who won't be coming back to Congress after 2018 midterm elections
Republicans who won't be coming back to Congress after 2018 midterm elections

The committee said it was also looking into whether Farenthold had made inappropriate statements to other members of his staff.Rep. Blake Farenthold on Capitol Hill. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts {“@context”:””,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”thumbnailUrl”:””,”embedUrl”:””,”name”:”Speaker Ryan holds his weekly press conference”,”description”:”Live CBSN coverage of Speaker Ryan holding his weekly press conference”,”contentRating”:”MPAA PG-13″,”videoQuality”:”720p”,”publication”:{“@type”:”BroadcastEvent”,”isLiveBroadcast”:true,”startDate”:”2017-12-14T16:30:00.000Z”,”endDate”:”2017-12-14T17:30:00.000Z”},”uploadDate”:”2017-12-14T16:30:00.000Z”}Share on Twitter Share via Email View more sharing options Share on LinkedIn Share on Pinterest Share on Google+ Share on WhatsApp Share on Messenger Close A fourth US lawmaker has been forced out of Congress amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

Michael Rekola, who served as Farenthold’s communications director in 2015, told CNN that Farenthold berated aides and often told sexually explicit jokes. Ahead of his wedding, Rekola said Farentold warned him in front of other staffers: “Better have your fiancée blow you before she walks down the aisle – it will be the last time.”Editorial:  My son is not a f***tard, congressman.

He said “off-hand comments” and “off-color jokes” were “less than professional.” He added that the “stress” of the job sometimes led to “angry outbursts” on his part.

After Slew of Complaints, Congressman Calls It Quits

Copyright © 2017 CBS Interactive Inc.All rights reserved.The news comes after CNN reported Thursday that a former staffer, Michael Rekola, had approached the Congressional Ethics Committee with claims of verbally abusive and sexually demeaning behavior that he experienced while he worked for Farenthold in 2015. Farenthold’s behavior ranged from making lewd comments about women to throwing objects when he was upset to calling staffers “fucktards,” according to CNN.

The reality: Manigault, along with Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, was one of two black officials among Trump’s three dozen-plus team of Cabinet members and senior staffers.

Report: Farenthold Won't Seek Re-Election After Male Former Aide Reveals More Inappropriate Behavior

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Rep. Farenthold to resign in 2019 after sexual harassment stories surface

By Tim Alberta and Rachael Bade

Farenthold represents a red-tinted south Texas seat, and had already attracted primary challengers before his decision to not seek reelection. Michael Cloud, member of the Texas Republican Executive Committee, launched a bid in October. Bech Bruun, former Texas Water Development Board chairman, is also expected to get into the race.

Fourth lawmaker forced from Congress amid sexual misconduct allegations
Fourth lawmaker forced from Congress amid sexual misconduct allegations

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