DVP, Bayview reopen after flooding closure ahead of expected cold snap

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There’s no way to argue with GM Sean Burke’s selections. Everyone’s too busy Googling the unfamiliar names heading for a Winter Olympics tournament minus NHLers, where expectations shouldn’t be sky high, Dave Feschuk writes.

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“},{“type”:”ad”,”display”:”small-only”,”pos”:”1″,”sizes”:[[300,250]],”interstitial”:true,”name”:”MobileMiddleArticleBigBox”},{“type”:”text”,”text”:”The flooding can be chalked up to rain rising water levels along the Don River, according to police. Unusually warm temperatures over the past several days have resulted in a lot of melting snow.

Flooding left a large stretch of the Don Valley Parkway and Bayview Extension underwater and closed in both directions for much of the night. By 6 a.m. Friday morning, lanes on both sets of roads had been re-opened.

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