Updated: French courts drop terror allegations against Ottawa prof Hassan Diab

Bayne, confirmed Friday that Diab was no longer under suspicion and the judges have declared the investigation closed. Bayne also said the investigation’s evidence proved Diab’s innocence.

“He missed three years, two months of the lives of his children that he will never get it back, no matter what. That’s gone from his life. That’s gone from their life. That’s gone from our life.”

Diab’s French lawyers told CBC News that he is now in Paris. Diab is technically free to return to Canada, but he lacks the documents to leave the country and is working with the Canadian embassy to get the necessary paperwork to do so. 

Terrorism charges against Ottawa professor dropped in France

The Lebanese-Canadian was arrested by RCMP in November 2008 and was under house arrest for three years before he was extradited to France in 2014. He had spent the last three years in prison after being charged with first-degree murder in a 1980 Paris synagogue bombing that killed four people.

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