The many winding paths of Joshua Boyle

“He wrote about Nazis, terrorists, and killers, not because he sympathized with them, but because he thought it was important for people to understand them. He hated that people could be reduced to soundbites and caricatures, because that’s the point where critical thinking stops,” Edwards wrote. He declined to be interviewed this week given Boyle’s charges.

After the break-in, Boyle started to be recognized at rallies and protests, beefy and bearded, with the same long hair from high school, often standing near Zaynab Khadr. He was at a protest in Toronto in 2009 over former U.S. Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton’s visit.

Boyle said the window to visit was closing because the security situation would only get worse, Cronin wrote.

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Boyle recently mused that he might return to Perth-Andover, but Brown said he may not be welcome — not because of his links to the Khadrs or his strange odyssey, but if he is found guilty of sex offences.

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