Ventura County investigators conduct search of actress Heather Locklears home

Ventura County investigators conduct search of actress Heather Locklear\s home
Ventura County investigators conduct search of actress Heather Locklear\s home
Share Sarah Hearon Mar 7th 2018 8:52PM Heather Locklear is in treatment after her arrest for domestic violence, multiple sources confirm to Us Weekly.

As previously reported, Locklear was charged with a felony of domestic violence and three counts of battery against an officer last month. Ventura County Sheriffs Office spokesperson Capt. Garo Kuredjian previously told Us that police responded to a 911 call about a domestic dispute at the actress home on February 25. Locklears boyfriend, Chris Heisser, was also at the scene.

During the officers investigation Locklear was uncooperative and agitated, she was not only verbally uncooperative, but physically abusive to officers, Kuredjian told Us at the time. She attacked three of our deputies and was arrested, there was also evidence that she had battered her boyfriend. She assaulted three separate officers and was struggling with them even as they tried to get into that car, she kicked or hit the deputies.

More details of Locklears arrest emerged on Tuesday, March 6. Officers raided her home for a gun after she told deputies she would shoot them if they ever came back to her house again at the time of her arrest, Ventura County Sheriffs Offices Sgt. Eric Buschow told Us Weekly.

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Actress Heather Locklear has checked herself into a treatment facility after her recent arrest on suspicion of felony domestic violence, according to E! News.

On Feb. 27, police officers responded to a domestic violence call from Locklear’s boyfriend, Chris Heisser. 

“Locklear told deputies she would shoot them if they ever came to her house again,” the Thousand Oaks Police Department told E! News in a statement. In response to Locklear’s threat, police reportedly searched Locklear’s home on Tuesday, looking for the gun.

During the February arrest, Locklear, 56, reportedly became “combative” and allegedly struck three officers. She was arrested on a felony domestic violence charge and three counts of misdemeanor battery of an officer.

According to TMZ, police realized the actress had a handgun registered in her name, which she obtained in 1985. The gun was not found at the time of the search, the website said, citing unnamed law enforcement sources.

The actress was not in her home when police arrived with the search warrant this week, as she had checked herself into a treatment facility, according to TMZ.

E! News reported that this is Locklear’s sixth stint in  rehab. 

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