No forgiveness for killer: Murder victims brother

No forgiveness for killer: Murder victim\s brother
Ill never forgive you: Victim impact statements at hearing for Calgary killer
For his "vicious and brutal" crime of raping and murdering a Calgary woman he'd met only hours earlier, a remorseless Curtis Healy was sentenced Monday to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years.

"It wasn't enough for you to just kill her, you had to degrade her," said Justice Charlene Anderson before sentencing Healy.

Dawns Baptiste's battered body was found two days after she was beaten, raped and murdered on Feb. 11, 2015. 

The overwhelming case presented by prosecutors Carla MacPhail and Samantha Manning included Healy's full confession to police and DNA evidence.

Baptiste had met Healy earlier that night on the C-Train. After getting off at the Whitehorn station, Healy began walking with his soon-to-be victim but she told him she had to get to her friend's house.

When she rejected his sexual advances, Healy began his attack, beating Baptiste to the ground and stomping on her head. 

He dragged her into a nearby backyard where he raped his face down, unconscious victim and then used a rock to "finish her off," by smashing Baptiste in the head.

A passerby found Baptiste face down in the backyard, a rock caked in her blood and hair was near her body.

During his interview with a homicide detective, Healy appeared to be concerned only for himself, the judge noted. 

But Healy's lawyers, Shamsher Kothari and Curtis Mennie, say their client was medicated, hungover and has cognitive impairments.

"To be able to sift through all of those issues to find remorse is something better left for a psychiatrist or a doctor to opine on," said Kothari.

And although Baptiste's family members say they are ready to move forward, Kothari says he will appeal Healy's conviction.

Earlier in the sentencing hearing on Monday, seven of Baptiste's family members and friends delivered victim impact statements describing their loss and pain. Most of them — who were dressed in red T-shirts with her photo on the front — addressed Healy directly.

"You couldn't or didn't understand 'no,'" said Darlene Bear, one of Baptiste's best friends. 

Alex Baptiste told Healy he will "never forgive" him. He spoke of his sister's four children who are now without a mother.

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Family members of Dawns Baptiste. Louise Baptiste, left to right, Alex Baptiste and Michelle Baptiste are shown in this recent photo. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Lauren Krugel

CALGARY — Loved ones of a Calgary woman who was raped and murdered in 2015 say theyll never forgive her killer and the brutal nature of the crime has caused lasting harm.

Curtis Healy was found guilty of first-degree murder Friday in the death of Dawns Baptiste, a 31-year-old mother of four. He received an automatic life sentence with no chance of parole for 25 years.

The tall, lanky 29-year-old stood silently with his hands clasped in front while the sentence was read.

"You took away my little sister. You took away a mother that had future goals," he said. "Ill never forgive you for this. You took away my niece and my nephews mother. My mothers without a daughter, a beautiful daughter."

"He had no sign of remorse or anything. I dont know how a person like that can live with themselves."

Queens Bench Justice Charlene Anderson called Healys crime "reprehensible and beyond comprehension" and "senseless, vicious and brutal."

"She was loved and important to her friends and her family and her children, and your actions have robbed them forever of her love and support."

Some relatives described getting sick, having to switch jobs and seeing relationships break down as a result of the ordeal that began 3 1/2 years ago.

A few described being afraid to ride on light-rail transit or suffering anxiety when passing by the northeast Calgary station Healy and Baptiste stopped at the night he killed her.

After Baptiste told Healy to leave her alone, he stomped her head, hit her with a bottle, dragged her into a back yard, raped her and struck her with a large rock. She was found a day later in the snow, facedown with her lower body exposed.

Cousin Louise Baptiste said she lost weight, fell into a depression, nearly had to quit her masters degree and had to switch to a job where she didnt have to take the C-Train.

"Dawns had a very kind heart. She was quiet, but she was always laughing every time she was with her kids."

Her children are now between the ages of five and 13. The youngest was just a baby when Baptiste was killed.

Defence lawyer Shamser Kothari said his client was surprised and shocked at the conviction and that there are numerous grounds on which to appeal.

He said those include a warrant that was not executed for a material witness, cognitive issues Healy had during the police interview in which he confessed and the fact that some jurors went for drinks at a hotel restaurant with TVs on and other patrons present while they were to have been sequestered.

"All of those issues combined obviously have to be taken to the Court of Appeal at some point."

Cousin Verlyn Baptiste said the murder will always haunt her family, but they must pick up the pieces.

"He got what he deserved. He showed no mercy for her, so why should we show mercy for him?" she said after the sentencing.

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