Family affected twice in 3 months by gun violence in Niagara Falls

Family affected twice in 3 months by gun violence in Niagara Falls
Family impacted twice by gun violence in Falls
NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB) – The Niagara Falls community is mourning the loss of a beloved convenience store owner.

Wednesday night 69-year-old Ahmad Alsaid was gunned down while working at his Niagara Street store, Bridgeway Market. Alsaid died from his injuries.

"He always loved to be around people, as much as possible and he would find the time for every and each one," said Saeed Alsaid, son of Ahmad.

"Poppy was a man that cared for the people, he was of the people and by the people," said Alsaid's friend, Thomas Mayes.

Alsaid was known as "Poppy" to the community. He owned his store for more than 20 years and treated his customers like family.

"If they know something to come forward, to not be cowardly like the men who came in here and attacked a 69 year-old man. He's had plenty of attempted armed robberies, usually he scared the attackers off, this time he wasn't so lucky. My husband was my best friend, he was the most wonderful man, I was with him for 20 years," said Alsaid's wife, Colleen Alsaid.

Colleen Alsaid says this is the second time gun violence has struck her family this year. In August, her nephew Seth O'Harrow and his friend Sam Musolino were shot outside a Niagara Falls Bar.

"The violence really got to stop. What if this was one of your loved ones, you know, this man had a big family. He's going to be truly, truly, truly missed," said Thomas Pryor, Alsaid's friend.

"It just really hasn't' hit me yet that he's gone, but I just know that he's gone to a better place," said Scott.

Ahmad “Poppy” Alsaid was taken from his wife of 20 years, 11 children, and 13 grandchildren after an armed robbery at his convenience store the Bridgeway Market.

His wife, Colleen, says this is the second time since August the family has been affected by a shooting in the Falls.

Now, they're coming together in a vigil, tired of mourning, but even more tired of the gun violence in Niagara Falls that has plagued their family.