Weekend GO trains will now run year-round between Niagara Falls and Toronto – Newstalk 610 CKTB (iHeartRadio)

Weekend GO trains will now run year-round between Niagara Falls and Toronto - Newstalk 610 CKTB (iHeartRadio)
Province announces major GO train expansion
GO trains will run all year-round on the weekends between Niagara Falls and Toronto's Union Station.

The Ontario government making the announcement today that it is adding nearly 150 weekly GO train trips – 84 new weekly train trips and extending 65 existing weekly trips.

"There is still no train that leaves Toronto and comes to KW in the morning which leaves 35,000 people out of the equation," she told CBC Kitchener-Waterloo. "Two-way, all-day GO will drive ridership, which will drive the economic potential and will address health and safety concerns." 

The new GO train trips include expanded service on the Lakeshore West line from Hamilton to Toronto, benefiting weekday commuters from Niagara, as well as year-round weekend GO train service between Niagara Falls and Union Station.

The new changes mean that some existing train service will now extend to Kitchener as a final destination, instead of stopping in Bramalea as most previous trains did in the evenings. This includes the 12:53 p.m. westbound train from Union and a new 9:53 p.m. train from Union. 

“Expanding GO Transit delivers on our promise to make Ontario Open for Business and Open for Jobs,” said Sam Oosterhoff, MPP for Niagara West.

"We will add 65 new and extended train trips on the Kitchener line, as we work towards two way, all day service in cities and towns between Kitchener and Toronto, " said Kinga Surma, Associate Minister of Transportation said in a press announcement Thursday. 

“More service options for commuters in Niagara will make taking the GO more reliable and give customers more choice when they plan their trips.”

The government announced they are also adding an afternoon train, making all station stops to Bramalea GO, as well as hourly evening train service to and from Bramalea GO, with the last train from Bramalea GO to Union Station leaving at 10:51 p.m. 

With governments putting a focus on housing, smaller and rural communities are trying to figure out and plan for where they fit in.

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The province announced on Thursday that Metrolinx will be adding dozens of new trips to their service – opening up more than 77,000 seats.

“More trains offering faster and more frequent service means people can choose the train that fits their schedule instead of planning their schedule around the train,” Ontario transportation minister Caroline Mulroney said.

"I've met with many investors … who want to make Waterloo region their home. But that lack of connectivity between Toronto and Waterloo Region is quite honestly an embarrassment," says Fife.

Eighty-four new weekly train trips will be added across the Kitchener, Lakeshore East and Lakeshore West lines starting Aug. 31.

A new express train option to Bramalea, making all station stops to Kitchener GO will leave Toronto at 6 p.m. each day, cutting the commute of those travelling to Kitchener by 20 minutes. 

That includes new late-night weekday service between Kitchener and Toronto’s Union Station and hourly weekday evening service between Brampton and Union Station.

There will now be 50 new weekly train trips on the Kitchener line, "bringing late-night weekday service," a release said. The changes take effect Aug. 31.

Mulroney said the core segment of GO’s network will have two-way, all-day rapid transit with service every 15 minutes.

Fife says it's hard to sell Waterloo region as a place for an "innovative, economic corridor" when the region doesn't have two-way GO service

“When fully implemented, the GO rail expansion program will provide faster and more frequent GO rail service to communities from Niagara Falls to Kitchener to Barrie to Oshawa and more.”

Thanks to the new changes to rail service, some Kitchener line trains will leave earlier, with others leaving up to eight minutes later for some existing stops. 

According to Metrolinx president Phil Verster, a new express option for Kitchener will save commuters 20 minutes a day.

“The service increases are really exciting parts of how we grow our commitment to our communities to move as many people as possible and bring that economic benefit to the region,” he explained.

Amy Fee, PC MPP for Kitchener South-Hespeler, said that while two-way all-day GO service was not addressed, today's announcement moves towards that. 

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Some existing trips along the Kitchener line, will now extend all the way to Kitchener, including afternoon trips like the 12:53 p.m. trip and the 2:47 p.m.

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