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OAKVILLE — Oakville MPP Stephen Crawford is circulating an anti-amalgamation petition, which residents who are concerned about the Province’s regional government review can sign.

The Progressive Conservative MPP discussed the petition and the Ford government’s regional government review during a presentation before the Joshua Creek Residents’ Association Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, March 26.

Two women and a man allegedly stole razors and medications adding up to almost $1,200 from the Cornwall Road Longo’s location on Saturday, March 16.

“I understand in recent weeks there has been some speculation from some circles that for the review of regional government we have already made our minds up — that this is a done deal, and we have made our minds up in terms of what we are going to do. I can tell you this is simply not true,” said Crawford.

“I want to clarify that the outcomes of this review are not predetermined. We want to encourage your input on this.”

The lone male is described as five-foot-nine with a medium build wearing a blue baseball cap with the word Calvin on the front.

The regional government review will examine Ontario’s eight regional municipalities (Halton, York, Durham, Waterloo, Niagara, Peel, Muskoka District and Oxford County), the County of Simcoe, and their lower-tier municipalities.

• Processes to deliver efficient and effective local services that respects taxpayers’ money;

“Ontario’s system of regional government has been in place for almost 50 years. In fact, Halton Region was formed in 1974 with a population of around 200,000. Today it’s approximately 550,000,” said Crawford.

“So, our needs have changed and grown over time … We need to take the time to better understand how these government structures are currently functioning and what we can do to improve service delivery to our residents.”

Some, including Oakville Mayor Rob Burton, have voiced concerns that the review could lead to an amalgamation of Halton’s municipalities.

Crawford said that option — along with many others — is on the table, but argued that amalgamation for Oakville and Halton appeared unlikely as both are very well run.

When asked about this own opinion on whether Oakville and the other Halton municipalities should be amalgamated, Crawford drew attention to a petition that he is circulating.

Language in the petition points to the Halton Region maintaining a AAA credit rating for 30 consecutive years due to “effective governance and prudent fiscal policies.”

“Therefore, we the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows,” read Crawford.

“That the Town of Oakville remain a distinct municipality within a two-tier Region of Halton municipal governance structure.”

Crawford encouraged those present, including Burton and members of Oakville council, to sign the petition.

His staff said that constituents who want to sign the petition can attend Crawford’s Oakville constituency office at 74 Rebecca St., Unit 1.

Crawford is also scheduled to attend the upcoming meetings of the Chartwell Maple Grove, Trafalgar Chartwell and Oakville Lakeside residents’ associations, where the petition will be made available for constituents to consider signing.

The petition was presented to residents at a meeting of the Clearview Oakville Community Alliance on the evening of March 21.

There is no deadline to sign; however, Crawford is encouraging constituents to consider signing over the coming weeks before Easter.

While Crawford did not say what his own opinion of amalgamation was during the meeting, he offered the following.

“I am happy to present this petition, if this is the voice of the people of Oakville, to the legislative assembly,” he said.

Halton police are asking for help identifying a man accused of breaking into vehicles in Oakville’s east end.

The suspect who police are calling the ‘Bicycle Bandit’ targeted three vehicles in the area of Maple Grove Dr. and Lakeshore Rd. before fleeing on a bicycle.

Police say the suspect is also thought to be responsible for a series of vehicle break-ins in the same area in the fall of 2018.

Police are reminding the public to never leave valuables inside their cars and always lock the doors.