Lyft and Uber to battle each other for drivers and riders in Toronto

Lyft and Uber to battle each other for drivers and riders in Toronto
Uber's biggest rival Lyft eyes Toronto expansion by year end
less than an hour before you need to leave, you will still only receive a fare estimate. The upfront fares are for non-procrastinators only. Also, if your scheduled trip takes much longer than expected or you make extra stops along the way, your upfront fare may increase.Point of view “He has done what he promised he would do: put America first.” Mark Davis Euronews reporter Worldraised $1bn in a funding round led by Alphabet’s growth investment fund, CapitalG. The round brought the ride hailing firm’s post-money valuation up to $11bn. The move into Toronto is Lyft’s first utilisation of the funds to expand internationally.

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Users have been asking for upfront pricing since scheduled rides became a thing, and Uber has confirmed that you’ll get that upfront rate as of today. You’ll see the locked in rate after scheduling the ride; it appears on the confirmation screen, as well as the ride listed under “Your Trips” in the app menu.Top two-wheeler makers fight for the second spot in bike and scooter segments

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Rahm Emanuel has proposed measures that essentially ease restrictions on taxi owners and operators rather than piling more restrictions on ride-share companies.

Ride-hailing service Lyft expanding to Toronto market

Ottawa Public Health warning of West Nile casesOnce again, Uber is coming through with the perfect new feature for the holiday season — but it just so happens that this year, it’s the feature we’ve been dreaming of for all these years. Never again do you have to stick around at that party for just a little bit longer in order to get the pricing down just a teeny-tiny bit, and you can completely forget about cutting your airport arrival horridly close in order to save a couple bucks — you can now officially beat the holiday surge by scheduling your ride in advance and locking in an upfront fare. The new feature works for scheduling rides that are between 60 minutes to 30 days in advance and will be rolled out to major cities across the US in the next week.“From brunch in Bloordale and belly laughs on Mercer St to polishing off some late-night poutine at your favourite burger joint out in Woodbridge, we know Toronto is the place to be,” said Lyft in a blog post. “Wherever we are, we know it matters how you get there, so we’ve got our toques on and we’re ready to take off.”

“We’ve been looking forward to taking our brand of ride-sharing international for some time, and we’re super pumped to share this with our close friends up north.”

Uber are introducing guaranteed fares on scheduled trips

The service will actually expand outside the city’s boundaries, operating between Hamilton and Oshawa, Ont., and as far north as Newmarket, Ont. LyftLine, which allows passengers heading to the same destination to share a ride for a discount, will be added at a later time.

Competition coming for Uber as Lyft announces Toronto expansion

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Uber now locks in the fare for your scheduled ride

Coun. Jesse Helmer says if Lyft wants to expand past Toronto, London's ready
Coun. Jesse Helmer says if Lyft wants to expand past Toronto, London's ready

Lyft drivers will be available to give rides as of mid-December, according to Houghton, with more registered cars coming in the early new year.

Amp” dashboard signs, has mostly avoided such headlines.Complete the form below to subscribe.

He said Lyft has a better corporate reputation than Uber, but otherwise offer similar services.

Summit's Ride Sharing Partnership Now Using Lyft

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Lyft begins its international journey, making Canada its first stop

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Uber is finally introducing upfront pricing for scheduled rides

Uber's biggest rival Lyft eyes Toronto expansion by year end
Uber's biggest rival Lyft eyes Toronto expansion by year end
Lyft has reportedly been considering an international expansion for some time, and Uber, its primary competitor, says it welcomes the competition.

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iPolitics asked Lyft whether it has any plans to set up shop in any other Canadian cities but did not receive a response by deadline. In March, a spokesperson said in an email that the company sees “tremendous potential for Lyft in Canada.”Have a news tip? Email most lobbied government institutions, based on last week’s filings, were:Join the discussion on Twitter @Trib_Ed_Board and on Facebook.

Rideshare wars: Lyft takes on Uber in Toronto in first battle outside of US

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Lyft goes international, to offer rides in Canada

The company, which has benefited from several scandals at Uber, is trying to raise the stakes in its rivalry with its much larger competitor. Lyft has begun exploring an initial public offering in 2018 and raised $1 billion in financing last month, getting support from Alphabet’s venture investment arm, CapitalG, along the way.

That’s no longer the easy way to identify a Lyft car. An Uber driver slaps a semi-transparent sticker on the car window so riders can identify them in a crush (they can be hard to spot, but handy if you’re trying to avoid the attention of angry protesting taxi drivers). In 2016, Lyft replaced the gigantic day-glow pink plush mustaches that used to adorn the front of its cars with a bulky, glowing dashboard device called Amp that is not only hard to ignore, but will change colour to match with an icon in the app to help a user identify which Lyft ride is here for you.

“More options can help reduce congestion and pollution as consumers increasingly make the switch from driving their own car to using shared mobility services,” the statement read.

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Lyft will launch in Toronto in its first push outside the US

City Hall’s getting the message.

“We’ve been a business for five years and have been focused entirely on the United States, so we were very deliberate when making a decision to launch in Toronto as our first international market,” John Zimmer, Lyft’s president and co-founder, told the Star in an exclusive interview.

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Lyft expands to Toronto, moving beyond US for the first time

Lyft, a competitor of Uber, announced Monday it plans to launch in Toronto by year’s end, making it the company’s first international market.

lots of traveling. Enjoying the holiday season and catching up with old pals shouldn’t put you in the poor house come January. Thanks to this ride-sharing app, you can now learn how to schedule an Uber and lock in the cost of the ride in advance of when you’ll need it, so your budget won’t be filled with question marks when it comes to your transportation.Browse today's tags Politics France Football USA Italy Russia Earthquake Culture Channels Living It News Lifestyle Knowledge European affairs Quotes Topics Europe World Business Sport Culture Sci-tech Video Programmes Services Live Bulletin All Weather Just In Widgets & Services Euronews radio Africanews Corporate About Euronews EU Coverage Terms and Conditions Cookie Policy Contact Distribution Advertising Jobs Copyright © euronews 2017 Europe World Business Sport Culture Sci-tech Video All Programmes 15/11/2017 English English Français Deutsch Italiano Español Português Русский Türkçe Ελληνικά Magyar فارسی العربية Join Us Newsletter By using this website, you agree with our use of cookies to improve its performance and enhance your user experience. More info in our Cookies policy page.ok

Lyft coming to Canada; first stop Toronto

The City program, the first of its kind in New Jersey, was implemented in October 2016 originally using Uber. This year, the City is switching over to Lyft. The change will be effective on Dec. 4.

You Can Now Catch a Lyft in Canada

"There are a number of cities across the country that would be a good fit for Lyft," they said, "but right now we’re focused on a successful Toronto launch."

Lyft comes to Canada, first expansion outside the US

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Like Uber, Lyft lobbies against local governments that try to regulate it as a taxi company, and has engaged in contentious tussles in California, Washington, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, New York and more. In 2016, it shut down its service in Austin, Tex., but somehow avoids the hard-ball reputation Uber has garnered. In March, it finalized a $27-million class-action suit settlement with its California drivers that ended a four-year-old court fight but avoided resolution on the question of whether drivers are contractors or employees (for now, Lyft, like Uber, treats all drivers like independent contractors and not employees).

On the same day, according to federal lobbying activity filings, Clark also met with staff from the Prime Minister’s Office and Transport Canada on behalf of the company.

Lyft's first international city will be Toronto, Canada

The most lobbied subjects, based on the first two topics listed in last week’s filings, were:Mashable that customers have, in the past, most often been surprised by their final fares when bad weather or popular events led to unexpected demand. 

Lyft Rolls Into Toronto in First Move Outside the US

Beck Taxi has had tense relations with Lyft’s competitor Uber. In 2015, some of their drivers protested the service after an Ontario judge sided with the ride-hailing service. (Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press)SEE ALSO: UberEats is going to let you order food from ‘virtual restaurants’ that don’t exist IRLWhether Uber already planned this feature or introduced it to match Lyft’s upfront pricing is unclear. Now when you schedule a ride on Uber that will happen more than an hour from the time you arrange it, you’ll see the price upfront. This removes the uncertainty surrounding how much you may pay and essentially locks the rate in, helping avoid a nasty surprise from unexpected surge pricing.

Toronto is the first international destination for the only ride-sharing company to give Uber a run for its money in the United States.

Lyft's first market outside the US will be Canada with a December launch in Toronto

Lyft, Uber's ride-hailing rival, is expanding to the GTA
Lyft, Uber's ride-hailing rival, is expanding to the GTA

Helmer says although there is no timeline of when Lyft could expand further into the country, the company branching out into Canada is a good sign for other markets.

Oshawa at Twitter: