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Ontario Stands with the City of Ottawa - Government of Ontario News
City of Ottawa declares state of emergency as flood levels projected to rise above 2017 peak
The City of Ottawa has declared a state of emergency as river levels continue to rise, threatening to surpass those reached when flooding devastated some neighbourhoods two years ago.

We can no longer do it alone.- Ottawa Mayor Jim WatsonEnvironment Canada has issued a special weather statement predicting up to 35 millimetres of rain by Saturday morning, and river authorities are now forecasting that in some areas, the water could rise up to 11 centimetres above peak levels reached in May 2017.

Ce matin, Environement Canada a lancé une alerte météorologique spéciale, annoncant beaucoup de pluie. Afin de venir en aide au personnel de la ville, aux bénévoles et aux résidents dans les régions affectées, jai déclaré une situation durgence dans la ville dOttawa. pic.twitter.com/qDtCktCmxc

City of Ottawa declares state of emergency due to flooding concerns

Watson said he's also asked for help from the Canadian Armed Forces, and has been told 400 troops will be deployed to key areas.

"We can no longer do it alone," Watson said. "We are now beyond our city's capacity, and that is why we have called in the Armed Forces."

In the declaration, the mayors office says the water levels pose "an ongoing threat" to property, health and safety of nearby residents.

City manager Steve Kanellakos said the city felt prepared until the latest forecast from Environment Canada.

"I can say with certainty that the flooding situation has changed almost in the blink of an eye," he said.

"I cannot tell you how long we will be in this state of emergency. If the flooding is severe there could be weeks of recovery operations."

Premier Doug Ford has also pledged the provincial government's support, and will visit the region on Friday.  

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has declared a state of emergency over flooding along the Ottawa River and other waterways.

While levels on the Rideau River have stabilized, the Ottawa River is expected to rise about half a metre from Constance Bay to east of Cumberland by the weekend, according to South Nation Conservation.

The CTF release indicates on average, "for a vehicle with a 70-litre fuel tank, that works out to saving $35 per fill up. Multiply that by two fill ups a week for the average commuter family in Langley (not a lot of people can afford to live downtown with outrageously high housing costs) and suddenly you’re looking at either spending in Canada or saving in the States $70 extra per week — or $3,600 per year."

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Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson declared a state of emergency for the city in response to flooding and the rainfall forecast for the coming days. He said the Canadian Armed Forces have also been requested.

"Facebook's refusal to act responsibly is deeply troubling given the vast amount of sensitive personal information users have entrusted to this company," said federal privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien. "Their privacy framework was empty, and their vague terms were so elastic that they were not meaningful for privacy protection.

The City of Ottawa has declared a state of emergency as water levels along the Ottawa River are expected to rise above the flood levels in 2017 that were “devastating” to many communities bordering the river, Mayor Jim Watson announced on Thursday afternoon.

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The municipality issued a plea for help to the provincial and federal governments after assessing new weather and river level forecasts for this coming weekend. Ralph Goodale, federal minister for public safety and emergency protection, confirmed Thursday evening the Government of Canada is sending help, “including support from the Canadian Armed Forces.”

"I obviously feel for this person, I did see part of the video. I've asked the department to reach out, to be in contact with her to find out the issues that she has and how we can best ensure that she gets the appropriate treatment but also the appropriate supports," he told reporters.

Environment Canada earlier on Thursday issued a special weather statement warning of “significant rainfall” in the Ottawa area totalling 20-35 millimetres between Friday morning and Saturday morning. This heavy precipitation coupled with the spring snowmelt has the Ottawa River Regulating Committee forecasting peak floods reaching 11 centimetres above 2017 levels in the Britannia/Lac Deschenes area on Sunday.

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While the city has enough sand and sandbags to set up around properties at risk of flooding, it no longer has enough manpower or time to meet residents’ needs in the face of the “worsening forecast,” officials said.

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“Our staff and volunteers have been at it for many days now, but we can no longer do it alone,” Watson said.

The municipality hopes to have about 400 members of the military helping out on the ground, with the first troops arriving on Friday morning, city officials said.

"The stark contradiction between Facebook's public promises to mend its ways on privacy and its refusal to address the serious problems we’ve identified — or even acknowledge that it broke the law — is extremely concerning."

The communities most threatened by rising water levels include Cumberland, located east of downtown Ottawa, and Britannia and Constance bays, located west of the downtown core.

It concludes that U.S. officials will monitor Canada's implementation of the intellectual-property provisions in the new trade deal "and looks forward to working closely with Canada in the coming year to address priority IP issues."

As of 2 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, the city had received a total of 180 service requests from homeowners — about 60 a day — according to senior staff.

The app, at one point known as "This is Your Digital Life," encouraged users to complete a personality quiz but collected much more information about the people who installed the app as well as data about their Facebook friends.

As recently as Wednesday morning, city staff felt they had enough resources to cope with the rising water levels along the Ottawa River — but, with the new forecasts, the flooding situation changed “almost in the blink of an eye,” city manager Steve Kanellakos told reporters.

McEvoy, B.C.'s privacy commissioner, said Facebook has often expressed a commitment to protecting personal information, but when it comes to taking concrete actions needed to fix transgressions, "they demonstrate disregard."

Kanellakos couldn’t say how long the City of Ottawa will be in a state of emergency, which gives the municipality the authority to buy any supplies that are urgently needed without going through the normal tendering processes.

“If the flooding is severe, there could be weeks of recovery operations, but our commitment to residents is the city will be there to help,” Kanellakos said.

The mayor and city staff thanked the more than 1,200 volunteers who have “tirelessly” helped fill sandbags and supported other flood preparation efforts over the past week. They said the city still needs folks to lend a hand in the coming days.

Canada was first added to the so-called priority watch list last year along with 11 other countries — including China, India and Russia — that the U.S. deems the worst offenders when it comes to intellectual property.

“Ottawa has a lot of heart and these volunteers come out over and over again, just as recently as the tornadoes last fall,” Kanellakos said.

"To the premier of Nova Scotia, I dare you to take a meeting with me … and tell me there is no health-care crisis," Inez Rudderham, 33, said in a viral Facebook video that has been viewed over 1.5 million times.

Volunteer check-in locations can be found on the city’s website. City officials urge residents to steer clear of volunteer and military operations over the weekend.

In a statement issued Thursday evening, Goodale said he had accepted a formal request for federal assistance from Ontario’s Solicitor General, Sylvia Jones.

“Citizens can rest assured that help will be provided,” Goodale said. “I strongly encourage impacted residents to follow the directions and advice of their municipal law enforcement and first responders.”

Ford, in a statement, said he will be coming to the national capital on Friday to tour the flooded areas and meet with residents.

“Anything Ottawa needs to help affected families and support city staff on the ground, the Province of Ontario will be there to support them,” the premier wrote. “My message to Mayor Watson and the people of Ottawa is this: together, we will get through this.”

Watson said it’s too early to tell how much the escalating flood response will cost the municipality, but staff said the city has already started tracking expenses.

“This is not the time to be the bean counter,” the mayor said. “We’re going to help the people first before we worry about the bills.”

Ahead of Watson’s declaration of a state of emergency, the City of Ottawa said it’s opening three emergency community support centres for residents affected by flooding in the Cumberland, Bay and West Carleton-March wards.

The centres will be staffed with representatives from Ottawa Public Health, the city’s community and social services department, the Salvation Army and the Canadian Red Cross, according to the city.

The West Carleton-March Community Support Centre opened earlier on Thursday afternoon and the Bay and Cumberland centres will open mid-morning on Friday.

The city says residents can find flood updates on the city’s website and can also call 311 if they have questions.

As for sandbags, the city’s general manager of emergency and protective services, Anthony Di Monte, said sand and empty bags are available across the city.

“We will continue to have ample stocks for residents,” he said on Thursday. “More than 200,000 sandbags have been made available as of this morning.”

In an update on Wednesday, the city said approximately 190,000 sandbags had either been filled or been placed outside at-risk homes.

The Ottawa River Regulating Committee is projecting that water levels are going to surpass those experienced in May 2017 this weekend.