Ottawa River to keep rising Tuesday, expected to peak mid-week – Ottawa Business Journal

Ottawa River to keep rising Tuesday, expected to peak mid-week - Ottawa Business Journal
Thrill seeker rides jet-ski through Ottawa rapids despite flooding
The Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board, which measures its water levels, said in a Monday afternoon update that levels are expected to start dropping after today in Lac Coulonge, east of Pembroke, Ont., and in the Arnprior, Ont., area.

The water has never been measured this high in the board's history at those two locations, along with western Ottawa's Britannia area.

Our role is to support the City of Ottawa thats dealing with these floods in three main areas – Constance Bay, Britannia and Cumberland, Chief Charles Bordeleau said before Mondays police board meeting. We have officers deployed to deal with traffic management, to do wellness visits, to make sure people are safe and secure, and were actively involved in ensuring residents feel supported. Ive been out there for the past couple days visiting different sites and Im really proud of the work that everyone is doing.

Water levels went up another four to six centimetres overnight in Gatineau, Que., according to the city, which has seen another approximately 200 people register as flood victims in the last 24 hours for a total of 1,593.

It's caused a westbound lane of Highway 50 to be closed around Lac Leamy, meaning severe headaches for people heading downtown.

Waters are expected to peak in Ottawa-Gatineau, Pembroke, Thurso, Que., and near the Ontario-Quebec border on Wednesday and Thursday.

Officers dealing with flood-related operations are not available for other police work in the city. Bordeleau said some of that work is happening on a paid-duty basis where the city is hiring those additional officers so that the force can maintain policing elsewhere, but the force is using as much on-duty resources as possible.

Conditions could make things difficult for those working to shore up properties against the floodwaters on Wednesday.

The challenge with this one here is that were going to be looking at a sustained period of time where you are going to see several peaks manifest themselves over the next three weeks. So the residents will need to be prepared for that and the city and the residents need to know this is a marathon and not a sprint.

Ottawa-Gatineau and areas to the west as far as Algonquin Park on the Ontario side of the river are expected to get two to five centimetres of snow mixed with ice pellets, then 15 to 25 millimetres of rain.

Areas along the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario, which are seeing some flooding but not at historic levels, could get 20 to 40 millimetres of rain.

Reinforcements for property owners across the region include volunteers, the military in some of the hardest-hit areas and, in a few cases, high school students in communities such as Cumberland in eastern Ottawa and, as of today, from West Carleton Secondary School in the west end.

A home in the flooded area of Constance Bay in western Ottawa caught fire late Monday night, according to Ottawa Fire Services.

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According to the most recent update from the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board on Sunday, water levels on the Ottawa River at several areas across the city are the highest they’ve ever been.

Despite escalating safety warnings around a bloated Ottawa River, some adrenaline seekers wont be stopped.

While water levels have not yet reached their peak, they are all now higher then they were in 2017, which is the record-setting benchmark the city and the board has been using throughout the flooding.

In video shared with CTV News Ottawa, a person is seen riding a jet-ski upstream through rapids. The footage was captured by viewer Craig Lutes, who said it was taken near Britannia, an area in the west end of Ottawa.

The increase in water levels has slowed over the last several days the board says, mostly due to less rainfall that is expected. The forecast peak levels, however, remain the same.

Minister of Transportation Marc Garneau has banned non-emergency boats from the Ottawa River between the capital city and the Carillon dam on the Ontario-Quebec border. Boaters could face a fine of up to $5,000.

Thousands of people across Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick are facing widespread flooding. The City of Ottawa declared a state of emergency last week.